Phycotoxins. Chemistry and Biochemistry. 2nd Edition

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Phycotoxins are a diverse group of poisonous substances produced by certain seaweed and algae in marine and fresh waters. They are important to the scientific community for many reasons, the most obvious being that they pose food safety issues, and regularly monitoring the presence of these compounds in foods requires a large investment.

Phycotoxins: Chemistry and Biochemistry, second edition presents the most updated information available on phycotoxins. Major emphases are given to chemistry and biochemistry, and origins, mechanisms of action, toxicology and analytical methodology are also covered.

Since the publication of the first edition, there have been major advances in the science of marine and aquatic toxins, as well as advances in toxicology, analytical chemistry and pharmacology. This fully revised and updated edition includes several new chapters, including those on ciguatoxins, pinnatoxin and ichthyotoxins, as well as new chapters on food safety control of marine toxins, climate change and water toxins, and microalgae as a source of nutraceuticals.

The book will be of interest to toxicologists, marine, food and plant scientists, as well as researchers and academics in the areas of food science, medicine, public health, toxicology, pharmacology and marine biology.

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List of contributors vii

Preface xiii

1 Analysis of marine toxins: gaps on food safety control of marine toxins 1Paz Otero and Carmen Alfonso

2 Pharmacology of ciguatoxins 23Carmen Vale, Álvaro Antelo and Víctor Martín

3 Chemistry of pinnatoxins 49Phillip Mabe and Armen Zakarian

4 Chemistry and analysis of PSP toxins 69Ana Botana and Verónica Rey López

5 Chemistry of palytoxin and its analogues 85Patrizia Ciminiello, Carmela Dell Aversano and Martino Forino

6 Pharmacology of palytoxins and ostreocins 113M. Carmen Louzao, María Fraga and Natalia Vilarin o

7 Recent insights into anatoxin–a chemical synthesis, biomolecular targets, mechanisms of action and LC–MS detection 137Custódia Fonseca, Manuel Aureliano, Feras Abbas and Ambrose Furey

8 Therapeutics of marine toxins 181Eva Alonso and Juan A. Rubiolo

9 Marine toxins as modulators of apoptosis 203Amparo Alfonso, Andrea Fernández–Araujo and Mercedes R. Vieytes

10 Cyanobacterial toxins 225Vitor Vasconcelos, Pedro Leão and Alexandre Campos

11 Marine toxins and climate change: the case of PSP from cyanobacteria in coastal lagoons 239Antonella Lugliè, Silvia Pulina, Milena Bruno, Bachisio Mario Padedda, Cecilia Teodora Satta, and Nicola Sechi

12 Microalgae as a source of nutraceuticals 255Sushanta Kumar Saha, Edward McHugh, Patrick Murray and Daniel J. Walsh

13 The marine origin of drugs 293André Horta, Celso Alves, Susete Pinteus and Rui Pedrosa

14 Pharmacology of cylindrospermopsin 317Juan A. Rubiolo, Diego Alberto Fernández, Henar López and M. Carmen Louzao

15 Pharmacology of the cyclic imines 343

Natalia Vilarinõ, Sara F. Ferreiro, Andrés Crespo and José Gil

16 Diversity of organic structures of marine microbial origin with drug potential 361Marcel Jaspars, Rainer Ebel and Hai Deng

17 Polyketides as a source of chemical diversity 381Tanya Beletskaya, Catherine Collins and Patrick Murray

18 Ichthyotoxins 407John W. La Claire II and Schonna R. Manning

19 Pathological clues of phycotoxin ingestion 463Manuel Cifuentes, Andrés Crespo and Roberto Bermúdez

Index 513

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Luis M. Botana
Amparo Alfonso
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