GaN Systems GS66508P 650V HEMT - Reverse Costing Analysis

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The GS66508P from GaN Systems is a GaN on Silicon HEMT transistor 650V high-voltage in a new GaNpx Embedded Die package. With a breakdown voltage of 650V for a current of 30A, (25°C), with lower switching losses and higher frequency operating. The transistor is optimized for AC-DC converters and high frequency, high efficiency power conversion.

The GS66508P is packaged is an innovative embedded die package developed by AT&S. The GaN and AlGaN layers are deposited by epitaxy on a silicon substrate. A complex buffer and template layers structure is used to reduce the stress and the dislocation. This is completed by a thick superlattice structure clearly visible in the TEM analysis.

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1. Overview / Introduction
– Executive Summary
– Reverse Costing Methodology

2. Companies Profile
– Gan Systems Profile
– Plessey Semiconductors Profile
– AT&S Profile

3. GS66508P Characteristics
– GS66508P Characteristics

4. GS66508P Physical Analysis
– Physical Analysis Methodology
– Package Views & Dimensions
– X-Ray
– Package Cross-Section
– GaNpx
– ECP technology


GaN transistor
– Die View, Dimensions & Marking
– Guard Ring– Metal Layers
– Source and Gate
– Source Cross-Section
– Substrate and Epitaxy Layers
– TEM Cross-Section
– GaN Transistor Characteristics

5. Manufacturing Process Flow
– Global Overview
– GaN Transistor Front end Unit
– Transistor Process Flow
– Package Front end Unit
– Package Process Flow

6. Cost Analysis
– Synthesis of the cost analysis
– Main steps of economic analysis

GaN Transistor
– Yields Hypotheses
– GaN Transistor Epitaxy Cost
– GaN Transistor Front-End Cost
– GaN Transistor Wafer Cost
– GaN Transistor Cost per process steps
– GaN Transistor : Equipment Cost per Family
– GaN Transistor : Material Cost per Family
– GaN Transistor : Back-End : Probe and Dicind


GaNpx package
– Yields Hypotheses
– GaNpx package Cost per process steps

– GS66508P - Final Test

7. Price Estimation
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown