ISO 14001: Case Studies and Practical Experiences

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ISO 14001 is the star standard among the International Organisation for Standardisation's ISO 14000 series of environmental management standards. It has seen spectacular growth since its launch in September 1996.

Worldwide registrations are set to pass the 20,000 mark in 2000 with 20 times that number reportedly waiting in the wings. In 30 explicit but concise chapters,ISO 14001: Case Studies and Practical Experiences seeks to unravel the truth behind what can and cannot be achieved by ISO 14001 and aims to provide readers with enough knowledge to make choices about its relevance and importance not only to their worlds but also to society.

Written by leading practitioners, certifiers, consultants, government and academics, the book examines both the real benefits and the shortcomings organisations have experienced with ISO 14001. We learn from both.
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Oswald Dodds, MBE, Chairman, ISO TC207/SC1: Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Ruth Hillary, Network for Environmental Management and Auditing (NEMA), UK; UK expert to ISO TC207/SC Working Group 2

Section 1: Implementation, maintenance and integration
1. Deployment and operation of a business-wide EMS
Scott D. Houthuysen, Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group, USA

2. Maintaining the momentum: EMS after the certifier has left
Charlotte Pedersen, Deloitte & Touche, Denmark, and Birgitte B. Nielsen, Valor & Tinge A/S, Denmark

3. Success and failures: national guidance on ISO 14001 for New Zealand local authorities
Bruce Cockrean, Global to Local Ltd, Environmental Management Consultants, UK

4. Environmental initiatives to improve the quality of the local environment: Kunda Nordic Cement AS, Estonia
Anne Randmer, Centre for Development Programs, Estonia

Section 2: Certification and registration experiences

5. Joint EMS and group certification: a cost-effective route for SMEs to achieve ISO 14001
Jonas Ammenberg, Linköping University, Sweden, Berit Börjesson, Altea AB, Sweden, and Olof Hjelm, Linköping University, Sweden

6. Financial services and ISO 14001: the challenge of determining indirect environmental aspects in a global certification
Bettina Furrer and Heinrich Hugenschmidt, UBS AG, Switzerland

7. Registration to ISO 14001: the view of assessors
David Robinson, British Standards Institution, UK, and Richard Gould, Environment Agency, UK

Section 3: Using information technology, ISO 14031 and other tools and methods
8. Using information technology to automate integrated compliance management
David Harwood, ALSTOM Power, UK, Barry O'Brien, Waterford Crystal, Ireland, Paul F. Monaghan, Q SET-USA, and Anne Downey, Q SET-International, Ireland

9. ISO 14031 used as a tool in ISO 14001 or as an alternative for a simple EMS
Kristian Eg Løkkegaard, Ernst & Young, Denmark

10. The integration of business strategy in establishing significant environmental aspects
Enrico Cagno and Paolo Trucco, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

11. Setting up effective environmental management systems based on the concept of cleaner production: cases from small and medium-sized enterprises
Johannes Fresner, Stenum GmbH, Austria

12. Performance-based ISO 14001 case studies from Taiwan
Nonita T. Yap, Faculty of Environmental Design and Rural Development, University of Guelph, Canada

Section 4: Communication, training, empowerment and cultural issues
13. ISO 14001 as an opportunity for engaging SMEs in Poland's environmental reforms
Rafal Serafin, Director, Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation, Krakow, Poland, Gill Tatum, Managing Director, Groundwork Blackburn, UK, and Wojciech Heydel, Former Associate President, BP Amoco Poland

14. Implementation of EMS in seasonal hotels: assuring stability
Natalia Anguera, Silvia Ayuso and Pere Fullana, Randa Group, SA, Barcelona, Spain

15. ISO 14001 and the American Indian reservation
Pamela S. Evers, Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas, USA

Section 5: Involving stakeholders: contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders
16. Anticipating greener supply chain demands: one Singapore company's journey to ISO 14001
Michael Toffel, Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) Pte Ltd, Singapore

17. Integrating quality, environment, health and safety with customers and contractors
Adrian Carter, Amec Process and Energy, UK

18. Environmental management systems and stakeholders: the case of the Belgian electricity sector
Jean-Pierre Tack, Tractebel Development Engineering and the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium

19. Unco-operative stakeholders: ISO 14001 as a means to co-ordinate efforts
Quentin Farmar-Bowers, Star Eight Consulting, Australia

Section 6: Incorporating product design and technology
20. Technical and design tools: the integration of ISO 14001, life-cycle development, environmental design and cost accounting
Matthew M. Mehalik, Systems Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia, USA

21. ISO 14001 and Design for the Environment: a strategy for proactive design in building design, construction and renovation
Riva Krut, Benchmark Environmental Consulting, USA, and Jim Strycharz, New York City Transit Authority, USA

22. ISO 14001 and the adoption of new technology: evidence from Western Australian companies
Dora Marinova, Murdoch University, Australia, and William (Jim) Altham, Curtin University of Technology, Australia

Section 7: Environmental and economic benefits
23. ISO 14001 and environmental performance: the management goal link
Jason Switzer and John Ehrenfeld, Technology, Business and Environment Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, and Vicki Milledge, Assistant Professor of Management, University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA

24. Assessment of the value of ISO 14001 in improving environmental performance
Pamela J. Bridgen, Environment International Ltd, Seattle, USA, and Nancy Helm, US Environmental Protection Agency

25. Real financial benefits from ISO 14001? Potential for economic value added through ISO 14001 at Unique Images
Andy Hughes, URS Dames & Moore, UK, and Vicky Kemp, Loop Environmental Networks, UK

26. Drivers and advantages from implementing EMS: Brazilian cases
Dalia Maimon, Professor of Environmental Economics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; President of SIGA-INEM, Brazil (International Network on Environmental Management)

Section 8: Sustainability and ISO 14001
27. ISO 14001: a tool for municipal government to achieve sustainability. The experiences of Hamilton-Wentworth, Canada
Mark Bekkering, City of Toronto Urban Planning and Development Services, Toronto, Canada, and David McCallum, M+A Environmental Consultants, Hamilton, Canada

28. Proyecto Guadalajara: promoting sustainable development through the adoption of ISO 14001 by small and medium-sized enterprises
Richard P. Wells and David Galbraith, The Lexington Group, Environmental Management Consultants, Inc., USA

29. Enhancement of ISO 14001 and the integration of sustainability into the footwear supply chain at Nike, Inc.
Paula Valero, Nike, Inc., Naomi Gollogly, freelance writer and consultant, USA, and Mark Curran, The Gauntlett Group, USA

30. Designing a sustainability management system using The Natural Step framework
Susan Burns, Natural Strategies Inc., USA

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