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5th International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing

  • ID: 2741548
  • Book
  • April 2014
  • Region: Global
  • 696 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
The analysis, development, and/or operation of high temperature processes that involve the production of ferrous and nonferrous metals, alloys, and refractory and ceramic materials are covered in the book. The innovative methods for achieving impurity segregation and removal, by–product recovery, waste minimization, and/or energy efficiency are also involved. Eight themes are presented in the book:

1: High Efficiency New Metallurgical Technology
2: Fundamental Research of Metallurgical Process
3: Alloy and Materials Preparation
4: Roasting, Reduction, and Smelting
5: Sintering of Ores and Powder
6: Simulation and Modeling
7: Treatment of Solid Slag/Wastes and Complex Ores
8: Microwave Heating, Energy, and Environment

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Preface xiii

About the Editors xv

High Efficiency New Metallurgical Technology

Development of Process Flow Sheet for Looping Sulfide OxidationTM of Molybdenite Concentrates 3
J. Lessard, L. Shekhter, D. Gribbin, and L. McHugh

Slag Structures and Properties by Spectroscopic Analysis: Effect of Water Vapor Relevant to a Novel Flash Ironmaking Technology 11
M. Mohassab–Ahmed and H. Sohn

An Innovative Electro–Winning Process for Titanium Production 19
G. Granata, Y. Kobayashi, R. Sumiuchi, and A. Fuwa

A New Bottom Gas Purging System for Stationary and Tilting Copper Anode Furnaces 25
G. Vukovic and K. Gamweger

A Pilot–Plant Scale Test of Coal–Based Rotary Kiln Direct Reduction of Laterite Ore for Fe–Ni Production 33
G. Li, J. Liu, M. Rao, J. Luo, C. Wang, and Y. Zhang

Preparation of Ferronickel Alloy Nugget through Reduction Roasting of Nickel Laterite Ore 41
P. Chen, X. Lv, E. Guo, Q. Yuan, and M. Liu

Preparation of High Melting Point Alloys and Refractory Compounds with Its Own Chemical Energy 51
Z. Dou, G. Shi, T. Zhang, Y. Guan, M. Wen, X. Jiang, and L. Niu

Reductive Sulfur–Fixation Smelting of Stibnite Concentrate in Sodium Molten Salt 59
H. Xue, Y. Chen, S. Yang, C. Tang, and M. Tang

Separation of Perovskite Phase from CaO–TiO2–SiO2–Al2O3–MgO System by Supergravity 67
J. Gao, J. Li, and Z. Guo

New Process for Producing High Grade Iron Concentrate by Roasting Siderite Ore with Microwave Energy 73
S. Ju, L. Zhang, J. Peng, S. Guo, X. Wang, and Y. Wang

Fundamental Research of Metallurgical Process

Effect of Water Vapor on the Activities of FeO and MgO in Slags Relevant to a Novel Flash Ironmaking Technology 83
M. Mohassab–Ahmed and H. Sohn

Activities of NbOX in Some CaO–Al2O3–SiO2–"Nb2O5" Melts at 1873K 91
B. Yan, Y. Wang, and J. Fan

Reaction Behaviour of Sulfides Associated with Stibnite in Low Temperature Molten Salt Smelting Process without Reductant 99
L. Ye, C. Tang, Y. Chen, M. Tang, and W. Zhang

Reduction Product Separation by Vacuum Distillation in the Process of Titanium Sponge Preparation 107
L. Li, K. Li, X. Chen, Y. Yang, C. Sun, and Q. Miao

The Interface Reaction and Transport of Oxygen between the Molten Melt and CaO–MgO–Al2O3 Slag 115
T. Zeng, J. Xu, J. Li, J. Zhang, and Y. Guo

High–Temperature Creep Deformation and Change in Porous Structure of Graphite Cathode in Aluminum Electrolysis Process 123
T. Chen, J. Xue, and X. Li

The Dissolution Rate of Solid Alumina Inclusion into Molten CaF2–CaO–MgO–Al2O3–SiO2 Slags 131
G. Shi, T. Zhang, L. Niu, and Z. Dou

Alloy and Materials Preparation

A Refinement Study of SHS Alloys by Mini Vacuum Arc Melting System 139
M. Alkan, S. Sonmez, B. Derin, and O. Yucel

An Investigation on the Self–Propagating High Temperature Synthesis of TiB2 147
O. Yucel, M. Bugdayci, and A. Turan

Characteristics of Solidification Structure of Wide–Thick Slab of Steel Q345 153
S. Luo, M. Zhu, W. Wang, S. Zheng, and F. Xu

Determination of Surface Tension for FeCrMnNi Alloy with Varying Sulfur and Phosphorous Relevant to Gas Atomization 161
T. Dubberstein and H. Heller

Electrolysis Contribution to the Yield of Alloy Elements and the Exchange Current Density of Manganese and Chromium during DC–Arc Steel Melting/Refining Process 169
J. Chen and M. Jiang

Experimental Study of the Thermodynamics of the Fe–Nb–C Melts 177
B. Yan, D. Guo, L. Zhang, and J. Zhang

Preparation of Nitrogenous Ferrovanadium by Gaseous Nitriding in the Liquid Phase Ferrovanadium 185
W. Liu, K. Dong, and R. Zhu

Study on Key Technologies of 38CrMoAl Steel Produced by BOF–LF–RH–CC Process 193
Y. Chen, M. Zhang, J. Zeng, and H. Pan

The Evolution and Morphology of Sulfide Inclusions in 95CrMo Hollow Steel 201
J. Chen, S. Zhang, C. Cai, Y. Liu, H. Li, and J. Yang

Electrochemically Preparing of Ni–Fe Alloys in Molten Sodium Hydroxide 209
J. Ge, J. Xiao, S. Jiao, and H. Zhu

Roasting, Reduction and Smelting

Commissioning of a Second Cobalt Recovery Furnace at Nchanga Smelter 217
M. Masanza, R. Cheeba, and K. Ng′andwe

Analysis of the Attaching Slag to the Lining for Pillar and Walking Beam in the Hot Rolling′s Heating Furnaces 225
G. Xu and Y. Wang

A Study of Benefiation of Siderite by Direct Reduction–Magnetic Separation Process 231
D. Zhu, Y. Luo, and J. Pan

Development and Industrial Application of an Improved Lead Oxygen–Enriched Flash Smelting Process 239
C. Wang, W. Gao, W. Yang, F. Yin, and B. Ma

Effects of Reducer and Slag Concentrations in the Iron–Carbon Nuggets Coalescence in Self Reducing Processes 247
A. Nogueira, C.Takano, M. Mourao, and A. Pillihuaman

Excavation of a 48 MVA Silicomanganese Submerged–arc SiMn Furnace in South Africa – Part I: Methodology and Observations 255
J. Gous, J. Zietsman, J. Steenkamp, and J. Sutherland

Industrial Experimental Study on Dephosphorization Pretreatment in Combined–Blowing Converter Process 271
Z. Yan, X. Xing, J. Zhang, C. Zhao, P. Pei, and J. Rao

Roasting Characteristics of Oxidized Pellets of Vanadium–Titanium Magnetite Concentrates 279
X. Chen, Y. Huang, M. Gan, X. Fan, L. Yuan, and W. Lv

Thermodynamic Computation and Analysis for the Carbothermic Reduction of TiO2 287
L. Wen, J. Tu, L. Wang, G. Qiu, and C. Bai

Kinetic Analysis of Smelting Reduction of V2O3 in Blast Furnace Slag by Dissolved Carbon in Liquid Iron 295
X. Zeng, Y. Wang, H. Li, B. Xie, and J. Diao

The Distribution of Boron between CaO–SiO2–MgO–Al2O3–TiO2 and Liquid Fe by Chemical Equilibrium Technique 303
S. Ren, J. Zhang, X. Xing, and Z. Liu

Study on Limonite Powder by Flash–Magnetic Roasting 311
J. Li, Y. Yu, W. Chen, and X. Liu

Study on the Reduction Mechanism of Panzhihua (China) Ilmenite Activated by Ball Milling 319
Y. Lei, Y. Li, W. Hou, J. Peng, L. Xu, and X. Xu

Sintering of Ores and Powder

Microscopic Mechanisms of Spark Plasma Sintering in a TiAl Alloy 329
Z. Trzaska, A. Couret, and J. Monchoux

Effects of Fuel′s Distribution on NOX Emission in Iron Ore Sintering 337
X. Fan, W. Lv, M. Gan, X. Chen, Z. Yu, Y. Zhou, J. Wang, and Q. Chen

Study on the Metallurgical Performances of Typical Manganese Ores 345
Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, Z. You, Y. Zhao, G. Li, and T. Jiang

Comprehensive Emission Reduction of Sintering Exhaust Gas Pollutant with Addition of Urea 353
H. Long, J. Xiao, P. Wang, X. Xia, and A. Wang

Fabrication of Al–Si Alloys by Microwave Sintering 361
L. Xu, M. Yan, Y. Xia, J. Peng, W. Li, L. Zhang, C. Liu, and Y. Li

Influence of Limestone Types on Iron Ore Sintering 369
X. Chen, Q. Chen, M. Gan, X. Fan, Z. Yu, Z. Ji, J. Wang, and Y. Zhou

Effect of Aluminum Oxide on Compressive Strength of Pellets and Its Mechanical Analysis 377
J. Zhang, Z. Wang, X. Xing, and Z. Liu

Process Optimization of Removing Chlorine of Zinc Dross Using Microwave Roasting 385
S. Lu

Physico–Chemical Properties and Sintering Performance of Canadian Iron Concentrate 393
J. Pan, B. Shi, D. Zhu, and X. Li

Study on Pre–Granulation Technology for Strengthening Sintering of High Proportion Iron Ore Concentrate 401
X. Chen, J. Wang, X. Fan, M. Gan, Y. Zhou, W. Lv, Q. Chen, and Z. Yu

Influence of B2O3 on Phases and Metallurgical Properties of High Ti–Bearing Vanadium–Titanomagnetite Sinter 409
L. Sun, S. Ren, X. Xing, and F. Wang

Simulation and Modeling

Impact of Concentrate Feed Temporal Fluctuations on a Copper Flash Smelting Process 419
A. Lamoureux, A. Blackmore, and M. Jastrzebski

Influence of Microwave Radiation on Phosphorus Removal Process of Oolitic High–Phosphorus Iron Ore Fines 427
H. Tang, W. Liu, L. Ma, and Z. Guo

Modeling and CFD Simulations of Multiphase Melt Flows in Steelmaking Converters under Combined Blow Conditions 435
V. Seshadri, E. Rodrigues, C. da Silva, I. da Silva, B. Lima, C. Mattioli, and M. Prado

Mathematical Modeling for Developing Iron Bath Reactor with H2–C Mixture Reduction 443
B. Zhang, H. Zhang, J. Liu, L. Liang, D. Wang, Y. Yang, H. Guo, and X. Hong

Numerical Simulation Study on Immersed Side–Blowing in C–H2 Smelting Reduction Furnace 451
K. Feng, J. Zhang, B. Wang, J. Xu, J. Xie, W. Cheng, D. Yin, and S. Zheng

Study of Mixing Phenomena during RH Refining Using Water Modeling 459
F. Li, L. Zhang, Y. Liu, and Y. Li

Modeling and CFD Simulations of Multiphase Melt Flows in Steelmaking Converters during Top Blow 467
V. Seshadri, E. Rodrigues, C. da Silva, I. da Silva, B. Lima, C. Mattioli, and M. Prado

Optimization System of Iron Ores Proportion for Sintering Process 475
X. Fan, X. Huang, X. Chen, and M. Gan

Simulation on Calciothermic Reduction Process of Titanium Dioxide 483
B. Xu, J. Zhao, B. Yang, X. Chen, D. Wang, and L. Kong

Numerical Simulation on Temperature Distribution and Microstructure Growth of Horizontal Unidirectional Solidification Equipment 491
L. Bai, H. Zhong, B. Wang, Q. Zhai, and J. Zhang

Treatment of Solid Slag/Wastes and Complex Ores

A Comparative Study on the Reduction of Mill Scale from Continuous Casting Processes 499
M. Bugdayci, A. Turan, M. Alkan, F. Demirci, and O. Yucel

A Pilot–Plant Scale Test on DRI Preparation from High–Alumina Limonite Ore by Coal–Based Rotary Kiln Direct Reduction Process 507
G. Li, C. Wang, M. Rao, Y. Zhang, and T. Jiang

The Effect of Various Ration of Citric and Sulfuric Acid on the Structure and Leaching Properties of Pellets of Laterite Roasted at High Temperature 515
Y. Chen and H. Li

Improving the Beneficiation of Low–Grade Saprolitic Nickel Laterite by Reduction Roasting in the Presence of Additives 523
D. Zhu, G. Zheng, J. Pan, Q. Li, Y. An, and J. Zhu

Preparation of Synthetic Rutile from Titanium Slag 531
Y. Guo, J. He, T. Jiang, S. Liu, F. Zheng, and S. Wang

Characterization of Magnetic Roasting and Magnetic Separation of a High–Alumina–Content Limonite Ore 539
T. Jiang, X. Zhang, M. Rao, J. Zeng, Y. Zhang, and G. Li

The Research of Metallurgical Reaction Engineering in Oxygen Bottom Blowing Copper Smelting Process 547
Z. Cui, H. Yan, D. Shen, Z. Cui, and P. Yu

The Study of Recycling Ni/Fe from Laterite by Coal Pre–Reduction and Magnetic Separation 555
Y. Chen, H. Li, and P. Zhang

The Phase Transformation of Laterite Ore Treated with Insufficient Reductant 563
Y. Wang, Y. Guo, T. Zeng, J. Zhang, B. Bai, and G. Gao

Adsorptive Removal of Phosphate Anions from Municipal Wastewater Using Raw and Wasted Low Grade Phosphorus–Containing Iron Ore Adsorbent 571
X. Yuan, W. Xia, J. An, and W. Yang

Microwave Heating, Energy and Environment

Research on Microwave Roasting of High Titanium Slag Process 581
K. Yang, J. Peng, L. Zhang, H. Zhu, G. Chen, X. Zheng, X. Tan, and S. Zhang

Calculation and Analysis the Influence on the Cooling Water Velocity and Hot Metal Circulation to the Long Life BF 589
K. Jiao, J. Zhang, H. Zuo, R. Xu, and J. Hong

Investigation of Mixing Phenomenon Using Water Model of C–H2 Smelting Reduction Furnace 597
J. Xie, K. Feng, J. Xu, and J. Zhang

Numerical Simulation of Microwave Absorption of Regenerative Heat Exchangers Subjected to Microwave Heating 605
X. Shang, J. Chen, W. Zhang, J. Shi, G. Chen, and J. Peng

Effects of Microwave Heating on Reduction of Ilmenite and Its Separation 613
Z. Huang, T. Li, L. Yi, and Y. Zhang

Study on the Dielectric Properties of Panzhihua Ilmenite Concentrates by Using Terminal Open Coaxial Reflection Method 621
Y. Li, Y. Lei, W. Hou, X. Xu, J. Peng, and L. Xu

Optimization of Processing Parameters Using Response Surface Methodology for Microwave Direct Reduction of Titanic Iron Ore 629
J. Jia, H. Zhu, J. Peng, L. Zhang, K. Yang, and G. Chen

Optimization on Drying of Ilmenite by Microwave Heating Using Response Surface Methodology 637
Y. Zuo, B. Liu, L. Zhang, J. Peng, A. Ma, and B. Wang

Author Index 645

Subject Index 649

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Tao Jiang
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Mark E. Schlesinger
Onuralp Yucel
Rafael Padilla
Phillip J. Mackey
Guifeng Zhou
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