Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG LNG Terminal- Capacity, SPA Contracts, Construction, Capex, Companies and Trade

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The new report on Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG is a comprehensive report on Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG terminal. The report provides complete information across the terminal value chain from source field to carriers to import/export facilities. The report also provides detailed analysis on terminal outlook to 2020. The research work also provides details of LNG Sale- Purchase agreements associated with the terminal. Details of operators, owners along with their equity stakes and net weighted capacity details are provided during the historic and forecasted period.

Information on LNG processing (liquefaction/regasification) capacities, storage capacities, trains, tanks, jetty, associated infrastructure, pipelines are provided. Current status of the terminal along with a depictive map and capital investment details are also provided. Further, construction details are also provided for the terminal. In addition, the terminal is benchmarked with other terminals based on eight parameters.

Analysis of key shareholder companies of the terminal along with their other LNG operations and detailed business profiles are also included in the report. Further, all recent developments associated with the terminal are also included in the research work.

- Terminal value chain analysis from source field to end user markets
- Terminal feasibility and prospective
- Comparison of the Terminal with other LNG terminals
- Location, operator, start up, owners, ownership and current status details
- Capex, constructors, technology, construction contract details
- Trains, capacity, tanks, storage details
- Business profiles of shareholder companies
- Recent news and developments impacting the Terminal

Reasons To Purchase
- Formulate your strategies using our in-depth analysis and historical and forecasted data on terminals, countries and companies
- Identify potential opportunities for gas procurement, capacity reservations and asset investments
- Evaluate pros and cons of investing in each LNG market as compared to its peer markets
- Enhance your strategy formulation through our positioning matrix and identifying the growth stage of the market
- Identify potential investment opportunities present across the LNG value chain in the entire world
- Evaluate planned projects using our feasibility analysis of planned projects and capital investment
- Gain access to data on LNG pricing and trade movements in different parts of the world and export or import LNG from stable and cheapest sources
- Stay ahead of competition by understanding their business strategies and planned investments
- Make merger and acquisition decisions using market share information and latest news section
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1 Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG Terminal, Snapshot
3 Project Feasibility
4 Prospective of the Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG Terminal
4.1 Rank and Contribution to Country’s and Region’s Capacity
4.2 Reserves Potential
4.3 Demand for the Terminal
4.4 Highlights and Competencies of the Terminal
4.5 Potential Problems
5 Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG- Benchmarking with Other Key Terminals
5.1 Location Details
5.2 Operator
5.3 Commencement of Operations
5.4 Processing Technology of Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG
5.5 Capacity in 2013/2020
5.6 Number of Processing Trains
5.7 FEED contractor/ Constructor
5.8 Capital Investment Details
6 Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG Terminal Map
7 Source Field Information
8 Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG Terminal Information
8.1 Location Details of Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG
8.2 Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG Commencement of Operations
8.3 Capital Investment Details of Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG
9 LNG Processing Capacity Information
9.1 LNG Export (Liquefaction) Capacity, 2005- 2020
9.2 No. of LNG Processing Trains, 2005- 2020
10 Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG Storage Tank Information
10.1 LNG Storage Capacity, 2005- 2020
10.2 No. of LNG Storage Tanks, 2005- 2020
11 LNG Carrier Information
12 Operator and Shareholder Information
12.1 Operator
12.2 Shareholders and Equity percentages
13 Arzew GL4Z Camel LNG Terminal Construction Information
13.1 FEED Commencement
13.2 Construction Details
13.3 Construction Contractor
13.4 Current Status
14 LNG Contract Information
14.1 Contracted Capacity, 2005- 2020
14.2 Contract Information by Country
15 Analysis of Key Shareholders and their LNG Operations
16 Related News and Impact on the LNG Terminal
17 Appendix
17.1 About Us
17.2 Sources and Methodology
17.3 Contact Us
17.4 Disclaimer
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown