Energy Drinks Innovation Report 2014

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Energy drinks remain one of the most dynamic segments in soft drinks. Hundreds of products have been introduced globally since 2012, increasing consumption by offering consumers a wider selection of flavours, sizes, pack types and added functional claims, such as cognitive and metabolic enhancement. Recent developments and product launches suggest that companies are expanding their reach, targeting consumers of varying ages, lifestyles and preferences, whilst positioning products to address consumption occasions throughout the day, moving away from the stereotype of energy drinks as a ‘lifestyle beverage for partying’.

Zenith's report on Energy Drinks Innovation examines the key trends and themes driving innovation and new product launches during 2012-2014. The report provides an ultimate guide of the most innovative and leading products in a user-friendly presentation format to help you quickly gain an understanding of new product development worldwide.

Features and Benefits:

- An essential guide for anyone present or considering entering the energy drinks market with a view of offering innovation and added value to consumers.
- Includes an overview of global and regional trends highlighting common themes in new product development.
- Features a wide range of products, innovations and trends shaping the future of the international energy drinks industry.
- Includes over 90 innovative energy drinks brands launched between 2012 and 2014 worldwide to benchmark against leading and innovative energy drinks products.
- Explores challenges and opportunities in the energy drinks category.
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1. Introduction and Scope

2. Category Overview
- Common ingredients and descriptions
- Commentary : New product development trends
- Commentary : global and regional trends
- Challenges
- Opportunities

3. Brand Profiles
- Flavour Innovation
- Low Calorie/Low Sugar Energy Drinks
- Ingredient Innovation
- Natural & Organic Energy Drinks
- Added Functionality
- Limited Edition Energy Drinks
- Packaging Innovation
- Cross-Category Energy Drinks
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What this report covers:

- Category overview: overview of key global market trends and regional consumption trends in Africa, Asia Pacific, Australasia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America.
- Key trends in new product development: overview of 8 main themes driving product development and innovation worldwide including a list of 15 common ingredients used for formulation of energy drinks.
- Brand profiles: Over 90 profiles of innovative energy drinks brands including product image, detailed product information, date of launch, packaging size & type, pricing, key ingredients, description of variants and marketing profile.

Brand profiles featured by 8 key innovation themes: flavours, low calorie / low sugar, ingredients, natural and organic, added functionality, limited edition, packaging, cross-category.
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