BRICs and the Global Transformation - Considerations on the BRIC Summit of Think Tanks in Brasilia

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To provide intellectual support and policy consultations to the cooperation among BRIC countries the first BRICs-Think-Tank Summit was held by the Institute for Applied Economic Research in April 2010 in Brasilia. This collection of conference papers, presented by the BRIC countries' scholars examine the major issues facing these nations, including the Financial Crisis, International Trade, Climate Change, Foreign Direct Investment, Technological Innovation and Global Governance, plus the role of BRIC countries in the global transformation during post-crisis period, and put forward some suggestions for the BRIC countries' cooperation.

The BRICS organization is seen as having the potential to shape the future of international trade and investment. But each country faces major challenges and has its own priorities. This book presents some of the divergent interests of member states as well as their common concerns. It is a case study how such diverse countries as Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa and China can sit down together and attempt to forge an alliance which can have an immense impact on the future of the global economy. This collection of conference papers presented by the BRIC countries’ scholars helps reveal the current situation and future prospects of BRIC countries.
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Preface Li Yang
BRICs and the Financial Crisis
Crisis as an Exam for the BRICs Vladimir M. Davydov/003
BRICs’ Cooperation Potential in the Post-Crisis Era Li Xiangyang
The BRICs’ Exchange Rate Movement and Arrangement— Generality and Individuality Huang Wei
BRICs and Trade
Trade Linkages of BRICs in the World Economy Zhang Yuyan, Tian Feng
The Geography of Brazilian External Trade: Right Option for a BRICs? Renato Baumann
BRICs and Investment
Prospect for Direct Investment among the BRICs Countries Liu Youfa
The Internationalization of Chinese Firms
Luciana Acioly, Maria Abadia S. Alves, Rodrigo Pimentel F. Le.o, Zhou Zhiwei (translator)
BRICs and Environment In Pursuit of More Brilliant Future for Our World-Environmental
Issues and BRICs Wu Enyuan
Environmental Crisis-Human Dimension Nikolai Mikhailov
Innovation and Perspectives of BRICs’Cooperation
Comparison of Government Functions of BRICs in “National Innovation System” —From the degree of homoplasy and embeddedness
Zhong Huibo, Zheng Bingwen
BRICs: Cooperation Perspectives in the International Security Sphere Boris F. Martynov
BRICs: Significance, Basis for Partnership and Their Role
in Shaping the Global Order Xu Wenhong
The Institutionalization of BRICs and China’s Role— Multilateral Cooperation with Orientation Wang Junsheng
China & India: How to Lead Asia’s Self-sustained Growth? Liu Xiaoxue
Think-Tank Forum Initiates New Dialogues Channel for the BRICs Countries Zhou Zhiwei
Media Reports
BRIC-Think Tank Summit Starts in Brasilia
BRIC Countries’ Think Tanks to Strengthen Cooperation
Para pesquisadores, Bric deve discutir moeda
Ipea discute papel do Bric depois da crise econ.mica mundial
Postscript Zheng Bingwen
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