Talent Management: Deliberate practice for success (PDF E-book)

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While much has been written on talent management in the global context, talent management in emerging markets and the unique challenges and opportunities it presents has received little attention in the literature.

This book explores these issues through theory, practice and case studies with contributions from scholars and practitioners based both in emerging markets and in Canada, the United Kingdom and The United States The book provides the reader with a guide to setting up a talent management function in a multinational operating in emerging markets, including some 70 learnings and a set of key performance indicators with indicative targets to achieve when managing talent effectively in emerging markets.

Throughout the book, talent management examples are drawn from diverse emerging markets across Asia (especially India and China), Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South America. These diverse examples underline the fact that, while we speak of ‘emerging markets’ as a single term, managing talent in each emerging country has unique features that need to be approached in a specific (rather than generic, one-size-fits-all) manner.

The book is edited by Prof Steve Bluen Contributors include; Dr Lyal White, Glynnis Rengger, Dr Mark Bussin, Richard Forbes, Prof Theo Veldsman, Tony van Kralingen, Lara Hirschowitz, Italia Boninelli,
Tamra Veley, Rob Mallick, Marcelo Williams, Jennifer Morris, and Prof Shirley Zinn.

Case studies include:

SABMiller - Unilever Brazil - Standard Bank - Anglogold Ashanti - Pick n Pay - BAT

Prof Steve Bluen, HR Consultant and Professor, Gordon Institute of Business Science and Former HR
Executive, South African Breweries
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PART ONE - TALENT MANAGEMENT – A deliberate practice
Chapter One - The genesis of greatness
Chapter Two - The anatomy of talent
Chapter Three - The state of talent management
Chapter Four - Best practice for talent management
PART TWO - TALENT CREATION – The deliberate practice of creating
talent for the future
Chapter Five - The nurseries of talent
PART THREE - TALENT CALIBRATION – The deliberate practice of
measuring talent
Chapter Six - Potency
Chapter Seven - Truest interest
Chapter Eight - The alpha skill intelligences
Chapter Nine - The virtue intelligences
PART FOUR - TALENT CULTIVATION – The deliberate practice of
developing talent
Chapter Ten - Leaders as coaches
Chapter Eleven - Forced ranking
Chapter Twelve - Career planning
PART FIVE - LEVERAGING TALENT – The deliberate practice of
activating and leveraging talent
Chapter Thirteen - Motivation
Chapter Fourteen - Breakout achievement
PART SIX - TALENT CARING – The deliberate practice of
preserving talent
Chapter Fifteen - Personal wellness
Chapter Sixteen - Inspiration
Chapter Seventeen - Building a vital inner circle
PART SEVEN - TALENT COACHING – The deliberate practice of
maximising a talent for greatness
Chapter Eighteen - The deliberate practice of personal mastery
Chapter Nineteen - Life as a journey of contests
Chapter Twenty - The discipline of winning - the circuits of personal success

Chapter Twenty-one - Walking into the light - creating an abundance of talent
ADDENDUM – Calibrating your talent
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