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Oil & Energy Insider Premium was created to help energy investors and energy professionals take back the information advantage.

We provide readers with analysis from top energy traders, investment specialists, corporate & military intelligence companies - everything they need to get an edge in the markets.

With Oil & Energy Insider Premium - you benefit from our unique network of financial, corporate, government and military sources, enabling you to hear of developing situations long before the mainstream media is aware of them, allowing you to spot opportunities before others and mitigate your investment risk.


Subscribers tend to be involved in industries that require an information advantage such as Investors, traders, analysts, energy executives, journalists - anyone who require an edge in understanding market trends. Basically anyone who wants to be able to spot opportunities, reduce their investment risk, and keep on top of worldwide legislative changes that can have an immediate impact on companies and sectors.


- Receive information on the most important geopolitical events taking place and the impact they have on your investments and business.

- Get an inside look at the energy markets with expert traders who will inform you about investment and trading opportunities in stocks and the underlying commodities.

- Discover market trends and investment opportunities before the mainstream media and other investors are aware of them.

- Benefit from a worldwide intelligence network consisting of over 400 “on the ground” sources providing insightful analysis on social, political, and economic trends.

- Access to companies with unrivaled success in Intelligence forecasting.

- Receive research that allows you to anticipate future trends in the various energy sectors.

- You will receive energy intelligence that can’t be found in any online publication and that until now has only been available to senior executives, certain governments & military agencies.


Inside Investor

An essential resource for all investors in the energy sector whether you’re a trader, fund manager or individual investor - this is an unprecedented inside look at energy markets and stocks and is unlike any other report or service currently available.

Authored by Dan Dicker a 25 year veteran of the New York Mercantile Exchange where he traded crude oil, natural gas, unleaded gasoline and heating oil futures contracts.

Dan is one of the world's leading energy market analysts and has been incredibly successful over the years generating exceptional returns for individual investors, professional traders, and institutions with his unique insights that enable him to find value in exploration & production, refining and other energy sector stocks.

It’s important to note that the advice Dan gives in Oil & Energy Insider is not the same as he gives out in his public columns at CNBC & The Street. It is exclusive to Oil & Energy Insider.

One of the best ways to make money in the markets is to copy a successful trader. The challenge is to find someone who really knows what they are doing and who is willing to share. Dan Dicker has spent over 25 years successfully trading the energy markets and is a well known face on all the major news networks.

Dan’s experience and floor contacts will help keep you one step ahead of the crowd - enabling you to make profitable investments and trades - before the majority of investors are even aware of the opportunity or potential problem.

Inside Intelligence

Our weekly Energy Intelligence Reports allow subscribers to discover trends, risks, and opportunities ahead of industry competitors and other investors:
Inside Intelligence goes beyond the offerings normal news services provide. We look at why the situation occurred and what the outcomes and potential solutions will be.

We were fortunate enough to team up with the folks at ISA Intel - a leading global intelligence company with hundreds of worldwide assets with high level access.

Having research like this is essential to all investors, and businesses.

- Discover the most important geopolitical events taking place - with strategic advice from corporate intelligence analysts

- Over 400 worldwide assets on the ground giving Oil & Energy Insider readers the inside scoop on important global events - long before it becomes headline news.

- Information that helps you uncover new opportunities and minimize political, security, and investment risks.

- Reports produced for intelligence agents and corporate due diligence experts.

Inside Opportunities

We identify Market Trends & Unique Investment Opportunities as our analysts search through hundreds of sources on a weekly basis bringing you news on the latest technologies, sector forecasts and alternative energy start-ups.

Our editors leave no stone unturned in uncovering the most interesting potentially profitable energy developments for subscribers.

Our analysts make dozens of worldwide research trips a year meeting innovative new companies, energy majors, university research departments, DOD technicians, etc… and then report to readers on the developments and trends they see occurring in the future.

We also search through hundreds of niche global publications on a weekly basis bringing you news of the latest worldwide technological/industry developments. This information usually takes weeks or months to filter down to the mainstream media allowing you to better anticipate future trends in business, society and the marketplace.

Inside Markets

The most in-depth weekly energy market breakdown available. Providing readers with valuable research and unmatched technical analysis helping them make better investment decisions and gain a greater understanding of energy market trends and future market movements.

Authored by 30 year veteran of the markets, James Hyerczyk. James is a very successful trader and extraordinary market forecaster who now spends a great deal of time training both professional and amateur traders entry and exit points, breakout signals and more.

In this weekly report he informs readers of current market action and forecasts future market movements - allowing you to spot opportunities and patterns ahead of other investors.

Jim offers easy to follow guidance that identifies patterns, trends, buying opportunities, and whether the market is trending bullish or bearish, so you know whether to favour long or short positions.

Too many traders spend valuable time searching for the Holy Grail, or the magic bullet , whatever analogy you like. These traders will be looking forever. Why? Because there is no magic bullet. The mysteries of the market are not mystical, they are mathematical.

Let Jim show you how to trade market movements profitably.

Executive Report

In-depth analysis focusing on developing geopolitical energy trends that could affect where and how you do business. This weekly report focuses on a specific issue, its background and implications for governments, corporations, investors, and nongovernmental organizations.

(This is essential reading for Investors/Traders/Energy company executives)

- Coverage of global geopolitical Issues at a depth and level Individuals would not normally have access to. We have an extensive global network of inside sources and top-level industry and government contacts.

- These reports were previously only sent to senior government officials and military agencies. (We have an exclusive arrangement with the intelligence company to provide select energy intelligence.)

- The Executive Report is produced by a unique network of assets across the globe and complemented by high-level diplomatic resources and the most advanced high-tech solutions.
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Examples of companies mentioned include:

- Anadarko
- Apache
- BP
- Chevron
- ExxonMovil
- Genel Energy
- Phillips
- Royal Dutch

.. and many more
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown