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If you've been looking for a source for independent and insightful research that speak plain English, look no more.

Each month the Wong's BioTech Stock Report provides a fresh, intuitive, inside look at the science and business of biotech investing. The report takes you behind the canned quotes from press releases, beyond the momentum-driven stock analysts, and past the hype of mainstream stock-touters. The BioTech Stock Report gets to the core of what makes biotechnology companies tick: Science and Innovation.

The Wong's BioTech Stock Report is the only biotech newsletter that explains recent developments in light of underlying technology. The BioTech Stock Report looks beyond short-term successes and setbacks because we know that in the long run good technology wins the biotech game.

The report is an “information integrator” specializing in biotechnology stocks. We bring together the mass of medical scientific data that is available and interpret it for you in a sixteen-page report that is published 12 times a year. The report is divided into four key parts.

An industry analysis with detailed rationale explaining the technology, examining new products, evaluating their potential, the markets and the likely impact it has on a company’s future. We usually discuss either a specific industry segment or talk about important industry-wide issues. This section provides useful background information and helps subscribers evaluate breaking news while building a information base.

The current recommendation section provides analysis of up and coming company in the biotechnology sector. Here you will find easy to understand information and exciting new opportunities in the biotechnology sector. We typically look for stocks with the potential to grow.

In the BioPortfolio, we also focus on companies with more than one product in development. Your best bet is a mix of Phase III and Phase II products, rather than one that may be little more than hype. In this section, the companies are broken down by the amount of risk that is in general risk increases as market cap decreases.

Since we are independent and unbiased, the BioTech Stock Report gives the reader the facts!

So why subscribe to Wong's Biotech Stock Report?

The biotechnology sector is an exciting, yet complex and risky investment arena and assessing the scientific basis of new technology requires specialized knowledge. The report is a focused and an in depth source of information allowing investor to have the upper hand when it comes to investing in biotechnology stocks.

Think of us as your research laboratory on biotechnology stocks. In each issue of our report, we cover a specific topic such as a condition or disease with a discussion of new or current technologies in layman's language.

Wong's BioTech Stock Report features publicly traded biotechnology, pharmaceutical, supplies, services and medical-related companies. We provide investors with unique insight into an industry where there is significant growth potential, driven by high demand and lucrative profits.

Wong's BioTech Stock Report provides comprehensive analysis, interpretation, news and commentary for the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical and other related industries. It is committed to give you the essential data you need to make intelligent informed investment decisions. We do the dirty work necessary for proper investing in securities that most individual investors don't bother to do either because it is too tedious or because they don't understand how to do it. Using fundamental and technical calculations we find some of the best ideas for long-term investment strategies.

Wong's BioTech Stock Report is geared for those who are serious about investing in biotech stocks. Our research is independent and unbiased.

Let us help you understand how biotechnology works and to help you become a smarter and better informed stock investor in order to reap the financial rewards of investing in biotechnology stocks.
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Wong's BioTech Stock Report is dedicated to independent biotechnology equity research. Each report is comprised of valuable information for investors interested in investing in biotechnology stocks. Since 1997 we have provided investors the most insightful, easy to read, in-depth information, thoughts, assessment and opinions in the field of biotechnology to help you become a better informed investor.

Dr. Scott W. Wong is a virologist at the OHSU Gene Therapy and Cancer Vaccine Institute and a Professor at Oregon Health Sciences University. He received his Ph.D from Stanford University School of Medicine in Cancer Biology and then did his post doctoral work in virology at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, a well known affiliate of Harvard University. He has published many papers regarding his scientific research and has formed collaborations with major universities and pharmaceuticals companies.

Nadine Wong has a MBA from Simmons College, Boston, MA. She has accumulated many years of financial experience as an analyst from several industries such as the high tech industry, biotech industry and retail.

Nadine also writes a biotech column for

Together, the two will enlightened and give their thoughts and views in investing biotechnology stocks.
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