Middle East And Africa Aseptic Packaging Market - By Packaging Materials, Products, End User Industry, Countries And Vendors - Forecasts, Trends And Shares (2016 - 2021)

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  • Amcor
  • Bosch
  • DS Smith Plc
  • Evergreen Packaging
  • Graham Packaging Company
  • Reynolds Group Holdings
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The economy of the Middle East countries grew from 3% to more than 5% in 2012 and the inflation rate has remained relatively constant. This gives the consumer more money in hand to spend on products from the markets.

The Middle East region is one of the major hubs for food logistics market because of its huge food imports. The region imports millions of food items from around the world because lack of arable land. The food import in this region in 2010 was 15.3% of the total merchandise imports. To sustain this much of food imports and for the foods to sustain for a longer time aseptic packaging is needed.

Africa’s food system is currently valued at $313 billion from agriculture. It is expected to grow to a trillion dollar food market by 2030 if the region expands its electricity grid, betters its technology, gets more capital and irrigates its lands. The region is a major importer of rice and pays more than $3.5 billion a year. With the rising demand for packaged foods and food imports, there is a need to keep costs down and investments in food processing are propelling the growth of aseptic packaging in the region.

African Economy, for the most part, is booming given the relatively stable political scenario in the region. Africa’s GDP growth from 4.7% in 2013 to 5.2% in 2014 and the FDI growth of 16%, reaching $43 billion in 2014, show a positive economic trend. Countries across Africa, from mineral-rich Sierra Leone and Congo to agrarian economies like Ethiopia and Rwanda, have shown growth across multiple macro-economic parameters.

There is an increase in demand for longer shelf life products from consumers and retail outlets as well as guarantee that these products will not be soiled if transported to long distance. Furthermore, environmental concerns and laws force manufacturers to use those packaging solutions which can meet these demands. Aseptic packaging helps in addressing these concerns while maintaining the required established quality standards.

Aseptic packaging is the technology in which sterilized product is sealed under unsterilized atmosphere. There are basically two types of applications of Aseptic Packaging technology: Packaging of pre-sterilized and sterile products and packaging of non-sterile products. Aseptic Packaging products can range from bags and pouches to metal cans.

The concerns for this area are that the region is prone to be unstable. This instability caused due to extremism and terrorism affects the companies investing in the market and also spooks the future investors. With USA providing lot of support to countries from this region these fears should be allayed. As sanctions against Iran are being lifted gradually this region will grow and prosper.

The region also doesn’t have much of arable land so it is heavily dependent on food imports and with instability surrounding the region the imports of products will get hampered and this will affect the aseptic packaging market.

Some the major vendors in Aseptic Packaging are Amcor, Bemis, Krones, Bosch, CFT and DuPont. Some other companies with innovative products mentioned in the report are Evergreen Packaging, Lamican, Wild Flavours GmbH and Graham Packaging Company.

Reasons to buy this report

1) Report gives complete market insights, the driving forces of the market, the challenges market faces, about different Aseptic packaging technologies and their applications

2) It gives market trends of type of Aseptic packaging technology and by applications

3) A complete market breakdown has been done by different countries to give a detailed picture of the market in that particular region

4) The report also gives information of major vendors of Aseptic packaging products, their existing share in the market, strategies they adopt along with the major products, financials, recent developments and profile of these vendors.

Who is this report useful to?

1) Vendors who are into manufacturing of these products as they can get an overview of what competitors are doing and also which markets they can look forward to expand their operations

2) Processed food suppliers in need of better understanding of different technologies and products

3) Investors who are willing to invest in this market

4) Consultants who can have readymade analysis to guide their clients

5) Anyone who wishes to know more about this market
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  • Amcor
  • Bosch
  • DS Smith Plc
  • Evergreen Packaging
  • Graham Packaging Company
  • Reynolds Group Holdings
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1. Introduction
1.1 Key Findings
1.2 Research Methodology

2. Executive Summary

3. Market Insights
3.1 Market Overview
3.2 Factors Driving the Market
3.2.1 Large multinational companies are expanding their operations to emerging markets
3.2.2 Demand for Longer Shelf Life of the Products
3.2.3 Improved Technologies in the Packaging and Processing of Aseptic Products
3.3 Factors Restraining the Market
3.3.1 Concerns about the environment and recycling
3.3.2 Increasing Cost of Raw Materials
3.4 Industry Value Chain Analysis
3.5 Industry Attractiveness – Porter’s Five Forces
3.5.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
3.5.2 Bargaining Power of Consumers
3.5.3 Threat of New Entrants
3.5.4 Threat of Substitute Products or Services
3.5.5 Competitive Rivalry among Existing Competitors

4. Technology Overview
4.1 Technology Snapshot
4.2Industry Applications
4.3 Different Types of Aseptic Packaging Available in Market
4.3.1 Carton Boxes
4.3.2 Bags and Pouches
4.3.3 Cups and Trays
4.3.4 Bottles and Jars
4.3.5 Metal Cans
4.3.6 Plastic Cans
4.3.7 Composite Cans
4.3.8 Others

5. Middle East and Africa Aseptic Market Segmentation by Packaging Materials Used
5.1 Metal
5.1.1 Introduction
5.1.2 Market Share and Forecasts
5.2 Glass
5.2.1 Introduction
5.2.2 Market Share and Forecasts
5.3 Plastics
5.3.1 Introduction
5.3.2 Market Share and Forecasts
5.4 Paper
5.4.1 Introduction
5.4.2 Market Share and Forecasts
5.5 Others
5.5.1 Introduction
5.5.2 Market Share and Forecasts

6. Middle East and Africa Aseptic Market by Packaging Type – Shares and Forecast
6.1 Carton Boxes
6.1.1 Market Share and Forecasts
6.1.2 Analyst View
6.2 Bags and Pouches
6.2.1 Market Share and Forecasts
6.2.2 Analyst View
6.3 Cups and Trays
6.3.1 Market Share and Forecasts
6.3.2 Analyst View
6.4 Bottles and Jars
6.4.1 Market Share and Forecasts
6.4.2 Analyst View
6.5 Metal Cans
6.5.1 Market Share and Forecasts
6.5.2 Analyst View
6.6 Plastic Cans
6.6.1 Market Share and Forecasts
6.6.2 Analyst View
6.7 Composite Cans
6.7.1 Market Share and Forecasts
6.7.2 Analyst View
6.8 Others
6.8.1 Market Share and Forecasts
6.8.2 Analyst View

7. Middle East and Africa Aseptic Market by End User Industry
7.1 Food
7.1.1 Market Share and Forecast
7.1.2 Analyst View
7.2 Beverage
7.2.1 Market Share and Forecast
7.2.2 Analyst View
7.3 Pharmaceutical
7.3.1 Market Share and Forecast
7.3.2 Analyst View
7.4 Medical Devices
7.4.1 Market Share and Forecast
7.4.2 Analyst View
7.5 Retail
7.5.1 Market Share and Forecast
7.5.2 Analyst View
7.6 Others
7.6.1 Market Share and Forecast
7.6.2 Analyst View

8.Middle East and Africa Aseptic Packaging Market Forecast, Trends and Share by Countries
8.1 Middle East and Africa
8.1.1 United Arab Emirates
8.1.2 South Africa
8.1.3 Israel
8.1.4 Saudi Arabia
8.1.5 Others
8.1.6 Analyst View

9. Aseptic Packaging Vendor Market Share

10. Competitive Intelligence and Profiles of Aseptic Packaging Vendors
10.1 Amcor
10.1.1 Overview
10.1.2 Major Products and Services
10.1.3 Financials
10.1.4 Recent Developments
10.2 Bemis Company
10.2.1 Overview
10.2.2 Major Products and Services
10.2.3 Financials
10.2.4 Recent Developments
10.3 Krones, Inc.
10.3.1 Overview
10.3.2 Major Products and Services
10.3.3 Financials
10.3.4 Recent Developments
10.4 Bosch
10.4.1 Overview
10.4.2 Major Products and Services
10.4.3 Financials
10.4.4 Recent Developments
10.5 CFT S.p.A.
10.5.1 Overview
10.5.2 Major Products and Services
10.5.3 Financials
10.5.4 Recent Developments
10.6 Coesia S.p.A.
10.6.1 Overview
10.6.2 Major Products and Services
10.6.3 Financials
10.6.4 Recent Developments
10.7 DS Smith Plc
10.7.1 Overview
10.7.2 Major Products and Services
10.7.3 Financials
10.7.4 Recent Developments
10.8 Aseptic Solutions USA
10.8.1 Overview
10.8.2 Major Products and Services
10.8.3 Financials
10.8.4 Recent Developments
10.9 Schott AG
10.9.1 Overview
10.9.2 Major Products and Services
10.9.3 Financials
10.9.4 Recent Developments
10.10 Goglio S.p.A.
10.10.1 Overview
10.10.2 Major Products and Services
10.10.3 Financials
10.10.4 Recent Developments
10.11 DuPont
10.11.1 Overview
10.11.2 Major Products and Services
10.11.3 Financials
10.11.4 Recent Developments
10.12 Tetra Laval
10.12.1 Overview
10.12.2 Major Products and Services
10.12.3 Financials
10.12.4 Recent Developments
10.13 Greatview Aseptic Packaging
10.13.1 Overview
10.13.2 Major Products and Services
10.13.3 Financials
10.13.4 Recent Developments
10.14 Reynolds Group Holdings
10.14.1 Overview
10.14.2 Major Products and Services
10.14.3 Financials
10.14.4 Recent Developments
10.15 Ecolean Packaging
10.15.1 Overview
10.15.2 Major Products and Services
10.15.3 Financials
10.15.4 Recent Developments

11. The Challengers
11.1 Evergreen Packaging
11.2 Lamican
11.3 WILD Flavors GmbH
11.4 GEA Procomac S.p.A.
11.5 Graham Packaging Company

12. Investment Analysis
12.1 Recent Mergers and Acquisitions
12.2 Investor Outlook

13. Future of Middle East and African Aseptic Packaging Market

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List of Tables
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- Amcor
- Bemis Company
- Krones, Inc.
- Bosch
- CFT S.p.A.
- Coesia S.p.A.
- DS Smith Plc
- Aseptic Solutions USA
- Schott AG
- Goglio S.p.A.
- DuPont
- Tetra Laval
- Greatview Aseptic Packaging
- Reynolds Group Holdings
- Ecolean Packaging
- Evergreen Packaging
- Lamican
- WILD Flavors GmbH
- GEA Procomac S.p.A.
- Graham Packaging Company
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown