Graph Analysis and Visualization. Discovering Business Opportunity in Linked Data

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Connect the dots in your business data to discover actionable insights

Graph Analysis and Visualization brings graph and network theory out of the lab into the real world, with sophisticated methods and tools that apply to the worlds of business, finance, strategy, and design. Authors Richard Brath and David Jonker bring high–level expertise and a true analyst s perspective to provide a handbook for exploiting graph and network analytic techniques that enable the discovery of new business insights and opportunities.

This informative, authoritative guide describes the process of creating powerful visualizations step–by–step, illustrated with engaging real–world examples from sports, finance, marketing, security, social media, and more. Detailed coverage includes examples of different software, tools, and programming languages that help you extract more information from the data, including Gephi, CytoScape, and D3.js, with sample Python and JavaScript code available for immediate download and use. You ll learn how to take the data you have and perform network analysis, use the mathematical elements of graph theory to extract valuable insight, and use visual design techniques to better communicate the information to decision makers.

With detailed examples, sample data sets, code, and graphic tutorials, Graph Analysis and Visualization shows you how to:

  • Use the appropriate type of graph for every problem
  • Collect, clean, and organize data quickly, efficiently, and correctly
  • Format visualizations for high readability without sacrificing accuracy
  • Master the tools that allow deep data exploration and interpretation
  • Create custom visualizations with a little lightweight programming
  • Choose effective graph analysis techniques to get the most out of your data
  • Utilize advanced visualization techniques including dynamic graphs and Big Data tools and queries
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Introduction xvii

PART 1 Overview

Chapter 1 Why Graphs? 3

Chapter 2 A Graph for Every Problem 27

PART 2 Process and Tools

Chapter 3 Data––Collect, Clean, and Connect 55

Chapter 4 Stats and Layout 87

Chapter 5 Visual Attributes 125

Chapter 6 Explore and Explain 157

Chapter 7 Point–and–Click Graph Tools 187

Chapter 8 Lightweight Programming 223

PART 3 Visual Analysis of Graphs

Chapter 9 Relationships 275

Chapter 10 Hierarchies 293

Chapter 11 Communities 315

Chapter 12 Flows 351

Chapter 13 Spatial Networks 389

PART 4 Advanced Techniques

Chapter 14 Big Data 419

Chapter 15 Dynamic Graphs 449

Chapter 16 Design 473

Glossary 497

Index 501

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Richard Brath is actively involved in the research, design, and development of data visualization and visual analytics for both research and commercial applications for some of the world s largest companies and top software vendors. His solutions range from rich, interactive visualizations for mobile devices, to large multi–touch, multi–screen installations and web–based analytical visualizations for business applications. David Jonker is a designer and developer of visualization platforms and applications for web–based, distributed, desktop, and mobile use. He created visualization products for NASDAQ MarketSite real–time broadcast in Times Square, and is currently a lead on the DARPA XDATA program, developing new tools and technologies for making sense of Big Data. Brath and Jonker are partners at a leading visual analytics firm. Between them they have presented at more than 30 industry conferences, and have published numerous articles and research papers.

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