LCD Market: Technology, Directions, and Market Analysis

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TFT-LCD (thin film transistor-liquid crystal display) market growth has been stymied by a slowdown in PC monitors, notebooks and tablets. Although 4K LCD TVs, smartphones and automotive displays are driving forces for the market, the display market nevertheless is forecast to be flat to down in 2015.

Dwindling TFT LCD display revenues, declining panel demand in the PC sector, along with ongoing panel-price erosion are the primary reasons for overall FPD revenue declines this year. Applied Materials led the LCD equipment market in 2014, but the overall equipment market is forecast to drop more than 10% in 2015.

This report discusses the technology trends, products, applications, and suppliers of materials and equipment. A market forecast for LCDs, equipment and materials is presented along with market share of vendors.

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Executive Summary

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Market Opportunities

Chapter 3 Profiles of Japanese Companies

3.1 Equipment Manufacturers
3.2 Material Manufacturers
3.3 LCD Manufacturers

Chapter 4 Profiles of US Companies

4.1 Equipment Manufacturers
4.2 Material Manufacturers
4.3 LCD Manufacturers

Chapter 5Profiles of ROW Companies

5.1Equipment Manufacturers
5.2Material Manufacturers
5.3LCD Manufacturers
5.4Mainland China

Chapter 6 The AMLCD Factory

6.1 Factory Logistics
6.1.1 Investment Needs
6.1.2 Capacity
6.1.3 Plant Size
6.2 Cleanrooms
6.3 Automation
6.4 Active Matrix LCD Production Trends
6.4.2 Passive Matrix LCD
6.4.3 Ferroelectric LCDs
6.5 Electrophoretic Display
6.6 Plastic LCDs
6.7 Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)

Chapter 7 Equipment Requirements and Trends

7.1 Introduction
7.2 Microlithography
7.2.1 Proximity Printing
7.2.2 Scanning Projection
7.2.3 Step-and-Repeat
- Image Field Stitching
- Overlay
7.3 Deposition
7.3.1 CVD
7.3.2 Sputtering
7.4 Rapid Thermal Processing
7.5 Etch/Strip/Clean
7.5.1 Etching
- Plasma Etching
- Wet Chemical Etching
7.5.2 Photoresist Stripping
7.5.3 Cleaning
7.6 Inspection Systems
7.7 Test Systems
7.7.1 Technology Capabilities
- Voltage/Capacitance Imaging
- Ohmic/Continuity Test
- Charge Sensing
- Forward Admittance Sensing
- E-Beam Test
7.7.2 Yield Improvements
7.8 Repair

Chapter 8 Material Requirements and Trends

8.1 Substrates
8.1.1 Material Types
8.1.2 Quality Issues
8.1.3 Trends
- Larger Substrates
- Thinner Substrates
- Better Surface
- Higher Temperature Capability
- Manufacturers
8.2 Liquid Crystals
8.2.1 Introduction
8.2.2 OLEDs and Light-Emitting Polymers
8.3 Alignment Layer
8.3.1 Material Properties
8.3.2 Material Trends
8.4 Color Filters
8.4.1 Materials
8.5 Polarizer Films
8.5.1 Material Properties and Trends

Chapter 9 Market Forecast

9.1 Getting To Market
9.2 Market Forecast Assumptions
9.3 LCD Market Forecast
9.4 Equipment Market Forecast and Trends
9.4.1 Lithography
9.4.2 Plasma Etching and Stripping
9.4.3 Thin Film Deposition
9.4.4 Wet Etching and Cleaning
9.4.5 Photoresist Processing
9.4.6 Inspection/Repair
9.4.7 Total Equipment Market
9.5 Materials Market Forecast and Trends
9.5.1 LCD Materials Market
9.5.2 LCD Glass Market
9.5.3 Gases Market

List of Figures:
6.1 FPD Stocker and Lifter
6.2 Amorphous Silicon AM Fabrication Process
6.3 AMLCD Cross Section
6.4 Electrophoretic Display Cross Section
6.5 Schematic of a 2-Layer OLED
7.1 Schematic of Step-and-Repeat Aligner
7.2 Schematic of Hot-Wall LPCVD Reactors
7.3 Schematic of PECVD Techniques
7.4 Diagram of Magnetron Sputtering Source
7.5 Diagram of Rapid Thermal Processor
7.6 Process Flow for Cell/Module Inspection
8.1 Light-Emitting Polymer Structure
8.2 LEP Structure Cross Section
8.3 Ink-Jet Printing Of LEP Structure
8.4 Comparison of Color Filter Methods
9.1 Worldwide Large Panel Display Market Forecast
9.2 Worldwide LCD PC Monitor Market Forecast
9.3 Worldwide Large-Size TFT Shipments By Region
9.4 North American LCD TV Shipments
9.5 North American Plasma TV Shipments
9.6 Worldwide TFT-LCD Equipment Market Growth
9.7 Cost Structure of a 17-inch LCD Monitor Panel
9.8 Worldwide Large Area LCD Glass Market Demand
9.9 Worldwide Large Area LCD Glass Market Share
9.10 Worldwide Large Area LCD Glass Market Share 5G and Above
9.11 Electronic Specialty Gases (ESGS) Market
9.12 Electronic Bulk Gases (EBGS) Market
9.13 Gases Used To Manufacture Displays

List of Tables:
6.1 Investment for Large-size TFT-LCD Panel Plants
6.2 Causes of Defects in TFT LCD Manufacturing
7.1 Common Wafer Processing Chemicals
7.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Cleaning Methods
8.1 Desired Nematic LC Material Characteristics
8.2 Performance Of LEPs
8.3 Characteristics of Aligning Materials
9.1 Worldwide LCD Display Market Forecast
9.2 Major LCD Panel Makers Market Share 2006-present
9.3 Major LCD Panel Makers Capacity
9.4 Worldwide TFT-LCD Stepper/Scanner Market Forecast
9.5 Worldwide Market Forecast of TFT-LCD Plasma Etching Systems
9.6 Forecast of Worldwide TFT-LCD Thin Film Deposition Equipment Market
9.7 Forecast of Worldwide TFT-LCD Wet Etching and Cleaning Equipment Market
9.8 Forecast of Worldwide TFT-LCD Photoresist Processing Equipment Market
9.9 Forecast of Worldwide TFT-LCD Inspection/Repair Equipment Market
9.10 Forecast of Worldwide TFT-LCD Equipment Market
9.11 Worldwide Equipment Market Shares
9.12 TFT-LCD Material And Component Revenues
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown