Saudi Arabia Retail Report: Macro and Retail Industry Outlook and 5-Year Forecast 2012-2016

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This report presents a perspective of the current situation and the future outlook of the Macro and Retail Industry in the Saudi Arabia. It reviews the Saudi Arabia economy, the important economic indicators with their five year forecasts, the prevailing state and the recent developments in the top industry sectors contributing to the GDP of the Saudi Arabia and the SWOT analysis of the economy.

This is followed by a detailed look at the retail industry with forecasts for 2012-2016. It analyzes the growth drivers, trends in the industry including consumer demand trends, retailer trends and mall owner/operator trends, their impact on the various industry participants, the challenges faced by the retail industry and finally, the projections for the industry till 2016 and its segments. The report also includes a SWOT analysis of the retail industry for a quick glance at the overall industry, the competitive landscape of the retail industry along with the recent happenings and a profile of the key industry players.

The 43 page report assembles and presents all the pertinent data along with the analysis of the information in a convenient and insightful manner. Interspersed with 32 data tables, figures and charts, the report provides an easy to understand and a definitive primer for those interested in the retail industry in the Saudi Arabia.

Reflected by several national developments Saudi Arabia achieved a real GDP growth of 6.1 per cent in 2012. Saudi Arabia appears set to continue on slightly lower but upward growth trend during the forecast period. However, the road is not without its hurdles and a number of issues must be addressed if Saudi Arabia is to achieve the predictions.
As a consequence of the economic growth of the Country, the retail sector has also recorded high growth rates. Current economic influences, including population growth, strong underlying economy, local infrastructure spent, and retail landscape development – highlights Kingdom's growing preferences for retailers as a destination to expand to.

The report includes:

Chapter 1 - Executive Summary
This is a brief overview of the findings of the report with the key points listed.

Chapter 2 - Economic Outlook
Chapter 2 contains an overview of the SAUDI ARABIA economy with the trends affecting the GDP of the country. There is a special focus on the major GDP contributors – the economy of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This is followed by an overview and outlook over 2011-2015 for the macro economic factors of inflation, population, the business environment of the country and its non-inclusion in the Monetary Union.

Chapter 3 - Top Industry Sectors
Chapter 3 includes the breakdown of top industries that contribute to the GDP of the country and a summary for each of these sectors along with the prevalent situation in these sectors. Sectors covered include the Oil and Gas Industry, the Construction and Real Estate Industry, the Manufacturing Industry and the Non-oil Trade.

Additionally, Chapter 3 comprises the SWOT Analysis of the factors affecting the economy set against SAUDI ARABIA government and global views.

Chapter 4 - Retail Industry Outlook
Chapter 4 details the present circumstances of the retail industry, the changes leading up to the situation and forecasts the future of the retail industry through to 2016. Topics include the current situation of the retail industry, the factors driving growth and their forecasts, key trends and developments on the demand side and supply side of the sector and the retail real estate trends.

Additionally, the chapter includes the impact of these trends on the industry participants, the challenges faced by the retailers and the forecasts and the trends defining the sector through to 2016.

Chapter 5 - Retail Stores: Market Shares & Company Profiles
Chapter 5 contains the profiles of several key grocery players in the retail sector in the Saudi Arabia and their recent activities and news.
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1. Summary

2. Highlights

3. Economic outlook and forecast

3.1. Statistical indicators
3.2. SWOT
3.3. Macroeconomic overview and 5 year forecast
3.3.1. GDP
3.3.2. Inflation
3.3.3. Oil & Gas
3.3.4. Oil & Non-oil sector breakdown
3.3.5. Currency
3.3.6. Debts
3.3.7. Population

4. Retail Industry Outlook
4.1. Highlights
4.2. Retail Industry Dynamics
4.3. Current Situation
4.3.1. Grocery Vs. Non-Grocery Retail
4.3.2. Leading Retail Store Formats
4.3.3. Grocery retail
4.3.4. Street retail
4.3.5. Online Retail
4.3.6. Players Organization
4.3.7. International brands
4.4. Retail Real Estate
4.5. Retail Sector - The Future
4.6. SWOT Analysis - Retail Industry

5. Retail Stores - Market Shares & Company Profiles
5.1. Market Shares
5.2. Company Profiles

List of Figures

Figure 1 Saudi Arabia Real GDP Growth, 2008–2016f
Figure 2 Saudi Arabia Major GDP Contributors
Figure 3 Consumer Price Index Change, 1999-2016f
Figure 4 Annual Change in Cost of Living Index
Figure 5 Top World Oil Reserves
Figure 6 Crude Oil Prices trend, 1999-Q1'2013
Figure 7 Major Crude Oil Export Destinations
Figure 8 Saudi Arabia Oil & Gas Fields Map
Figure 9 Major Oil and Gas Fields in Saudi Arabia
Figure 10 Nominal GDP – Oil Vs. Non-oil GDP
Figure 11 Exchange Rate SAR/ US$, 2008-2014f
Figure 12 Public Debt
Figure 13 Age Structure, 2013f
Figure 14 Male Vs. Female Population, 2013f
Figure 15 Retail Industry Dynamics, 2008–2016f
Figure 16 Retail Market in Saudi Arabia, 2008-2016f
Figure 17 Retail Sales Per Capita
Figure 18 Grocery Vs. Non-Grocery Retail, 2010-2016f
Figure 19 Grocery and Non-Grocery Retail Share, 2010-2016f
Figure 20 Grocery Retail by Store Type, Market Share
Figure 21 Grocery Retail by Product Type
Figure 22 Internet Penetration in the Arab States, by Country
Figure 23 Top Ten Online Purchases in MENA, by Product Group
Figure 24 Online Payment Providers in Saudi Arabia
Figure 25 Online Retailers in Saudi Arabia
Figure 26 Group Buying Sites in Saudi Arabia
Figure 27 List of Fashion Franchise Retailers in Saudi Arabia
Figure 28 Riyadh Retail Stock, Total Stock, Thous. sq. m., 2012-2016f
Figure 29 Major Existing Shopping Malls and Shopping Malls In-Progress, Riyadh
Figure 30 Retail Market in Saudi Arabia Forecast, 2013-2016f
Figure 31 Major Retail Stores, Market Share
Figure 32 Profit & Loss Statement, 2009-2012, Abdullah Al-Othaim Markets Company SJSC
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