Mentoring & Coaching: Tools and Techniques for Implementation (PDF E-book)

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Mentoring and Coaching is the ultimate South African handbook for becoming a world class mentor and coach Firmly rooted in the South African context, it provides tried and benchmarked guidelines for managers, team leaders, facilitators, mentors, or coaches who are required to do some form of mentoring and coaching as part of their jobs.

- The practical approach consisting of checklists and tools will guide you through the implementation of mentoring and coaching in the workplace, with specific reference to the dynamics of the SA working environment

- The guidelines are based on the authors’ international benchmarking visits as well as their own experience at South African organisations

- Supported by local case studies, the book also introduces you to co-active coaching, reverse mentoring, multiple mentoring, electronic-supported mentoring, and the use of mentoring and coaching as empowerment tools
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Chapter 1: Introduction to mentoring and coaching
~ Introduction
~ But what exactly is mentoring?
~ But what is coaching then?
~ The relation between coaching and mentoring
~ Other related concepts
~ Myths about mentoring and coaching
~ Purpose of mentoring and coaching
~ Benefits of mentoring and coaching
~ Are you ready for mentoring and coaching?
~ Outline of the book
~ Conclusion
Chapter 2: Managers as coaches
~ Introduction
~ Management versus coaching: Is there a link?
~ The coaching process
~ Various coaching roles of a manager
~ Conclusion

Chapter 3: Mentoring and coaching relationships
~ Introduction
~ Mentoring and coaching relationship
~ Roles of mentors and mentees
~ Roles of mentors
~ Mentoring and coaching self-assessment
~ Roles of mentees
~ Types of mentees
~ Capacity-building skills of mentees
~ Mentee self-assessment
~ The phases of the mentoring relationship
~ The impact of organisation culture
~ Organisational culture self-assessment
~ Conclusion
Chapter 4: Mentoring and coaching skills
~ Introduction
~ International coaching standards
~ Characteristics of executive coaches
~ Competency profile of a mentor or coach
~ Knowledge
~ Skills
~ Values
~ Conclusion
Chapter 5: Mentoring and coaching options
~ Introduction
~ Various types of mentoring and coaching options
~ Informal mentoring
~ Formal mentoring
~ Coaching
~ Executive coaching
~ Co-active coaching
~ Professional mentoring
~ Reverse mentoring
~ Team coaching
~ Multiple mentoring
~ Electronic-supported mentoring
~ Conclusion
Chapter 6: Trouble-shooting
~ Introduction
~ Mentor pitfalls
~ Mentee pitfalls
~ Relationship pitfalls
~ Solutions to mentoring problems
~ Conclusion
Chapter 7: Implementation process
~ Introduction
~ Obstacles in mentoring programmes
~ Characteristics of successful mentoring programmes
~ The mentoring implementation process
~ Conclusion
Chapter 8: Facilitating mentoring and coaching
~ Introduction
~ What is facilitation?
~ Facilitation: A core competency of mentoring and coaching
~ Facilitation: Do it yourself or outsource it
~ Facilitation plan for a mentoring programme
~ Adult learning and facilitation
~ Characteristics of a good facilitator
~ The role of communication in facilitation
~ Phases in the facilitation process
~ Facilitation options
~ Case studies
~ Evaluation form for facilitation
~ Guidelines for facilitating mentoring programmes
~ Conclusion
Chapter 9: Mentoring and coaching as training tools
~ Introduction
~ Coach learners
~ Guide and support learners
~ Guide and counsel learners
~ How to counsel a learner
~ Conduct on-the-job coaching
~ Process for using mentoring or coaching as training tools
~ Conclusion
Chapter 10: The future of mentoring and coaching
~ Introduction
~ Global mentoring and coaching
~ Mentoring the mentors and coaching the coaches
~ Cross-functional mentoring
~ Life coaching
~ Electronic mentoring and coaching
~ Professionalisation of mentoring and coaching
~ Multiple mentoring
~ Measurement of mentoring and coaching
~ Integration of mentoring and coaching
~ Conclusion
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