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Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries - Beyond Consumer And To Electric Vehicles And Electric Storage Systems - Global Markets, Technologies, Competitors And Opportunities: 2014-2019 Analysis And Forecasts

  • ID: 3034904
  • Report
  • November 2014
  • Region: Global
  • 307 Pages
  • Amadee & Company, Inc


  • A123 Systems, LLC
  • BYD Company Limited
  • E-One Moli Energy Corp.
  • LG Chem, Ltd.
  • Rockwood Holdings, Inc.
Electric vehicle boom is set to resume. The global xEV (electric vehicles of all types) market penetration has been disappointing in the past several years as early editions of EV and PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) models have underachieved market expectations. To date, xEV sales represent only 0.2% of global passenger car sales. This slow adoption is attributed to such factors as high battery costs, limited EV range, nascent charging infrastructure and the lack of consumer awareness for EVs.

However, battery makers, OEMs and governments around the world are striving to make EVs a commercially viable product that can compete with ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles in terms of cost and performance. With next generation batteries (cheaper and higher density) to be introduced over the next few years, the xEV market is at the cusp of taking off in earnest. By 2017, 102 new EV models and 49 PHEV new models will be launched globally. As for EVs, new models from Chinese, Japanese and German carmakers will account for 74% of total new offerings.

The takeoff of the xEV market will rapidly increase demand for rechargeable, lithium ion batteries. The Lithium Ion Battery market is already large and growing rapidly. Most of the growth in Lithium Ion Battery production during the next five years will be in xEV applications and ESS (Energy Storage System). No growth is expected in consumer applications.

This report focuses on the markets for Lithium Ion Batteries beyond consumer applications, in particular, xEVs and ESS. Topics covered in the report include electric and hybrid vehicles, lithium ion battery markets and technologies, and energy storage system technologies and markets. The report also contains detailed analysis of the major Lithium Ion Battery market players in terms of their product offerings, markets served, strategies, shares, technologies, competitors and financial performance.

In addition to in-depth profiles of 20 public companies involved in the Lithium Ion Battery industry as battery makers, materials suppliers and end-users, the report also contains 87 tables and 118 figures.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


  • A123 Systems, LLC
  • BYD Company Limited
  • E-One Moli Energy Corp.
  • LG Chem, Ltd.
  • Rockwood Holdings, Inc.


- Report Objectives
- Methodology and Sources
- Statistical Notes

- Disposable vs. Rechargeable Batteries
- How Rechargeable Batteries Work
- Market Segments
- Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Market
- IT LIB Market
- Electric Vehicle Boom to Resume
- xEV LIB Market
- xEV Penetration Expected to Accelerate from 2016
- Assumptions Beneath Market Growth Forecasts
- 2013 Green Car Market
- Major OEM Strategies
- Japanese OEMs
- European OEMs
- Types of xEVs
- EV/PHEV Models by 2017
- Stringent Emission Standards Fuelling Electrification
- Government Sponsorship a Key Variable
- Does It Make Sense to Own an EV
- Charging Stations Need to Grow in Tandem with EVs
- US Is the Most Advanced
- Minimal Impact on the Electricity Grid
- Global EV Battery Market Outlook
- US EV Battery Market Outlook
- Europe EV Battery Market Outlook
- China EV Battery Market Outlook
- Japan EV Battery Market Outlook
- Bullish Scenario
- LIB To Be The Mainstream Source of EV Propulsion
- xEV Battery Price to Fall 37% Over the Next 3 Years
- Collaboration Between Battery Makers and OEMs Will Increase
- Battery Market Leaders in Automotive Electrification
- LIB Is the Best for xEV
- xEV Battery Types
- Battery Materials
- Cathodes and Separators Are the Most Critical Components
- Cathode
- Anode
- Separator
- Electrolyte
- Energy Density Drivers
- Battery Costs
- Near-Term Battery Cell Price Drop Goal
- Next-Generation Rechargeable Batteries: Post LIB

- Need for ESS
- Electric Power Storage Technologies
- Battery Is The Near-Term Winner
- Battery Storage Types
- High Cost and Limited Duration Are Key Challenges
- Large Scale Storage: P2G and CAES
- Solar and Battery Storage Is Ready Now
- Total Installed Battery Capacity
- Energy Storage for Grid Management in the Very Early Stage
- Research and Development
- Outlook
- Potential Winners


A123 Systems, LLC
- Company Overview
- Transportation
- Customers
- Facilities
- Recent Projects.

Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry
- Company Overview
- Business Model
- Lithium Ferrous Phosphate
- Leading Cathode Material Maker
- Customers
- Competitors
- Changs Ascending as a Competitor
- Technology
- Proprietary Cathode Material LFP-NCO
- Proprietary Nano Sol-Gel Production Process
- Proprietary Double-Layer Carbon-Coating Technique
- Extensive Patent Support
- Plans to Significantly Improve LFP Performance
- Targeting E-Bus Market
- PPP Operating Model
- Unique Self-Developed Battery and Battery Swap System
- Co-Branding with Siemens
- Certifications
- Battery-Swap Stations
- E-Bus Projects
- Large Profit Potential
- Financials.

Asahi Kasei Corporation
- Company Overview
- Electronics
- E-materials
- Hipore Separators
- Expanding Production
- Output Capacity
- Key Goals
- Capacitors
- Market Share
- Dry Separators
- Akira Yoshino
- Outlook
- Financials.

China BAK Battery, Inc
- Company Overview
- Applications
- Products.

- Company Overview
- Battery Materials
- Recent Battery Acquisitions
- Facilities
- Strategy
- LiFePO4 Patent Sub-Licensing
- Financials.

Blue Solutions
- Company Overview
- History
- Bolloré Group
- Heavily Invested in the Energy Storage Market
- LMP Battery Production
- Building Up New Capacities
- Cheaper
- Higher Energy
- Solid State Battery Pack
- Unique Technology
- Blue Applications Commercial Risks
- Potential Markets
- Blue Mobility Applications
- Bluecar
- Performance
- Autolib’
- Target Cities
- Prices
- Bluebus
- Blue Stationary Applications
- Bluestorage
- Financials.

BYD Company Limited
- Company Overview
- New Energy Vehicle Market Leader
- China NEV Taking Off
- NEV Early Winners Are Vertically Integrated
- Local Brands Playing Catch Up
- Cost Improvement Drivers
- China EV/PHEV Market Forecasts
- EV Charging Infrastructure
- Battery Capacity
- Vehicles Manufacturing Capacity
- Vertical Integrated Model
- EV BMS Standardization Issues
- Lead Over Competitors
- Potential Cost Savings
- Competition from Battery Suppliers
- Amperex Technology Limited
- Wanxiang Group
- LG Chem
- Samsung SDI
- Panasonic
- Competition from Domestic Players
- China FAW
- Changan
- Dongfen
- Geely/Volvo
- Yutong Bus
- Competition from JVs / Global Brands
- Tariff Issues
- Dongfeng/Nissan
- Brilliance
- Volkswagen
- Toyota
- Tesla Motor
- Tesla Motor
- Company Structure
- Financials.

E-One Moli Energy Corp.
- Company Overview
- Products
- Facilities.

GS Yuasa Corporation
- Company Overview
- Automakers Changing Supplier Policies
- Batteries Are Key in the New Auto Industry
- Joint Ventures of Auto Companies
- De Facto Standard Not Yet Set
- MMC Pushes PHEVs
- MMC PHEV Assembly Plant
- Honda Seeks Volume Through HEVs
- Lead-Acid Batteries Market
- Global Auto Production Grows at a CAGR of 4%
- Wide Global Footprint.

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
- Company Overview. Energy Storage Devices
- Lead-Acid Batteries
- ISS Lead-Acid Storage Batteries
- Automotive Lead-Acid Battery Market
- Industrial Lithium Ion Batteries
- Batteries Strategy
- Products
- Applications
- Energy Storage Devices as Third Core Business
- Lead-Acid/Lithium Ion Systems
- Energy Storage Product Sales
- Market Share Goals
- Industrial Applications Target: Mid-Scale Systems
- Strengths in Mid-Scale Systems
- Financials.

LG Chem, Ltd.
- Company Overview
- Batteries
- Battery Revenues and Profits
- xEV Batteries
- Battery Pack Price Continues Falling
- xEV Battery Size Increasing
- Changing Product Mix
- European Carmakers Are Key
- Competitive Edge
- Nissan Deal Not Yet Confirmed
- GM Chevy Volt Battery
- ESS Sales
- Celgard Lawsuit
- Safety-Reinforced Separator
- Next Strategic Move
- Financials.

Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
- Company Overview
- Production Facilities
- Proprietary Electrodes
- Patents
- Competitors
- Ultracapacitors
- Ultracapacitors Vs. Batteries
- Automotive Applications
- Continental AG Deal
- Automotive Electrical Systems Issues
- Use of More Batteries
- Regenerative Braking
- Automotive Products
- Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engine Starting
- Renewable Energy
- Competitive Landscape
- Competitive Edge
- Market Size and Opportunity
- Buses
- Market Share
- Autos
- Trucks
- Rail
- Financials.

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
- Company Overview
- Lithium Ion Batteries
- Extensive Track Record
- Products
- Competitive Advantage
- Investment Plans
- Financials.

Panasonic Corporation
- Company Overview
- Sanyo Electric Restructuring Costs
- Expansion of Vehicle-Use Batteries
- Secondary Battery Use
- Lithium Ion Battery Business for Tesla Motors
- Agreement To Expand EV With Tesla
- Gigafactory Plan
- Panasonic Gigafactory Investment
- Supply Arrangement After 2017
- LIB Sales by FY3/19
- Prismatic LIB Capacity
- Primearth
- Financials.

Polypore International Inc.
- Company Overview
- Products
- Energy Storage
- Separator Function
- Dry Vs. Wet Process
- Types of Separators
- Ceramic Coatings
- Exposure to Top Selling Electric Vehicles
- 2012 Overproduction
- Samsung and Panasonic Relationships Vs. LG Uncertainty
- Market Share Gains Expected
- Samsung SDI MOU With BMW
- Samsung SDI ESS Contracts
- Capacity Expansion
- Gaining Market Share
- Increasing Electrical Content Will Lead to Additional Battery Demand
- 12 Volt/48 Volt Solutions
- Global EV/PHEV/Hybrid Volumes
- Financials

Rockwood Holdings, Inc.
- Company Overview
- Being Acquired by Albemarle
- Divested Businesses
- Lithium Types
- Distribution of Lithium Reserves in the World
- Major Listed Chinese Lithium Companies
- Competitive Environment
- Global Lithium Demand
- Future Shortages
- Price of Battery Grade Lithium Rising
- Chinese Competitors
- Tibet Mineral Development
- Tibet Urban Development and Investment
- Tianqi Lithium Industries
- Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium
- Financials.

Saft Groupe SA
- Company Overview
- Industrial Battery Group
- SBG Segment
- Others Segment
- R&D
- Subsidiaries
- Geography
- JVs
- Astute Niche Strategy
- Automobile Market Not a Suitable Target
- Competitive Landscape
- Disappointment in the U.S.
- Saft’s ESS Competitors
- Size Is Not the Issue
- 15 GWh Available Market
- Well Positioned
- Legislative Support
- Financials.

Samsung SDI
- Company Overview
- Principal Activities
- Large Batteries to Lead Growth
- xEV-Use Batteries
- China
- EV Penetration to Rise
- Expansion of Larger-Sized Battery Capacity
- Margins on Small-Sized Falling
- Developing Advanced Batteries
- Outlook
- Financials.

Tesla Motors, Inc.
- Company Overview
- Automotive Sales
- Development Services
- Products
- Model S
- Model S Features
- Powertrain Components
- Facilities
- Service Centers
- Supercharger Network
- Guaranteed Resale Value Limits Residual Risk
- Room To Gain Market Share
- Becoming the EV Category Leader
- Building Lasting Brand Equity
- No True Competitor Vehicles
- Platform Architecture Approach
- Gigafactory
- Gigafactory to Drive Down Battery Costs
- Model X Should Dominate the Luxury Crossover Segment
- Challenges to Direct-Sales Model
- International Expansion Is Just Starting
- Energy Storage Wildcard
- Daimler Exiting Its Position
- Financials.

Umicore NV/SA
- Company Overview
- Products
- Geography
- Energy Materials
- Cathodes
- Leader in Consumer Battery Cathodes
- Strong Competitive Credentials
- Nickel Manganese and Lithium Iron Phosphate To Dominate
- HEV Cathodes
- Cementing Its Technology Leadership Position
- HLM and HNS
- Cathode Market Volume
- Market Shares
- Cobalt Issues
- Capacity
- Closed Loop Recycling
- Outlook
- Financials.


1.) Lithium Ion Battery Function Schematic
2.) Green Car Penetration (%) Forecast by Type (HEV, PHEV, EV): 2013-2020
3.) Green Car Demand (Thousand Units) Forecast by Type (HEV, PHEV, EV) and CAGR: 2013-2020
4.) CO2 Emission Reduction Targets for US, Western Europe, China, Japan (g/km): 2015 to 2020
5.) Percent Over/Under 2020 CO2 Emission Targets Assumed For US, Western Europe, China, Japan
6.) Global xEV Sales (Units): 2010-2013
7.) Global xEV Sales by Region (%): 2013
8.) Global xEV Sales (Thousand Units) by Type (HEV, PHEV, EV: 2013
9.) Toyota Avalon Hybrid
10.) Toyota FCEV Concept Car
11.) Honda FIT Hybrid
12.) Nissan Free Fast Charging System
13.) VW e-Golf
14.) BMW i5 Concept Car
15.) GM Spark EV
16.) Ford C-MAX Hybrid
17.) Hyundai Grandeur Hybrid
18.) KIA Soul EV
19.) Hyundai Tucson FCEV
20.) New EV/PHEV Specification Comparisons
21.) Passenger Car Emission Targets for Selected Markets: 2000-2025
22.) Cumulative Number of Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Stations Worldwide (Thousand Units): 2012-2020
23). Tesla US Supercharger Network: August 2014
24.) xEV Battery Market Value Forecast (USD Million)-Base Case Vs. Bull Case: 2016-2020
25.) xEV Battery Market Price Forecast (USD/kWh)-Base Case Vs. Bull Case: 2016-2020
26.) xEV Battery Market Volume Forecast (Million Units)-Base Case Vs. Bull Case: 2016-2020
27). Panasonics’ Cylindrical Battery Pack for Tesla
28). LG Chem’s Pouch Battery Cell
29). Samsung SDI’s Prismatic Battery Cell
30.). Global xEV Battery Market Share by Company (%): 2014
31). Global LIB for IT Applications Market Share by Company Capacity: 2013
32). Comparison of Power and Energy Density Between Different Battery Technologies
33). Prismatic Battery Cell Component Breakdown
34). Battery Cell Cost Breakdown by Input (%): 2015
35). Battery Cell Materials Cost Breakdown (%): 2015
36). Cathode Chemistries Split by Usage (%): 2014
37). xEV Battery Materials Demand by Type (USD Million): 2014
38). Battery Cell Cost Breakdown (USD/kWh): 2015-2020
39). US DOE Estimation of Battery Cell Price Change by Element: 2010 to 2015
40). Comparison of Li-Ion, Li-Air and Li-Sulfur Cells
41). Li-Air Battery Overview
42). Various Energy Storage Technologies Across Different Stages of Their Development
43). Device Size and Discharge Time for Various Energy Storage Technologies
44). Installation Cost of Battery Storage by Type (USD/kW)
45). Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) by Battery Type
46). Cost of Solar Electricity with Storage in Germany
47). Global Battery Storage Cumulative Installations (GW): 2015-2030
48). Annual Global Sales of Storage Technologies (EUR Billion): 2015-2030
49). Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Value Chain
50). LFP Cathode Shipments (Metric Tonne) and Market Shares (%) by Company: 2010-2013
51). Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry PPP Business Model
52). Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Revenue by Segment (NTD ‘000): 2013-2015
53). Blue Solutions 30kWh LMP Battery Pack Components
54). Blue Solutions 30kWh LMP Battery Pack Assembled
55). Overview of Relationship Between Blue Solutions and Blue Applications
56). Overview of Blue Solutions’ Potential Markets Through Blue Applications
57). Bluecar
58). BYD Revenue by Segment (%): 2014
59). EV Rechargeable Battery Production Steps
60). EV Battery Cell Makers in China by Tier
61). Global EV/PHEV Best Sellers by Model (Units): 2013
62). Major Chinese NEV Models Comparison
63). BYD Company Structure
64). Auto Parts Sector Trends
65). Leading Auto Producers Supply Chain for Lithium Ion Batteries
66). Battery Pack Mounting to Outlander PHEV and Charging the Battery of an AGV
67). Estimated Mitsubishi Motors PHEV Launch Schedule
68). Estimated Honda HEVs/ PHVs Launch Schedule
69). Global Market Shares for Lead-Acid Batteries by Company: 2014
70). Japan Market Shares for Lead-Acid Batteries by Company: 2014
71). Global Light Vehicle Production by Region (Million Units): 2001-2017
72). GS Yuasa Global Footprint by Region and Segment Sales (%): 2014
73). Hitachi Chemical Energy Storage Devices
74). Hitachi Chemical Energy Storage Devices Revenue by Product Type (%): 2013
75). Global Vehicle Battery Market by Type (JPY Billion): 2011-2018
76). Global Industrial Storage Battery Market by Application (JPY Billion): 2012-2020
77). CrystEna Container-Type Energy Storage System
78). Hitachi Chemical Medium-Term Business Plan Targets by Segment: 2012-2015
79). Hitachi Chemical Market Share Targets for the Energy Storage Devices Business
80). McKinsey's 2011 Battery Pack Price Estimates Vs. LG Chem Battery Pack Price Estimates ($/kwh): 2013-2020
81). LG Chem’s Average Battery Pack Capacity by Vehicle Type (kWH): 2013-2020
82). Sales Contribution (%) of LG Chem’s Battery Pack by Type of xEV: 2013-2020
83). LG Chem’s Battery Using Stack-and-Folding Technology
84). Maxwell Ultracapacitors
85). Potential Automotive Ultracapacitor Applications
86). Electrical Architecture Complexity and Software Content in Vehicles is Increasing: 2006-2020
87). Overall Market Penetration of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles of Monthly SAAR Relative to Gasoline Prices: 2012-2014
88). Lithium Reserves by Country (10,000 Tons): 2013
89). Map of Listed Chinese Lithium Companies Areas of Operations
90). Global Lithium Market Shares by Company (%): 2012
91). Global Lithium Demand by Application (%): 2013
92). Lithium Carbonate Content by Application (Grams): 2013
93). Price of Battery Grade and Industrial-Grade Lithium Carbonate (RMB/Tonne): 2014
94). Saft Revenue by Technology (%): 2013
95). Saft Revenue by Region (%): 2013
96). Saft Revenue by Sector (%): 2013
97). EV Lithium Ion Battery Short-Term Supply and Demand (GWh): 2012-2015
98). Supply and Partnership Strategies in the Energy Storage Supply Chain
99). Global Lithium Ion Battery Market by Application (GWh): 2015-2030
100). Total Lithium Ion Battery ESS Market Capacity by Application (GWh): 2011-2020
101). Samsung SDI Revenue Split by Activity (%): 2014
102). Samsung SDI Rechargeable Battery Sales and Operating Profits in Total and for EV and ESS Applications by Quarter (KRW Billion): 2013-2016
103). xEV Sales Forecasts in China by Type (‘000 Units): 2012-2020
104). SDI IT-Use Battery Division’s Operating Margin (%): 2004-2016
105). SDI Share of Small Rechargeable Battery Market in 2Q14
106). Global Handset and Notebook Shipment Forecasts (Million Units): 2011-2017
107). Shareholding Structure of Samsung Affiliates
108). Tesla Supercharger Networks in the U.S., Europe and Asia by Year-End 2015
109). U.S. Light-Vehicle Sales Market Shares by Company (%): July 2014
110). Driving Range of Competing EVs vs. Tesla Model S (Miles)
111). Forecasted Gigafactory Output Vs. Global Lithium Ion Battery Production: 2010-2020
112). Process Diagram for Tesla Gigafactory
113). Tesla Model III Projected 2017 Battery Cost Vs. Other Tesla Models (USD/kW/hr)
114). Model X Features and Drive Units
115). Cathode Material Supply Chain and Umicore’s Involvement
116). Overview of Lithium Ion Cathode Material Technologies
117). Umicore’s Technology Roadmap for NMC, HLM and HNS Materials: 2013-2020
118). Global Unmined Reserves of Cobalt by Country (%): 2012


1.) Global Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Production by Value (US Billion), Volume (Units) and Application (IT, xESS, ESS): 2007-2020
2.) Green Car Demand Forecast by Type (HEV, PHEV, EV), Volume (Thousand Units), Market (Global, US, Western Europe, Japan), Penetration Rate (%) and CO2 Target (g/km): 2013-2020
3.) HMC/KIA’s Green Car Line-Up: 2009-2016
4.) Fuel Efficiency Gain by xEV Type
5.) EV Model Launch Outlook by 2017 and Country and OEM and Number
6.) PHEV Model Launch Outlook by 2017 and Country and OEM and Number
7.) EV/PHEV Models by Maker, Model, Availability, MSRP, Technology, Body, Battery and Range: 2010-2014
8.) Summary of Emission Targets for Major Markets (US, EU, Japan, China)
9.) Types of Government Subsidies for EVs by Selected Countries
10.) xEV Battery Global Market Forecast by Type (HEV, PHEV, EV), Volume (Units), Value (USD Million), Cell Size kwh) and Price (USD/kwh): 2013-2020
11). xEV Battery US Market Forecast by Type (HEV, PHEV, EV), Volume (Units), Value (USD Million), Cell Size (kWh) and Price (USD/kwh): 2013-2020
12.) xEV Battery Europe Market Forecast by Type (HEV, PHEV, EV), Volume (Units), Value (USD Million), Cell Size (kWh) and Price (USD/kwh): 2013-2020
13.) xEV Battery China Market Forecast by Type (HEV, PHEV, EV), Volume (Units), Value (USD Million), Cell Size (kWh) and Price (USD/kwh): 2013-2020
14.) xEV Battery Japan Market Forecast by Type (HEV, PHEV, EV), Volume (Units), Value (USD Million), Cell Size (kWh) and Price (USD/kwh): 2013-2020
15.) Summary of Tie-Ups Between Major Battery Suppliers and OEMs
16.). Comparison Summary of Three xEV Battery Types: Cylindrical, Prismatic, Polymer
17). Cell Type Comparison for Vehicle Applications Cylindrical, Prismatic, Polymer
18). Cathode Material Characteristics by Type
19). Anode Material Characteristics by Type
20). Top 3 Suppliers for Each Battery Cell Component and Market Shares: 2014
21.) Solar Power Outlook by Major Country and World (MW): 2008-2017
22). Wind Power Outlook by Major Country and World (MW): 2008-2017
23). Technologies for Energy Storage by Class
24). Battery Storage: Major Technologies Cost and Performance Targets
25). Comparison of Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Technologies
26). Comparison of Cathode Production Processes
27). Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Aims to Significantly Improve LFP Performance
28). China Bus Incentive Grant Program: 2013-2015
29). Comparison of Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry with BYD’s E-Bus, K9
30). Asahi Kasei Corporation Income Statement (JPY Million): 2014-2017
31). BASF EBIT by Segment (EUR Million); 2013-2017
32). Blue Solutions Planned Battery Production (MWh): 2013-2018
33). Blue Solutions Energy Density Compared to Other electric Vehicle Batteries (Wh/kg)
34). Blue Solutions LMP Battery Specifications
35). Autolib’ Offers to Individuals (EUR
36). Blue Solutions Income Statement (EUR Million): 2010-2020
37). China New Energy Vehicle (EV/PHEV) Market (‘000 Units, %): 2012-2020
38). China Auto OEMs and Their Battery Suppliers
39). BYD Income Statement by Segment (RMB Million): 2011-2017
40). Global Light Vehicle Production by Region (Million Units, CAGR): 2001-2017
41). GS Yuasa Income Statement by Product (JPY Billion): 2009-2018
42). Global Market for Automotive Lead-Acid Storage Batteries by ISS, Non-ISS, Repair (JPY Billion): 2014-2018
43). Global Market for Energy Storage Devices-Automotive Vs. Industrial (JPY Trillion): 2013-2021
44). Market Overview by Scale of Power Generation
45). Hitachi Chemical Income Statement (JPY Billion): 2010-2017
46). LG Chem’s EV Rechargeable Battery Business Sales, Expenses and Profits (KRW Billion): 2013-2020
47). Cost Structure of Battery Pack: Cell Cost Vs. Materials Cost (%): 2014
48). 2013 Global Top-10 PHEV/EV Units Sold by Model, Battery Manufacturer, Battery Pakc Capacity (kWh)
49). LG Chem’s Enterprise Value by Scenario Under Different PHEV/EV Battery Market Share Assumptions in 2020
50). LG Chem Sales and Operating Profits by Segment (KRW Billion): 2013-2015
51). Maxwell Technologies Income Statement (USD Thousand): 2013-2016
52). Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Lithium Ion Battery Materials by Type Market Shares and Competitive Advantages: 2009-2015
53). Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Lithium Ion Battery Materials by Type Capacities, Planned Investments, Target Capacities and Production sites: 2010-2015
54). Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Lithium Ion Battery Materials by Type Recent Investments by Country and Capacity (Tonnes/Year)
55). Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Revenue and Profits by Segment (JPY Billion): 2011-2019
56). Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery Automotive OEM Customers and Models
57). Panasonic Corporation Income Statement (JPY Million): 2014-2017
58). Polypore Brands, Products and Applications
59). Global EV/PHEV Shipments and Polypore's Involvement by Battery Manufacturer
60). Global Vehicle Market Dynamics Related to Polypore’s Revenue Exposure: 2012-2020
61). Upcoming Electrified Vehicle Introductions: 2014-2018
62). Recent Samsung SDI ESS Orders
63). Lithium Ion Separator Market Shares (All Applications) by Company (%): 2014
64). Plug In Hybrid and All Electric Vehicle Sales in North America by Model: 2012-2014
65). Polypore International Income Statement by Segment (USD Thousand): 2012-2016
66). Listed Chinese Lithium Companies
67). Summary of Resources and Capacity of Listed Chinese Lithium Companies
68). Tibet Mineral Development’s Zhabuye Salt Lake Summary
69). Tibet Urban Development and Investment’s Salt Lakes Summaries
70). Rockwood Holdings Income Statement (USD Million): 2013-2016
71). Subsidies Granted by Company Under the US Recovery Act for EV Batteries and Initiatives for Components in 2009
72). Legislative and Political Support for Lithium Ion Batteries by Country
73). Penetration Opportunities by for Various Battery Technologies: 2013-2015
74). Saft Income Statement by Group (EUR Million): 2007-2016
75). Samsung SDI Revenues, Earnings and Assumptions for xEV and ESS Batteries (KRW Billion): 2013-2020
76). Samsung SDI’s Recently-Signed Contracts to Supply ESS
77). Samsung SDI – xEV Battery Technology Roadmap
78). Samsung SDI Revenue, Operating Profit, Margins by Segment (KRW Billion): 2013-2015
79). U.S. Light Vehicle Sales (Millions): January-July 2013 Vs. 2014
80). Model S Is More Profitable Than Conventional Luxury Cars
81). Model S vs. Model X vs. Model III Unit Forecasts and U.S. Market Share: 2013-2019
82). Tesla Motors Income Statement (USD Million): 2013-2016
83). Umicore Energy Materials Segment Revenue, Profits, Margins EUR Million): 2012-2014
84). Umicore History in Lithium Ion Cathode Materials
85). Cathode Industry Volume Used by Application (Metric Tons): 2014
86). Umicore Electric Vehicle Cathode Revenues, Margins and Market Share (USD Million): 2014-2020
87). Umicore Energy Division Revenues, Profits and Growth by Business Unit (EUR Million): 2013-2020
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
- A123 Systems, LLC
- Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry
- Asahi Kasei Corporation
- BYD Company Limited
- Blue Solutions
- China BAK Battery, Inc
- E-One Moli Energy Corp.
- GS Yuasa Corporation
- Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
- LG Chem, Ltd.
- Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
- Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
- Panasonic Corporation
- Polypore International Inc.
- Rockwood Holdings, Inc.
- Saft Groupe SA
- Samsung SDI
- Tesla Motors, Inc.
- Umicore NV/SA

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown