Nociceptin Opioid, Vol 97. Vitamins and Hormones

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First published in 1943, Vitamins and Hormones is the longest-running serial published by Academic Press.

The Series provides up-to-date information on vitamin and hormone research spanning data from molecular biology to the clinic. A volume can focus on a single molecule or on a disease that is related to vitamins or hormones.  A hormone is interpreted broadly so that related substances, such as transmitters, cytokines, growth factors and others can be reviewed.

This volume focuses on nociceptin opioid.

  • Expertise of the contributors
  • Coverage of a vast array of subjects
  • In depth current information at the molecular to the clinical levels
  • Three-dimensional structures in color
  • Elaborate signaling pathways

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  1. Helix-Constrained Nociceptin Peptides Are Potent Agonists and Antagonists of ORL-1 and Nociception
    Rink-Jan Lohman, Rosemary S. Harrison, Gloria G. Ruiz-Gómez, Huy N. Hoang, Nicholas E. Shepherd, Shiao Chow, Timothy A. Hill and David P. Fairlie
  2. Bioinformatics and Evolution of Vertebrate Nociceptin and Opioid Receptors
    Craig W. Stevens
  3. Ancestral Vertebrate Complexity of the Opioid System
    Dan Larhammar, Christina Bergqvist and Görel Sundström
  4. Synthesis and Biological Activity of Small Peptides as NOP and Opioid Receptors Ligands
    View on Current Developments
    Emilia Naydenova, Petar Todorov and Rositza Zamfirova
  5. Pain Regulation Induced by Nocistatin-Targeting Molecules: G Protein-Coupled-Receptor and Nocistatin-Interacting Protein
    Emiko Okuda-Ashitaka and Seiji Ito
  6. Nociceptin and Meiosis during Spermatogenesis in Postnatal Testes
    Ko Eto
  7. Orphanin FQ-ORL-1 Regulation of Reproduction and Reproductive Behavior in the Female.
    Kevin Sinchak Lauren Paaske and Nayna Sanathara
  8. Effects of Nociceptin and Nocistatin on Uterine Contraction.
    Róbert Gáspár, Beáta H. Deák, Anna Klukovits, Eszter Ducza and Kornélia Tekes
  9. Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ
    NOP Receptor System in Inflammatory and Immune-mediated Diseases
    Elaine C Gavioli, Iris Ucella de Medeiros, Marta C Monteiro, Girolamo Calo and Pedro R.T. Romão
  10. Endogenous Nociceptin System Involvement in Stress Responses and Anxiety Behaviour
    Allison Jane Fulford
  11. The Neuronal Circuit Between Nociceptin/Orphanin Fq And Hypocretins/Orexins Coordinately Modulates Stress-Induced Analgesia And Anxiety-Related Behavior
    Xinmin Xie
  12. Nociceptin/Orphanin-FQ Modulation of Learning and Memory
    Ouagazzal Abdel-Mouttalib
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