E-Learning Course: Financial Mathematics (Library of 8 courses)

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A comprehensive e-learning product dealing with the fundamental concepts in finance such as Time Value of Money, Yield Measures and Bond Pricing.

The themes of this product are:

Evaluate cash flows at various points in time

Gain an insight into basic financial measures such as current yield, yield-to-maturity, and total return analysis

Analyze the mechanics of bond pricing and issues involved therein

Understand the concepts of volatility and correlation in financial asset prices

Course Overview

Financial Mathematics is a building block to learners in the field of finance. The topics expose the user to fundamental concepts such as cash flows, present value, future value, yield, and probability that form the basis for further advanced learning.

After completing this course you will be familiar with:

- Understand the dynamics of cash flows

- Calculate the various yield measures such as current yield & yield-to-maturity

- Calculate the price of option-free bonds and price/volatility characteristics of bonds with embedded options

- Comprehend volatility and correlation and methods to calculate them

Target Audience:

Everyone involved in the global financial services industry (as a provider, user, regulator or advisor of product/services, marketplace/exchange) would benefit from our innovative solutions.

Supervisory Agencies
Central Banks
Financial Institutions
Commercial Banks
Investment Banks
Housing Societies/Thrifts
Mutual Funds
Brokerage Houses
Stock Exchanges
Derivatives Exchanges
Insurance Companies
Multinational Corporations
Accountancy Firms
Consultancy Firms
Law Firms
Rating Agencies
Multi-lateral Financial Institutions

Course Level and Number of Courses:
Basic Level
Library of 8 Courses

Instructional Method:
Dynamic, Interactive e-learning

Recommended Background:
Familiarity with basic financial concepts
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Library of 8 Courses

Time taken to complete each Course: Two - Three hours

1. Basic Financial Measures


Yield Measures

Total Return Analysis

Net Present Value



Price Value of a Basis Point

2. Time Value of Money



Future Value of Money

Present Value of Money

Future Value of Annuities

Present Value of Annuities

Present Value of Perpetuities


3. Bond Pricing


Pricing of Option-free Bond

Pricing of Floater/Inverse Floater

Price Determination between Coupon Periods

Yield Analysis

Price Volatility

4. Yield Curve Analysis


Introduction to Yield Curve Analysis

Types of Yield Curves

Analyzing Yield Curve

Bond Arbitrage Strategies

Application of Yield Curves

5. Probability Distributions and their Properties



Types of Probability Distribution

6. Measuring Volatility


Review of Concepts

Normal Distribution

Introduction to Volatility

Estimating Volatility

7. Correlation and Regression Analysis


Introduction to Correlation

Calculating Correlation

Regression Analysis

8. Mathematical Foundation


Arithmetic mean

Geometric mean

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