UnSelling. The New Customer Experience

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UnSelling is about seeing the bigger sales picture.

From the top–selling authors of UnMarketing, this new book turns traditional wisdom on its head. Looking beyond a narrow sales funnel, and seeing what really influences purchase and repurchase decisions today.

In UnSelling, you ll learn why one negative review can outweigh a thousand social media followers if it isn t handled correctly. You ll learn why a blog post with a catchy headline can actually be bad for business if it isn t written well. You ll learn why the people you hire matter more than the tasks you hire them to do. These and countless other underappreciated truths add up to a new way of thinking about business that will completely change the way you sell, for the better.

In a world where trends, technologies, brands, and business come and go in the blink of an eye, it may be difficult to believe that creating real community, customer loyalty, and repeat buyers is the way to lasting success. After reading UnSelling, there will be no doubt in your mind that it s true. Up to 60 percent of all purchases are made before the sales pitch even begins, yet we still focus on the sales funnel above all else. UnSelling is about removing this funnel vision, reaching out to clients in a meaningful way, and becoming the go–to brand. The sales figures will follow.

Scott Stratten & Alison Kramer

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1 UnSelling 1

2 Joshie Is Branding 3

3 Funnel Vision 11

4 Remedies for Funnel Vision 16

5 Pulse 18

6 Air Canada versus WestJet 21

7 External Pulse Factors and Trends 26

8 Our Return Policy Is for You Not to Return 31

9 Taking the Customer Pulse 35

10 Are You in the Customer Tolerating Business? 39

11 Internal Factors and AIM 42

12 Aspiring to Be a Jedi 44

13 Information 51

14 Motivation 55

15 Why Boston Will Have Fewer Check–Ins 60

16 Brand Flatline: It s Not Me; It s You. 63

17 Avoid the Brand Attack 66

18 The Three Types of Pulse We Need to Pay Attention To 70

19 The Game of Loyalty 72

20 What Really Matters in Branding 77

21 The Pulse of an UnAwesome Industry 81

22 Flying the Kite of Community 84

23 Taking My Pulse 88

24 Big Ass Chapter 95

25 Direct versus Moral Offense 99
26 Offensive Real Estate 101

27 The Moral Offense 103

28 The Politics of Engagement 107

29 Insubordinate Customers 112

30 Outrage Outreach 115

31 The Impenetrable Brand 119

32 Pivot 122

33 Hiring at Rock Bottom 125

34 From the Walkman to the iPod 128

35 Why I Didn t Invent Spanx 131

36 What Happens When You Pivot and No One Notices? 134

37 Netflix versus Blockbuster 137

38 The Secret World of Book Publishing 140

39 Crowdfunding 145

40 Customer Reviews: The Good, the Bad, and the Future 152

41 Beware of Mountain Climbers Who Sell Equipment 158

42 Social Media by the Dozen 161

43 What Really Matters in Social 168

44 Who Polices the Police Presentations? 171

45 How Not to Apologize 173

46 Lack of Tartar Sauce Tact 178

47 Your Community Is an Allen Key 180

48 Return the Brand High Five 184

49 Stopping the Share 188

50 The Value of a Read: AKA Sensational Headlines Are Evil 194
51 Avoid the Cleanse: How to Keep Your Subscribers 198

52 Should You Trade in Trade Shows? 204

53 What Really Matters in Speaking 207

54 What Really Matters in Podcasting 209

55 What Really Matters in Blogging 211

56 Company–Created Community 215

57 Up the Customer Creek 217

58 Passive versus Active Exposure 220

59 The Inner Social Circle 223

60 Social Media Success Is None of Your Brand s Business 226

61 Conclusion 228

Index 231

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Scott Stratten
Alison Kramer
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown