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Wound Care -Traditonal, Advanced And Regenerative-Global Markets, Competitors And Opportunities: 2015-2020 Analysis And Forecasts

  • ID: 3070532
  • Report
  • Region: Global
  • 202 Pages
  • Amadee & Company, Inc
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A Major Study And Financial Analysis Of Traditional, Advanced And Regenerative Wound Care Markets During The 2015 To 2020 Period.


  • 3M Company
  • Avita Medical Ltd.
  • Covidien plc
  • CytoTools AG
  • Essex Bio-Technology Ltd.
  • Macrocure Ltd
  • MORE
Comprehensive information and evaluation of the global Wound Care products market, with detailed analysis of manufacturers, segmentation, product offerings, competitive shares, financial performance, technology developments and market drivers. Additionally, 20 key Wound Care product suppliers are fully analyzed and profiled.

A must-read compendium of information and analysis that will provide executives with a significant knowledge of global market, product, technology and financial developments in this industry. Hard factual information in 202 pages, illustrated with 53 tables and 42 charts and figures.

The only published report of its kind, with in-depth detail not found elsewhere in similar studies.

Products Covered:

- Bandages, Tapes, Gauze
- Alginate Dressings
- Foam Dressings
- Antimicrobial Dressings
- Hydrogels
- Hydrocolloids
- Bioengineered Skin
- Skin Substitutes
- Biologic Substances
- Pulsed Radio Frequency Energy
- Pulsed Electrmagnetic Fields
- Wound Closure
- Wound Management
- Pressure Relief
- Sutures, Staples, Adhesives,
- Collagen Sealants
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • 3M Company
  • Avita Medical Ltd.
  • Covidien plc
  • CytoTools AG
  • Essex Bio-Technology Ltd.
  • Macrocure Ltd
  • MORE


- Report Objectives
- Methodology and Sources
- Statistical Notes

- Wounds
- Classifications
- Occurrence
- Wound Healing Is a Complex Process
- Coagulation/inflammation
- Proliferative Phase
- Remodeling and Scar Formation
- Chronic Wounds Require Advanced Wound Care
- TIME Strategy
- Multiple Types of Wound Dressings Exist
- Foam Dressings
- Antimicrobial Dressings
- Hydrogels
- Hydrocolloids
- Bioengineered Skin and Skin Substitutes
- Repair vs. Regeneration
- Regulatory Approval Pathway for Wound Care Products
- 510() Requirements
- Class I Products
- Class II Products
- Class III Products
- Reimbursement of Wound Care Products
- Biologic Substances
- New Reimbursement Rule for Cellular/Tissue-Based Products
- Shifting U.S. Wound Care Reimbursement
- Post Shift
- Distribution of Wound Care Products
- DFU Market Opportunities
- VLF Market Opportunities
- Incidence of DFUs and VLUs
- Tremendous Burden
- Standard of Care
- Disruptive Technology: Pulsed Radio Frequency Energy
- PRFE Wound Healing
- Microcirculation and Angiogenesis
- PRFE/PEMF Market

- Classes/Segments
- Global Wound Care Market
- Global Wound Care Market by Region
- Global Wound Care Market by Product Class
- Traditional Wound Care Market by Product Segment
- Wound Closure Market by Product Segment
- Wound Management Market by Product Segment
- Advanced Wound Care Market by Product Segment
- Company Market Shares

3M Company
(Company Overview, 3M Health Care Ltd., Wound Care Sale)
Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc
(Company Overview, Wound Care, Products, R&D, Facilities, Geography, LiquiBand, Global Tissue Adhesives Market, Market Share, Distributors, Covidien Agreement, New Octyl Formulation, Sales Upside, Hernia Mesh Fixation, Future Indications – Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Potential Sales, ActivHeal, Financial)
Alliqua BioMedical, Inc.
(Company Overview, Contract Manufacturing, Integrated Portfolio of Wound Care Products, Transactions Executed to Build the Current Portfolio, Currently Markets Six Products, Hydress, SilverSea, TheraBond 3D®, Sorbion HRT Product Line: satchet S® and sorbion sana®, Competition, Regenerative Wound Care Products (Partnered with Celgen), Human Placental Tissue, Celgene Cellular Therapeutics (CC), Biovance® (Decellurized Human Amniotic Membran), Competition, Biovance® Regulation, Celgene ECM-Based Products, Complete Portfolio In Advanced Wound Care, Celgene Backing Validates, MiMedx vs. Aliiqua Product Revenues, Reimbursement Pathway Paved By Peers, Clinical Evidence Is Building, DDHAM Use Registry Study, Under New Leadership, Sales Force Growing, Ambitious Long-Term Targets, Financial)
Avita Medical Ltd.
(Company Overview, Regenerative Medicine, Protocol Adjustments To U.S. Burn Trial, Shifting Focus In The UK, Chronic Wounds, Future Uncertain, Financial)
Centaur Guernsey L.P. Inc.
(Company Overview, Advanced Wound Therapeutics, Advanced Devices, NPSM, Advanced Wound Dressings, Customers, Sales and Marketing, Competition, Regenerative Medicine, Customers, Competition, Systagenix Acquisition, CelluTome Acquisition, GRAFTJACKET Agreement, Health Care Initiatives and Reimbursement, New Reimbursement Rates, Consolidation Increasing, Foreign Regulations, Financial)
Coloplast A/S
(Company Overview, Distribution, Geography, Wound and Skin Care Business, Wound Care, NPWT, Silicon-Based Products, Wound Care Addressable Market, Two Step Margin Expansion, Americas NPWT Outlook, Product Growth Drivers, Consolidation Unavoidable, Market Shares, Financial)
Covidien plc
(Company Overview, Products, Wound Care, Sale)
Cytomedix, Inc.
(Company Overview, Products, Pipeline, Business Reorganization, AutoloGel, Beneficiary of CMS’s New Bundling Rules, Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals, Key Competitors, Financial)
CytoTools AG
(Company Overview, Corporate Structure, Key Projects in Development, Strategy, Financial)
Derma Sciences, Inc.
(Company Overview, Products, Advanced Wound Care, Pharmaceutical Wound Care, Traditional Wound Care, Manufacturing, Distribution, Customers, R&D, Geography, Tissue Technology in Early Stages, Distribution Expansion Pays Off in 2015, DSC127 - Phase III Trials Ongoing, Partnership Opportunities, Financial)
Essex Bio-Technology Ltd.
(Company Overview, Long-Term Patent Protection, Partnership with Pfizer, Market Share, 20% Growth for Ophthalmic Drugs, Surface Wound Healing Growth Driver, More Reliance on Direct Sales, New Manufacturing Capacity, R&D Pipeline, Financial)
Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.
(Company Overview, Financial)
Johnson & Johnson
(Company Overview, Wound Care, Sutures, Financial)
Macrocure Ltd
(Company Overview, CureXcell, Hypo-Osmotic Shock, How CureXcell Heals Wounds, Production Process, Behind the Wound Healing Process, Composition of Wound Healing, Used in Hard-to-Heal Chronic Wounds, CureXcell vs. Alternative Advanced Therapies, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Apligraf and Dermagraft Are the Likely Baseline by which CureXcell Will Be Judged, Lower Treatment Costs Than Alternatives, Clinical Summary, Efficacious in Hard-to-Heal Wounds, Clinical Frame of Reference, CureXcell Promising But Data Limited, Fewer Treatments Than Most Competing AWC Products, Addressable DFU and VLU Markets, CureXcell DFU and VLU Market Opportunities, Profitability, Catalysts and Milestones, Competition, Note on HCT/)
MiMedx Group, Inc.
(Company Overview, Transforming from Wounds into Regenerative Medicine, Prostatectomy Market Opportunity, Amniotic Tissue Is Not the Same Across Competitors, Direct Distribution Gaining Critical Mass, Gaining Coverage/Reimbursement, CMS Changes in Reimbursement Create Disruptive Opportunity, Path Forward for Micronized Products, Financial)
Novadaq Technologies Inc.
(Company Overview, Technology and Products, LUNA, Diabetic Applications, Game Changer, First Wound Care Diagnostic System, Luna Drivers, LUNA Economics, LUNA Profits, SerenaGroup Partnership, LifeNet Health Agreement, Globalization Strategy, Financial)
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.
(Company Overview, Products, Grafix, BLA Filing, Medicare Reimbursement, Grafix Pipeline, Financial)
SANUWAVE Health, Inc.
(Company Overview, dermaPACE®, Shock Wave Technology, Strong Patents, Installed Base, Distribution, Phase III Trial, Financial)
Smith & Nephew Plc
(Company Overview, Advanced Wound Management, Market Share Battle, Bioactives, Significant ASP Increases and Limited Competition, HP802-247, Reimbursement Uncertain, Bundling a Concern, Pico Could Take Share, Competition Increasing, Pico Advantages, Loss of Renasys, Financial)
Tissue Regenix Group plc
(Company Overview, Wound Care, Q-Code Confirmed, Possible Takeover Candidat)


1) Chronic Wounds and Their Economic Impact in the U.S.
2) Chronic Wound Management Antiseptics and Formulations
3) Sample of Skin Substitutes by Cost Bucket Under CMS 2014 Bundle
4) Reported Wound Healing Outcomes With Pulsed Radio Frequency Energy
5) Global Wound Care Market (USD Billio): 2015-2020
6) Global Wound Care Market by Region (USD Billio): 2015-2020
7) Global Wound Care Market by Product Class (USD Millio): 2015-2020
8) Traditional Wound Care Market by Product Segment (USD Millio): 2015-2020
9) Wound Closure Market by Product Segment (USD Millio): 2015-2020
10) Wound Management Market by Product Segment (USD Millio): 2015-2020
11) Wound Management Market by Product Type (USD Millio): 2015-2020
12) Global Wound Care Market Shares by Company (USD Millio): 2014
13) Global Traditional Wound Care Market Shares by Company (USD Millio): 2014
14) Global Advanced Wound Care Market Shares by Company (USD Millio): 2014
15) Global Regenerative Wound Care Market Shares by Company (USD Millio): 2014
16) The LiquiBand Portfolio
17) LiquiBand U.S. Sales (GBP Millio) and Market Share (): 2013-2018
18) LiquiBand U.S. Sales (USD Millio), Market Share () and Sales Booked by AMS: 2013-2018
19) LiquiBand Potential Peak Annual Sales (GBP Millio) from HMF and POP Repair (Numbe) by 2018
20) LiquiBand Likely Sales (GBP Millio) from HMF and POP in Europe and U.S.: 2014-2018
21) Biovance® Indications
22) Alliqua’s Main Competitors In Skin Substitute Market
23) Eight Medicare Administrative Contactors: Jurisdiction, States, Number of Beneficiaries, Claims Volume
24) Study Results Biovance® vs. Nanocrystalline Silver
25) Alliqua BioMedical Revenue Forecast (USD Millio): 2012-2020
26) Avita Medical Ltd. Income Statement (USD Thousan): 2013-2016
27) Centaur Guernsey Income Statement: 2009-2013
28) Coloplast Addressable Markets, Markets Growth, Market Shares, Key Competitors, Drivers by Division (DKK Billio): 2014
29) Coloplast Wound Care Disease Areas, Customer Groups, Key Products, Distribution of Revenue by Product: 2014
30) Coloplast Wound Care Addressable Markets by Region (DKK, USD Billio): 2013-2023
31) Coloplast European Wound Care Addressable Market by Product (DKK Billio) and Penetration Rate (): 2013-2023
32) Coloplast Rest of World Wound Care Addressable Market by Product (DKK Billio) and Penetration Rate (): 2013-2023
33) Coloplast Americas Wound Care Addressable Market by Product (DKK Billio) and Penetration Rate (): 2013-2023
34) Coloplast NPWT Americas Revenue by Product (DKK Billio) and Growth Rate (): 2013-2023
35) Coloplast Income Statement by Segment (DKK Millio): 2005-2017
36) CytoTools Income Statement: 2011-2020
37) Derma Sciences Income Statement (USD thousand): 2012-2016
38) Essex Bio-Technology Income Statement (HKD Millio): 2011-2013
39) Advanced Wound Care Treatment Cost Comparison
40) Summary of Most Relevant CureXcell Study Data
41) Comparison of Advanced Wound Trial Patient Characteristics and Results
42) Addressable Market for Hard-to-Heal Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Venous Leg Ulcers by Region (Millio) and Incidence (): 2014-2030
43) Macrocure Revenue for Hard-to-Heal Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Venous Leg Ulcers by Region (USD Millio) and Penetration (): 2020-2030
44) Macrocure Revenue (USD Millio): 2014-2030
45) MiMedx Revenue by Product (USD Thousan): 2010-2016
46) LUNA: Wound Care U.S. Recurring Revenue Model
47) Novadaq Potential Applications by Patients Per Year: U.S. Number of Procedures
48) Novadaq Technologies Income Statement (USD Millio): 2012-2016
49) Osiris’ Grafix Product Pipeline
50) Osiris Therapeutics Income Statement: 2013-2020
51) Smith & Nephew Wound Bioactives Revenue (USD Millio) and TRx Growth (): 2013-2018
52) Comparison of Selected Portable NPWT Products by Manufacturer
53) Smith & Nephew Income Statement (USD Millio): 2011-2018


1) Coagulation/Inflammation Phase of Wound Healing
2) Proliferative Phase of Wound Healing
3) Remodeling and Scar Formation Phase of Wound Healing
4) Chronic Wound Management
5) Diabetic Foot Ulcer Examples
6) Venous Leg Ulcer Examples
7) Annual DFU and VLU Incidence by Type in U.S., EU5, Japan (Thousand): 2013
8) U.S. Tissue Adhesives Market by Formulation
9) U.S. Tissue Adhesives Market Shares by Company (): 2014
10) Global Soft TIssue Repair Market Shares by Company (): 2014
11) Alliqua Hydress
12) Alliqua SilverSeal
13) sorbion sachet S
14) sorbion sana
15) Biovance®
16) MiMedx vs. Aliiqua Product Revenues and Market Caps: 2014-2020
17) Coloplast Wound Earnings Growth Rate () vs. Group: 2010-2014
18) Coloplast Wound Revenues by Region: 2014
19) Coloplast Wound Revenues by Hospital vs. Community Channels: 2014
20) Coloplast Wound Revenues by Product vs. Total Market Channels: 2014
21) Coloplast Negative Pressure extriCare
22) Coloplast Silicon Foams
23) Coloplast Hydrocolloids
24) Wound Care Market Share Gain/Loss () by Company: 2013-2014
25) Essex Revenue by Product Line (): 2013
26) Essex Revenue by Product Line (HKD Millio): 2008-2013
27) Essex Ophthalmic vs. Surface Wound Revenue (HKD Millio): 2008-2013
28) Direct Application of CureXcell into Wound Bed
29) CureXcell Manufacturing Process from Whole Blood
30) Composition of Wound Healing
31) Role of Macrophages
32) Diabetic Foot Ulcer/Venous Leg Ulcer
33) Apligraf Usage
34) Dermagraft Usage
35) Percentage of Wounds Closed Vs. Control Across Advanced Wound Care Trials
36) Average Baseline Wound Size Across Trials
37) Comparison of Time to Close and Average Number of Treatments Across Advanced Wound Care Trials
38) DFU Pivotal Trial (MC-10) Design
39) dermaPACE® Technology
40) Smith & Nephew Revenue by Segment (): 2014
41) Smith & Nephew Wound Care, Devices, Bioactives Revenue (USD Millio): 2011-2018
42) Wound Management Market Shares by Company (): 2014
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- 3M Company
- Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc
- Alliqua BioMedical, Inc.
- Avita Medical Ltd.
- Centaur Guernsey L.P. Inc.
- Coloplast A/S
- Covidien plc
- CytoTools AG
- Cytomedix, Inc.
- Derma Sciences, Inc.
- Essex Bio-Technology Ltd.
- Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.
- Johnson & Johnson
- Macrocure Ltd
- MiMedx Group, Inc.
- Novadaq Technologies Inc.
- Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.
- SANUWAVE Health, Inc.
- Smith & Nephew Plc
- Tissue Regenix Group plc
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown