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  • ACE Consulting Engineers
  • Amanplast
  • Corpro Systems
  • IDP Middle East
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Sabighat
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Libya Monitor is the country's leading source of economic, business and financial information.

Our online platform is accessible through annual or six-month subscriptions, and features:

- Daily business news and analysis
- Profiles of 650+ Libyan companies and government entities, with management and contact details
- Tenders, updated daily
- Listings of local and international business and trade events
- Stock market data
- Economic and financial data from local and international sources
- Copies of government decisions

Our material comes from original reporting and research by our staff in Tripoli and London, together with monitoring of local and international sources of news, tenders, data and other business information.

Our company profiles are all researched in-house and include details on management, products and services, contacts and financial performance where available.

We also publish economic, trade and other data on Libya, as well as daily trading information from the Libyan Stock Market.


Our subscribers use Libya Monitor to:

- Follow sector developments and news
- Identify tenders and business opportunities
- Track major projects and contracts
- Learn about new business legislation
- Conduct market research on Libya
- Find Libyan clients or suppliers
- Identify business partners in Libya
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  • ACE Consulting Engineers
  • Amanplast
  • Corpro Systems
  • IDP Middle East
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Sabighat
  • MORE
Our content is divided into the following key categories:

The key business and economic developments in Libya, updated daily

Updated daily and featuring all published tenders from Libyan public and private-sector companies

Profiles of 650+ Libyan companies and government entities

Locally-sourced statistics on a variety of areas including trade, energy and banking

Trading volumes and closing prices from the Libyan Stock Market, updated daily
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- ACE Consulting Engineers
- AMA Group
- Afaq Alnama
- Afriqiyah Airways
- Al Ahliya Cement
- Al Alamiya Lifts and Electrical Works
- Al Baraka
- Al Ebtekar
- Al Enmaa Pipe Manufacturing
- Al Hadena National Company for Building Materials
- Al Hadena National Company for Building Materials
- Al Haramain
- Al Jeel al Jadid Technology Company
- Al Manteq Information Technology
- Al Masar Education Services Center
- Al Moheit Computer Services and Technical Solutions
- Al Mosahemeen Office Equipment & Computer Systems
- Al Nwafith
- Al Raied Group
- Al Saala Al Hadita (Hilti)
- Al Wafa Bank
- Al Waha Bank
- Al Waseela
- Al Zad Catering Services
- Al-Shumukh Law Firm
- Al-Tahaddi Education Services
- Alada Smart Infrastructures
- Alatheer Group
- Alcatel-Lucent
- Alejmaa Bank
- Alitalia
- Alitessam
- Allibya Medical Insurance Company
- Aloatkon Security Systems and Safety
- Alshafak IT Solutions
- Alyem Group
- Amadeus Libya
- Aman Bank for Commerce and Investment
- Amanplast
- Amitech Libya
- Anahrain
- Arab Commercial Bank
- Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB)
- Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO)
- Arabital
- Assada Company for Medical Equipment and Materials (ACMEM)
- Assaray Bank
- Attakadum Industrial Equipment
- Audit Bureau
- Authority for Maintenance and Technical Support for Educational Facilities
- Avis Car Rental
- Awal Libya
- Awal for Information Technology
- BP Exploration Libya
- Bait Ashames for Data Communications
- Bank of Commerce and Development
- Bayan al Shefa
- Benghazi Local Council
- Bentini
- Bonatti
- Bonyan Consulting Engineers
- Brega Petroleum Marketing Company
- Buraq Air
- Camco Oilfield Services
- Central Bank of Libya
- Classic Dome Libya
- Clyde & Co
- Commerzbank
- Company in Directory
- Company in Directory
- Con.I.Cos
- Corpro Systems
- Crown
- Cruise Libya
- Dar Noon
- Demont
- Development Bank
- Eagle Eye
- Ebtekar Media and Technology
- Egyptian Drilling Company
- El Manarah Engineering and Technical Consultancy
- El Meselati Furniture
- Emaco Libya
- Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industries (ENPPI)
- Engineers for Technical and Oil Services (ETOS)
- Ericsson
- Estishari Computers
- Fares IT Solutions
- First Group for Medical Services
- First Gulf Libyan Bank
- Free Libya Tractors
- General Authority for Investment Promotion and Privatisation
- General Board of Fairs
- General Company for Gas Transmission & Distribution
- General Company for Water and Wastewater (GCWW)
- General Desalination Company of Libya (GDCOL)
- General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL)
- General National Congress (GNC)
- General National Maritime Transport Company (GNMTC)
- Geomin Oilfield Services Company (Rompetrol)
- Ghadames Development Authority
- Ghadames Local Council
- Giga Telecommunication and Technology
- Green Libya Holding Company
- Gumhouria Bank
- Hana Libya Catering Company
- Harouge Oil Operations
- Hatif Libya
- Housing and Infrastructure Board (HIB)
- Husni Bey Group
- ICDL Libya
- IDP Middle East
- Icona for IT and Telecom
- Industrial Zones Authority (IZA)
- Innovative Solutions
- Insiab Pumping Engineering
- International IT Company
- International Insurance
- Investment Company for Oil Services
- Iveco Libya
- Joint Libyan Cement Manufacturing Company
- KEO International Consultants
- Kaffaha Petroleum Services
- Kufra Local Council
- LAP GreenN
- LIBTES Education and Training
- Labrq Exhibitions and Tourism Services
- Libda Group
- Libomark
- Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAP)
- Libya Holdings
- Libya Insurance Company
- Libya Telecom and Technology (LTT)
- Libyan African Aviation Holding Company (LAAHCO)
- Libyan Airlines
- Libyan Association for Technology
- Libyan Civil Aviation Authority
- Libyan Emirati Refining Company (LERCO)
- Libyan Entrepreneurs Network
- Libyan Export Promotion Center
- Libyan Foreign Bank
- Libyan Investment Authority (LIA)
- Libyan Italian Digital Infrastructure Architects (LIDIA)
- Libyan Malaysian Company for Roads and Construction (LMCRC)
- Libyan Maritime Society (LMS)
- Libyan Norwegian Fertiliser Company (Lifeco)
- Libyan Ports Company (LPC)
- Libyan Post, Telecoms and IT Holding Company
- Libyan Qatari Bank
- Libyan Qatari Bank
- Libyan Railroads
- Libyan Stock Market
- Libyan Technical Industrial Group
- Mabruk Oil Operations
- Makamen Alteqa
- Maritime Construction Company
- Marubeni
- Mediterranean Bank
- Mediterranean Investments Holding (MIH)
- Medserv
- Mellitah Oil & Gas
- Ministry of Communications and Informatics
- Ministry of Culture and Civil Society
- Ministry of Defence
- Ministry of Economy
- Ministry of Education
- Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
- Ministry of Health
- Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
- Ministry of Information
- Ministry of Interior
- Ministry of Labour and Retraining
- Ministry of Local Government
- Ministry of Martyrs and the Missing
- Ministry of Oil and Gas
- Ministry of Planning
- Ministry of Social Affairs
- Ministry of Tourism
- Ministry of Transport
- Ministry of Water Resources
- Ministry of Youth and Sports
- Misrata General Construction Company
- NABD Libya
- Nafusah Oil Operations
- National Board for Technical & Vocational Education
- National Center for Disease Control
- National Center for Diseases Control
- National Commercial Bank
- National Industry Promotion Authority (NIPA)
- National Mills Company (Matahan)
- National Oil Corporation
- National Union Engineering Consultants
- North Africa Bank
- North Africa Company (for Imports of Industrial Equipment)
- North African Geophysical Exploration Company (NAGECO)
- Oya Technology
- Petrobras
- Petroconsult Libya
- Petroleum Facilities Guard
- Petroleum Training & Qualifying Institute
- Ports and Maritime Authority
- Prime Minister's Office
- Queiroz Galvao
- RGT International
- RMS Marketing Services
- Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company (RASCO)
- Rawafet Libya Telecommunication and Technology (RLTT)
- Real Estate Savings and Investment Bank
- Renewable Energy Authority of Libya (REAOL)
- Roya Libya
- Sabighat
- Sahara Africa
- Sahara Bank
- Sahara Insurance Company
- Sahari International Drilling and Workover Company (SIDWOC)
- Sahel Alakhdar for Flour Mill and Feed
- Sahil El Khoms General Contracting
- Sebha Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
- Senwan Trading
- Shams Metal Production
- Shiraz Engineering Consultancy
- Shoaa Laser
- Silicon Engineering Solutions
- Social Security Fund Investments (SSFI)
- Sonatrach (Sipex)
- Statistics and Census Bureau
- Studio Italia Costruzioni
- Tactic Communications
- Taziet Tours
- The Arab Contractors Osman Ahmed Osman & Co.
- Three Cities Expo (3 Expo)
- Tobruq Local Council
- Total Exploration and Production Libya
- Trade Allianz
- Trevi
- Tripoli Oil Clinic
- United Bank for Commerce and Development
- United Fashions
- United Group Company for Stationary and Office Supplies
- United Insurance Company
- Wabag
- Wadi Tidwa Tourism Services
- Waha Oil Company
- Wahda Bank
- Warriors Affairs Commission
- Wazen Oil Services
- Wazer
- Wintershall
- ZHL Marketing
- Zeglam and Partners Electromechanical Services
- Zulal Water Technology
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown