The Resin Review - 2014

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The Resin Review is an authoritative resource for comprehensive statistical measurements of the North American plastic resins industry. The 2014 edition contains detailed resin data tables from 2003-2013 on Domestic Production, Sales and Captive (internal) Use by End-use Application, Sales Distribution by Major Market, Industry Capacities, and Capacity Utilization Rates.

Sales data are segmented into various end-use markets from 2009-2013 for major thermoplastic resins. A table with historical data on U.S. plastics production and sales tracks the trend from 1973 to 2013.

The nearly 90-page reference manual also lists reporting producers for each resin, explains the basics of polymer chemistry and manufacturing processes, details the history of plastics development and modern-day applications, provides a glossary of plastics terms, and lists additional sources of plastics industry information. The Resin Review is compiled annually from data collected by ACC's Plastics Industry Producers' Statistics Group and other sources.

*Data on the following resins only: Polyethylene (LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE), Polypropylene, PVC, Polystyrene, Epoxy, Isocyanates, Polyether Polyols, and SB Latex.

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I. About Us
The American Chemistry Council
The Plastics Division of the ACC
The Plastics Industry Producers' Statistics Group
ACC's Resin Report Subscriptions

II. 2013 Year in Review
UResins Industry Strengthens in 2013

III. Industry Statistics Summaries
Trend of Sales and Captive Use for Major Plastic Resins Graph, 2008–2013
Total UProduction and Sales & Captive Use, 1973–2013
2013 Percentage Distribution of Plastic Resins Sales & Captive Use by Material Graph
Total Production and Sales & Captive Use by Resin, 2004–2013

IV. 2013 Statistics by Resin and by Markets
Thermoset Resins
Thermoplastic Resins
Thermoplastic Domestic Sales and Use by Process Grade
2013 Percentage Distribution of Thermoplastic Resins by Major Market
Thermoplastic Resin Sales by Major Market, 2009–2013
2013 Distribution of Plastic Resins Sales & Captive Use

V. Plastics: Polymer History, Chemistry and Applications
History of Plastics
The Basics of Polymer Chemistry
How Plastics Are Made
Monomer Flow Charts (ethylene, propylene, benzene, methanol)
Resin Pellet Life Cycle
The Many Uses of Plastics
Resin Identification Codes for Recycling

VI. Glossary of Terms

VII. Additional Sources of Information
ACC's Economics & Statistics Publications
Trade Associations and Professional Organizations
Industry Consultants and Publishers
Trade Publications
Government Publications

VIII. Index
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