Global E-Waste Management Market Insights, Opportunity Analysis, Market Shares and Forecast 2017 - 2023

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  • Aurubis AG
  • Boliden AB
  • Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd.
  • MBA Polymers, Inc.
  • Stena Metall AB
  • Triple M Metal LP
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The growing amount of e-waste has become a major challenge for both developed and developing economies. The shortening life span of the electrical and electronic equipment and the rapid technological advancements are the major driving force for the global e-waste management market. E-waste comprises discarded electronic appliances, of which computers and mobile telephones are disproportionately abundant because of their short lifespan.

The last several decades has brought significant explosion of electronic devices, with advancement in quality of life and communications. For example, transformation of telecom from landline phones to wireless mobile phone is one of the several examples. However, emergence of updated technology so frequently leads to reduced life span of the electronic devices. Electronic products are rapidly becoming obsolete and are being replaced at a very short life span. This reducing life span of electronic device is however a challenge before the technology industry. It serves as a major driver for the emerging e-waste management market. About 70% of the heavy metals in the U.S.A. landfills come from electronics, though only 2% of the trash is electronic waste. Tons of e-waste is exported to Asia and Africa each year for processing.

Currently most e-waste produced is disposed into landfills. Effective reprocessing technology, which recovers the valuable materials with minimal environmental impact, is expensive which is considered as the major restraint for the e-waste market. However, various government initiatives across the world for developing recycling infrastructure for electronic waste management is the key opportunity before the players.

The global electronic waste management market is segmented on the basis of raw material, i.e., metal, plastic, glass and other materials. Metal forms the largest part in the electronic waste globally. Among the various sources of e-waste generation, the report covers, household appliance, information technology & telecommunication equipment, entertainment & consumer electronics and others.The report profiles top 30 players of the e-waste management market including Aurubis AG, Electronic Recyclers International, Inc., SIMS Metal Management, Ltd., Umicore S.A., Boliden AB, MBA Polymers, Inc., Stena Metall AB, Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd. S Global Electric Electronic Processing Inc., Tetronics International Ltd., CRT Recycling incorporation, Lifespan technology Recycling incorporation, Triple M Metal LP, MBA Polymers Incorporations, Enviro-Hub Holdings Limited and so on.

Companies profiled include
1. Aurubis AG
2. Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.
3. SIMS Metal Management, Ltd.
4. Umicore S.A.
5. Boliden AB
6. MBA Polymers, Inc.
7. Stena Metall AB
8. Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd.
9. Global Electric Electronic Processing Inc.
10. Tetronics International Ltd.
11. CRT Recycling incorporation
12. Lifespan technology Recycling incorporation
13. Triple M Metal LP
14. MBA Polymers Incorporations
15. Enviro-Hub Holdings Limited.

This Research Report covers
1. Historical data
2. Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR upto 2022
3. Industry Analysis
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data
6. In-depth profiling of companies

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  • Aurubis AG
  • Boliden AB
  • Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd.
  • MBA Polymers, Inc.
  • Stena Metall AB
  • Triple M Metal LP
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1. Market Overview
1.1. Market Definition
1.2. Value Chain Analysis
1.3. Key Findings
1.4. Regulatory Compliance
1.5. Strategic recommendation
2. Sector Analysis
3. Market Determinants
3.1. Market Drivers
3.2. Market Restraints
3.3. Market Opportunities
3.4. Market Challenges
4. Market Segmentation By Material
4.1. Metal
4.2. Plastic
4.3. Glass
4.4. others
5. Market Segmentation By Source Type
5.1. Household Appliances
5.1.1. Washing Machines
5.1.2. Refrigerators
5.1.3. Air Conditioners
5.1.4. Others
5.2. Information technology & Telecommunication Equipment
5.2.1. Computers
5.2.2. Phone
5.2.3. Others
5.3. Entertainment & Consumer Electronics
5.3.1. Television
5.3.2. Audio/Video Recorders
5.3.3. Others
5.4. Others
6. By Geography
6.1. North America
6.1.1. U.S.
6.1.2. Canada
6.1.3. Mexico
6.1.4. Others
6.2. Europe
6.2.1. U.K.
6.2.2. Germany
6.2.3. France
6.2.4. Rest of Europe
6.3. Asia-Pacific
6.3.1. China
6.3.2. Japan
6.3.3. India
6.3.4. Rest of APAC
6.4. RoW
6.4.1. South America
6.4.2. Middle East
6.4.3. Africa
6.5. Competitive Landscape
6.5.1. Market Share Analysis
6.5.2. Key Market Strategies
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Aurubis AG
Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.
SIMS Metal Management, Ltd.
Umicore S.A.
Boliden AB
MBA Polymers, Inc.
Stena Metall AB
Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd.
Global Electric Electronic Processing Inc.
Tetronics International Ltd.
CRT Recycling incorporation
Lifespan technology Recycling incorporation
Triple M Metal LP
MBA Polymers Incorporations
Enviro-Hub Holdings Limited.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown