Save Big. Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands

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Praise for SAVE BIG

"If you follow Elisabeth′s easy steps for how to save onlife′s big expenses, you will change your life." Clark Howard, Host of The Clark Howard Show; New York Times bestselling author of Get Clark Smart and Clark′s Big Book of Bargains

"Using the suggestions in this book will save you thousands of dollars. It′s a great return on your investment." Liz Pulliam Weston, MSN Money Columnist, bestselling author of Your Credit Score: Your Money and What′s at Stake

"[Elisabeth] reminds us all in an engaging way that it′s not just the pennies that count. It′s just as important to find big ways to save." Michelle Singletary, The Washington Post,author of the nationally syndicated "Color of Money" column

Why give up life′s little pleasures when you can save more money by attacking a few big, boring expenses instead? In a straightforward style witha dash of attitude Elisabeth Leamy shows you how to SAVE BIG on the five priciest parts of your life: houses, cars, credit, groceries, and healthcare.

Unlike most personal finance guides that stress the small stuff,every tip in this book has the potential to save you at least a thousand dollars. Leamy′s message is that saving money doesn′t have to be a drag. Filled with fresh advice and insider secrets, this book will have you saving more in less time by identifying where you spend the most money so that you can save the most money.

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Part I.

Houses: Home of Savings.

Chapter 1. Buy a House ASAP.

Chapter 2. How Much Should You Spend?

Chapter 3. Doing the Deal.

Chapter 4. Getting a Good Mortgage.

Chapter 5. Choosing a Mortgage Professional.

Chapter 6. Cut Your Closing Costs.

Chapter 7. Appeal Your Property Taxes.

Chapter 8. When to Refinance.

Chapter 9. Pay Off Your Mortgage.

Chapter 10. Sell Your House Yourself.

Part II.

Cars. The Cheaper Road.

Chapter 11. What to Buy.

Chapter 12. What Can you Afford?

Chapter 13. Where to Buy a Car.

Chapter 14. Choosing a Reliable Car.

Chapter 15. Bargaining for the Best Price.

Chapter 16. Make Your Car Last.

Chapter 17. Car Insurance for Less.

Part III.

Credit: Loans for Less.

Chapter 18. Protecting Your Credit Reports.

Chapter 19. Understanding Your Credit Score.

Chapter 20. Raising Your Credit Score.

Chapter 21. Cut Credit Card Debt.

Part IV.

Groceries: Guerilla Grocery Shopping.

Chapter 22. Price Matching.

Chapter 23. Stockpiling.

Chapter 24. Creative Couponing.

Chapter 25. Wild Cards.

Part V.

Healthcare: Curing High Costs.

Chapter 26. Choosing a Health Insurance Plan.

Chapter 27. Negotiating with Your Doctor.

Chapter 28. Picking Your Prescriptions.

Chapter 29. Haggling with Hospitals.



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Elisabeth Leamy is the Consumer Correspondentfor ABC′s Good Morning America. She also reports forother ABC News programs and writes a weekly columnfor
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