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This Economic Outlook is published monthly. The report provides a concise summary of the current state of the economy and forecasts major economic indicators including:

- Real GDP
- Industrial Production (IP)
- Consumer Price Index (CPI)
- Producer Price Index (PPI)
- Prime Rate
- Unemployment Rate
- Housing Starts
- Oil Prices
- EUR/USD exchange rate
- CAD/USD exchange rate

This is a 24-month macroeconomic forecast for the United States focusing on the indicators most relevant for the following industries: wood-based building products, paper and packaging products, wood-based bioenergy, wood-based biofuels, wood-based biochemicals, construction, real estate and forestry, as well as the lenders and investors that finance and follow these industries.

This publication includes a summary of recent economic performance in the United States as well as 24-month forecasts of gross domestic product, industrial production, consumer and producer price indices, the labor and housing markets, oil prices and exchange rates.


Whether subscribers are making investment decisions or developing strategic business plans, this Economic Outlook supplies critical information and context about the general economy. With this insight into the future, subscribers:

- Track changes in the macroeconomic indicators that affect the forest products' and other industries
- Make better-informed decisions
- Adjust near-term plans as market forces shift


Our approach to forecasting macroeconomic indicators is to rely on the data. Instead of including outside analysts’ views of where the economy is headed and attempting to predict global economic, political, and legislative outcomes, our model focuses on letting the data speak for itself. Once these events show up in the actual data, they are incorporated into the forecast model.

The forecast employs univariate and multivariate time series models and macroeconomic theories to estimate and predict ten key macroeconomic indicators (listed on the Features tab).

Recent data and the forecast model make the numbers reported every month representative of the most likely outcome over the forecast period. However, we also recognize there are considerable risks to the economy that may not yet be represented in the raw data and model. Our approach, in this case, is to include a section in the Economic Outlook entitled, Risks to the Forecast, which summarizes risks and the effects they may have.

*This report is sent to subscribers each month via email on the 20th of the month.
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1. Executive Summary
2. Gross Domestic Product
3. Industry Production (Manufacturing and Non-manufacturing)
4. Consumer Price Index
5. Producer Price Index
6. The Labor Market
7. The Housing Market
8. Oil Prices
9. Exchange Rates (EUR/USD and CAD/USD)
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