Upcoming Captive Power Plant In India

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The idea of preparing this report was mooted to analyse India’s electricity needs. Currently, 20% of the population have no access to electricity. Industries with large chunks of power consumption have to compete in the global market for their products and services. Non-availability, poor quality and reliability of grid power along with exorbitantly high tariffs are impacting competitiveness of the industry as a whole. This led to the emergence of captive generation. Captive power today accounts for at least 20% (39.4GW) of the total installed capacity in the country.

With the new and stable government, the analysis suggests that if GDP continues to grow at an average of 7% by 2022, the demand for power is likely to increase from around 135 GW at present to 400 to 430 GW by 2022, which is higher than the most current estimates. In order to fully meet both energy and peak demand, there is a need to create generation capacity of 500 to 550 GW after adjusting for plant availability and a spinning reserve of at least 5 per cent.

Equipment Equipment and EPC services market would be in better position with the expected creation of over 300 GW of electricity genera- tion capacity by 2022. The opportunities comes in the area of supply of key components such as heavy castings and forgings, special steel pipes, balance of plant and engineering, procurement and construction services.

The report deeply identifies power generation need for major industries with existing & upcoming plants, capacity additions. It also provides industry wise cost benefit analysis between costly grid power vs. setting up CPPs. Valuable inputs, suggestions, observations have been rendered by industry professionals to make the report stand out of the class.

Besides the analysis part, the report identifies a list of over 700 existing and upcoming CPPs which opens significant business opportunities for the following:

Upcoming Captive Power Project (CPPs) in India:

- Captive Power Plant Owners
- Steel/Cement,/Aluminum/Fertilizer/Chemical Companies
- Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers
- EPC Contractors Power Producers
- Power Project Developers Consultants
- Regulatory Bodies R&M Service Providers
- Technology Providers Research
- Educational Institutions
- Financial Institutions
- Project Financers
- Investment Bankers

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1. Executive Summary

2. Power Sector Overview
- India's Installed Power Capacity
- India's Peak Demand and Supply
- India's Upcoming Capacity
- Upcoming Power Projects - Clearance Status Summary
- Annual Commissioning Schedule (Excl Renewables & Plants < 25 MW)
- India's Future Installed Capacity (Excl Renewables & Plants < 25 MW)
- Key Issues and Concerns
- Expectations from the New Government

3. CPP Overview
- Year wise Actual /Likely Capacity Addition of CPPs (MW)
- CPP-Installed Generating Capacity
- Installed Electricity Generation Capacity (MW) – July 2014
- Captive Power Breakup by Fuel – July 2014
- Breakup of CPPs’ Coal-based Capacity by Industry
Key Issues and Concerns

4. Upcoming Capacity Addition Trends
- Breakup of the Number of Upcoming Captive Power Projects by State
- Breakup of Upcoming Captive Power Capacity by State
- Breakup of the Number of Upcoming Captive Power Projects by Industry
- Breakup of Upcoming Captive Power Capacity by Industry

5. Industries Operating Captive Power Plants
Cement Overview
- Cement Industry Growth elasticity wrt GDP
- Cement Industry Installed
- Production & Consumption
- Outlook
- Major Players
- Upcoming CPP profiles

Chemical Overview
- India's Soda Ash Demand Forecast
- Urea Demand Forecast
- Outlook
- Major Players
- Upcoming CPP Profiles

Iron & Steel
- Overview
- Indian Steel Consumption Estimates
- Finished Steel Demand & Production Forecasts
- Outlook
- Major Players
- Upcoming CPP Profiles

- Overview
- Domestic Demand Supply and Stock
- Outlook
- Major Players
- Upcoming CPP Profiles

Aluminum Overview
- Expected Aluminum Capacity Addition Trends
- Outlook
- Major Players
- Upcoming CPP profiles

Other Industry
- Overview
- Outlook
- Upcoming CPP profiles

6. Power Plant Equipment Providers
- Overview
- Equipment Providers Boilers - Installed Projects & Order book
- Equipment Providers Turbines - Installed Projects & Order book
- Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Indian Equipment for Power Projects
- Issues & Challenges
- Outlook
- Major Players

7. Company Profile
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