Coaching Leaders: 7 "P" Tools to Propel Change (PDF E-book)

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The author provides 7 “P” Tools and systematically discusses each of them to provide structure to the content The objective, outcome, rationale, and actual methods and examples have been given for each “P” Tool in coaching

The 7 “P” Tools:

- Purpose coaching
- Progress coaching
- Process coaching
- Perspective coaching
- Polarity coaching
- Political coaching
- Potential coaching

The first chapter consists of an overview of coaching and leadership The next seven provide the 7 “P” Tools, and the last chapters integrate and align the tools as well as discussing how to conclude the coaching conducted according to the tools provided.

Various case studies have been quoted to capture the interest of readers, who will easily identify with the typical leadership situations in a business environment Numerous worksheets have been provided to utilise in coaching sessions These are practical exercises that the coach and/or coachee could apply during various of the sessions.

Each of the 7 “P” Tools provides a sequence of themes to address during individual or team coaching as well as a build-up to an organisational intervention A Leadership 360-degree assessment is provided, together with an evaluation tool and model for large-scale coaching interventions in organisation.

Dr Caren Scheepers is an executive coach, management consultant and counselling psychologist in South Africa, who has worked in various environments to gain experience in Assessments, Leadership, Team and Organisational development The international consulting environments, across industries, have allowed her to pursue her interest in improving performance of individuals, teams and organisations.
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Chapter 1 Orientation on coaching leaders
1 Introduction
2 Overview of 7 P Tools
3 Leadership Model
4 Principles of Coaching
5 Coaching process
Chapter 2 First P Tool: Purpose coaching
1 Objective of Purpose coaching
2 Outcome of Purpose coaching
3 Rationale for Purpose coaching
4 Steps in Purpose coaching
5 Alignment of others’ Purpose and organisational Purpose
6 Illustration of Purpose coaching
Chapter 3 Second P Tool: Progress Coaching
1 Objective of Progress coaching
2 Outcome of Progress coaching
3 Rationale for Progress coaching
4 Steps in Progress coaching
5 Illustration of Progress coaching
Chapter 4 Third P Tool: Process Coaching
1 Objective of Process coaching
2 Outcome of Process coaching
3 Rationale for Process coaching
4 Schemata in Process coaching
5 Illustration of Process coaching
Chapter 5 Fourth P Tool: Perspective Coaching
1 Objective of Perspective coaching
2 Outcome of Perspective coaching
3 Rationale for Perspective coaching
4 Schemata in Perspective coaching
5 Illustration of Perspective coaching
Chapter 6 Fifth P Tool: Polarity Coaching
1 Objective of Polarity coaching
2 Outcome of Polarity coaching
3 Rationale for Polarity coaching
4 Schemata in Polarity coaching
5 Illustration of Polarity coaching
Chapter 7 Sixth P Tool: Political Coaching
1 Objective of Political coaching
2 Outcome of Political coaching
3 Rationale for Political coaching
4 Schemata in Political coaching
5 Illustration of Political coaching
Chapter 8 Seventh P Tool: Potential Coaching
1 Objective of Potential coaching
2 Outcome of Potential coaching
3 Rationale for Potential coaching
4 Leadership profile: Cultivating a culture of leadership
5 Schemata in Potential coaching
6 Large coaching interventions
7 Illustration of Potential coaching
Chapter 9 Alignment
1 Alignment of commitments
2 An iterative sequential approach to leadership coaching
3 Concluding coaching and alignment of expectations
Chapter 10 Conclusion
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