Latex and Synthetic Polymer Dispersions 2013

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The 8th Smithers Rapra conference on Latex and Synthetic Polymer Dispersions gave a very broad picture of the industry. These proceedings cover all the presentations from the two day event which included:

The scientific principles underlying latex dipping were described by Professor C. C. Ho, and Dr, Aik Hwee Eng of Ansell spoke about a modern result of dipping – the antimicrobial glove.

Very interesting observations about the allergenic potential of synthetic latex gloves compared to those dipped from natural rubber were made by Hardi Tamm of Korymbos.

The use of gamma radiation from the very start of the process, as a means of prevulcanization, to the end of the production process, in sterilization, was described by Dr. Rosamma Alex of the Rubber Research Institute of India and Eric Beers of Nordion respectively. The versatility of natural latex was demonstrated in a paper by Dr. Azura of Universiti Sains Malaysia, who showed us how it can be used for the cleaning of compression moulds.

Innovative polymer synthesis in the manufacture of latex dispersions was presented by Dr. Joachim Storsberg of the Fraunhofer Institute, and Dr. Sören Butz of Synthomer told how more clever chemistry could be used to “tailor-make” pressure sensitive adhesives.

The environmental side of the industry was not forgotten, with two presentations from the Malaysian Rubber Board – Muhammad D Syraarani describing an environmentally friendly method for the analysis of magnesium in latex and Dr. Devaraj Veerasamy presenting the use of ultrafiltration to process latex. In a similar vein, Prof. Khairah Haji Badri, of the Universiti Tun Abdul Rahman showed how natural resources such as palm oil can be used to create useful polymers.

David Hill of David Hill and Associates described how to carry out Process Validation of dipped condoms and gloves, and the delegates were told how the newest latex for dipping – synthetic polyiosprene – compares with the oldest – natural rubber – by Dr. Bert Krutzer of Kraton. The conference ended with Dr. Siby Varghese of the Rubber Research Institute of India, and Prof. Sabu Thomas of the Mahatma Gandhi University describing recent advances and applications in the field of nanotechnology.
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Session One: Gloves
Paper 1 The influence of surface phenomena on latex dipping process for gloves
Prof. Ho Chee Cheong, Adjunct Professor, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

Paper 2 The first antibacterial infection protection medical glove
Aik Hwee Eng, Module Director, Medical R&D, Ansell Shah Alam Sdn Bhd., Malaysia

Session Two: Manufacturing and process applications
Paper 3 Explore gamma – bridging the gap between medical device design and gamma sterilization
Eric Beers, Nordion, Canada

Paper 4 Environmentally friendly latices processing by ultrafiltration membrane system
Dr Devaraj Veerasamy & Dr Zairossani Mohd Nor, Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia, Malaysian Rubber Board, Malaysia

Paper 5 A comparison of polyisoprene latex to natural rubber latex: examples in the use of straight-dipped goods
Bert Krutzer, Marianne Ros, Wouter de Jong, Nico van Dijk, Lennert Dik, Kraton Innovation Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Paper 6 Pressure sensitive adhesive sourcing facing challenging changes - The perspective of a polymer specialist on example of insulation tape PSA´s
Dr. Sören Butz, SBU Functional Polymers, Synthomer Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Session Two: Manufacturing and process applications (continued)

Paper 7 Latex dispersions for coatings and films – synthesis, analysis and applications
Dr Joachim Storsberg, Joerg Bohrisch, Olivia Mauger & André Laschewsky, Fraunhofer-Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP), Germany

Paper 8 Environmentally friendly method of determining magnesium content in natural rubber
(NR) latex by complexometric titration method

Dr Muhammad D Syaarani & Dr H A H Faridah, Materials Characterization Unit, Malaysian
Rubber Board, Malaysia

Session Three: Allergy and regulatory issues

Paper 9 New materials in glove industry, changes in allergy risks perspective
Hardi Tamm, Marketing Manager, Business Development, Icosagen AS, Estonia

Paper 10 Process validation of medical devices, condoms, catheters, surgical devices
David Hill, David Hill & Associates, International Latex Consultancy, UK

Session 4: Novel applications of latex

Paper 11 Quality improvement of radiation vulcanised natural rubber latex using natural rubber
latex of high gel content Rosamma Alex, I. John Brito, Treasa Cherian, Geetha Kumari Amma, Benny George & Sadeesh Babu P.S., Rubber Research Institute of India, India

Paper 12 An overview of new application natural rubber latex as cleaning mould compound: substitution to dry rubber cleaning mould compound
A.R. Azura and M.S. Mufiadah, School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Paper 13 Rubber-like polyurethane from palm kernel oil by a prepolymerization technique
Prof. Dr. Khairiah Haji Badri, Head, Polymer Research Center (PORCE) & Muhammad Syukri Bin Ngah & Wong Chee Sien, School of Chemical Sciences and Food Technology, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Session Four: Nano-technology in latex applications

Paper 14 Preparation and applications of nano-ZnO in latex technology
Dr. Siby Varghese, Deputy Director, Rubber Research Institute of India, Rubber Board, Kottayam, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India, Kerala, India

Paper 15 Recent developments in natural rubber latex nanocomposites

Prof Sabu Thomas, Professor of Polymer Science & Technology & Hon. Director of Centre for
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology & Deepa Lekshmi, Mahatma Gandhi University, India
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