Biosimilar Index: Tracking the Global Biosimilar Pipeline

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NOTE: The format of this Biosimilar Index is Excel & PowerPoint

Biosimilar Index answers your questions, such as...

- There are 15 biosimilar and non-comparable biologic (NCB) versions of bevacizumab (Avastin; Roche) in clinical development; with the Biosimilar Index you can know who is developing them, in which indications and what stage they're at

- Biosimilars and NCBs are being developed across 13 discreet therapy areas; investigate what are they and which areas dominate

- There are 40 biosimilar and NCB programmes in Phase III trials; benefit from knowing who is developing them and what reference products are being targeted

- There are 115 monoclonal antibodies out of a current total of 385 products in Biosimilar Index; make sure you know what classes of drug the other 270 are being developed for

- Rituximab (Rituxan/MabThera; Roche) is top of the biosimilar and NCB development league, with over 30 individual programmes around the globe

If you need to track developments in the global biosimilar sector then this comprehensive service is all you need.

The prospect of a biosimilars market has been long in development and is now on the cusp of delivering real value as high-value brands lose patent protection.

The Biosimilars Index: Pipeline Database is checked daily. When a significant event happens, the database is updated, thereby ensuring you're up to date with current market dynamics. The database is provided as a dynamic MS Excel™ file with complete data and filter analysis tools included.

Available 24/7 through a secure password protected site, there are no limits on how frequently you can download the XLS file. Having access to the database enables you to see the whole biosimilar and NCB landscape across multiple classes and geographies

Essential details covered in the database include:

- Brand name(s) of reference products
- Indications and reported sales for the reference product
- Originator company
- Biosimilars development company
- HQ location of development company
- Therapy class
- Key indication(s)
- Mode of application and route of administration
- Clinical trials status
- Global marketing status
- Marketing agreements and licensing opportunities

Powerful data with intuitive analysis tools

With Biosimilars Index: Pipeline Database at hand, you can effortlessly compare and contrast biosimilars in development by country, originator company, stage of development, condition and therapeutic area. The data is provided in MS Excel™ and comes with filters and search built in. The data can easily be exported to your own analytics package or data visualisation platform.

Biosimilar R&D activity is at an all-time high and, at this critical stage in the market's evolution, it is vital to fully understand the biosimilar and non-comparable biologic (NCB) pipeline and be able to draw reliable conclusions about what is, and is not, significant. That is where the Biosimilar Index comes in.

A new force in biosimilar and NCB drug and market tracking

FirstView's Biosimilar Index is a new, comprehensive drug intelligence service which provides a robust, dynamically updated and highly-detailed insight into the status of leading biosimilar and NCB assets in development worldwide. Exhaustively referenced and sourced, it is one of the most comprehensive analyses of its type providing both on-going tracking of development and interpretation of the commercial and clinical significance.
Two class beating services in one subscription!

Biosimilar Index: Pipeline Database

Updated as new market information becomes available, this Database provides up-to-date insight of over 380 (and growing) biosimilar and NCB drugs in development from over 130 companies worldwide. The Database can be downloaded (as often as you need) in MS Excel™ format.

Biosimilar Index: Landscape Review

Published quarterly and delivered by email in MS PowerPoint™, the Landscape Review is packed with slides of tables and charts on key reference medicinal product data, current and future market milestones, extensive product-by product reviews and relevant clinical trial activity. The Landscape Review is based on the updated research in the Biosimilar Index: Pipeline Database and enhanced by critical insights from in house and external biosimilar experts.

A service for the whole industry

Whether you work in big pharma, a biosimilars development company, a clinical service organisation, a regulatory body or in commercial investment and finance, the Biosimilar Index provides a clear window on the world of biosimilar drugs and their developers.

With the Biosimilar Index you are always in the know!

What's hot and what's not? The biosimilars sector is constantly evolving. Important research progress, commercial deals and product launches are regularly announced. The Biosimilar Index: Landscape Review strips away market rumour and speculation to tell you exactly what has happened and why it is important.

Published quarterly, the Review is based on the daily-updated research in the Biosimilar Index: Pipeline Database, enhanced by critical insights and understanding from biosimilars experts.

The benefits and features of the Biosimilar Index: Landscape Review...

- Includes essential structured data including

- Sales data for reference products

- Current and future market milestones

- Individual single view analysis for leading products

- Clinical trial activities and flow charts of development phase.

- The service draws on a wide-range of reliable information sources such as clinical trial registries, company communications, conference proceedings, broker analysis and social media.

- Includes powerful interpretation and analysis by knowledgeable experts to ensure that developments are scrutinised and the implications highlighted.

- Presented in MS PowerPoint™ to bring clarity to the extensive charting and tables provided which can be incorporated into your own presentations

With Biosimilar Index you can...

- Understand the biosimilar and NCB development landscape through comprehensive coverage of the pipelines of all major biosimilar developers worldwide

- Drill down to discover the levels of potential biosimilar competition by therapy area, drug class status and geography

- Establish the level of biosimilar competition for leading biologic brands

- Learn which biosimilar developers are potential future competitors or collaborators

- Identify the biosimilar and NCB portfolios of over 130 companies and discover the leaders in product development for which products/therapy areas

- Know where the development hotspots are and what research is taking place.

The Biosimilar Index is feature rich...

- Includes both structured data and commercial interpretation

- The Biosimilar Index: Pipeline Database covers all significant biosimilar products and is updated daily. Available 24/7 in MS Excel™ with unlimited downloads which can be incorporated into your own analytics package or visualisation software

- The Biosimilar Index: Landscape Review provides and insightful quarterly analysis which identifies the developments that are really important

- Biosimilar Index is Informed by a wide-range of respected sources with expert internal and external inputs and oversight

Key benefits at a glance

- Access a comprehensive dynamically updated database in downloadable format

- Receive a quarterly Review which analyses development and puts them in clinical and commercial context

- Save time from a service harnessing a wide-range of quality information sources

- Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our expert researchers and analysts
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  • Daewoong Pharmaceutical
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Executive summary

Reference medicinal product data

Market milestones; Q1 2013 – Q1 2014

Potential future milestones; Q2 2014 – Q4 2014

Biosimilar programme analysis

- Pipeline summary by molecule
- Clinical trials by molecule


- Data sources
- Definitions and terminology
- Disclaimer

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- Gene Science Pharmaceuticals (GenSci)
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- Hangzhou Jiuyan Gene Engineering
- Hanwha Chemical
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- Hospira
- Hualida Biotech
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- Intra Labs
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- Krioniks
- Laboratorios Biogalenic
- Laboratorios ELEA
- LaFrancol
- LG Life Sciences
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- mAbxience
- Marvel LifeSciences
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- Nomad Bioscience
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- Panacea Biotec
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- Pfizer
- PharmaPraxis
- PlantForm
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- Probiomed
- Ranbaxy
- Reliance Life Sciences
- Rhein-Minapharm Biogenetics
- RPG Life Sciences
- Samsung Bioepsis
- Sandoz (Novartis)
- Sanofi
- SciGen (Bioton)
- Sedico
- Shandong Kexing Bioproducts
- Shanghai Celgen Biopharmaceutical
- Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceutical
- Shanghai Institute of Biological Products (SIBP)
- Shantha Biotech (Sanofi)
- Shenzhen Neptunus Interlong Bio-Technique
- Sotex
- Square Pharmaceuticals
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- Techno Drugs
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- Torrent Pharmaceuticals
- Tri-Prime
- Unilab
- United Biotech
- Wockhardt
- Zenotech
- Zydus Cadila
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