Seek Thermal Infrared Camera & Raytheon IR Microbolometer - Reverse Costing Analysis

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Initially focused on the military market, uncooled thermal camera sales have grown significantly due to the substantial cost reduction of microbolometers and growing adoption in commercial markets. With a vertically-integrated business model and a fabless structure, Raytheon enters in the consumer market.

The Seek Thermal camera has a very compact size and is compatible with Android smartphones via its micro-USB connector. The camera performs its calibration automatically thanks to an electromechanical shutter assembled on the electronic board. The device also includes a chalcogenide lens inserted in a zinc lens housing.

The thermal camera uses a new 12µm pixel design from Raytheon. The EXC001 microbolometer, is featuring a 206×156 pixels resolution, 6 times the resolution of the FLIR One. The sensor technology in the Raytheon component is an uncooled VOx microbolometer and a 2 levels structure. Thanks to its strong integration at the die level with a wafer-level packaging (WLP), this is the world’s smallest microbolometer-based thermal imaging camera die.

Based on a complete teardown analyses of the Seek Thermal Camera and the Raytheon microbolometer, the report provides the bill-of-material (BOM) and the manufacturing cost of the infrared camera as well as a complete physical analysis and manufacturing cost estimation of the infrared module.
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Overview/Introduction, Main Features

- Packaging
- Views and Dimensions of the Housing
- Seek Thermal Camera Disassembly
- Chopper Module
- Lens Module
- Electronic Board
- High Definition Photos & PCB Markings
- Components Markings & Identification

Cost Analysis
Accessing the BOM
- Estimation of the cost of the PCB
- BOM Cost – Electronic Board, Housing and Packagin
- Material Cost Breakdown

Accessing the Added Value (AV) Cost
- Electronic Board Manufacturing Flow & AV Cost
- Housing & Packaging Assembly AV Cos
- Added Value Cost Breakdown
- Estimation of the Manufacturing Price

2. EXC001 Infrared Camera Module

Overview/Introduction, Company Profiles, Main Features

Physical Analysis

EXC001 Microbolometer
- View & Dimension
- Disassembly & Cross-Section

Infrared Sensor
- Microbolometer & ROIC Views & Dimensions
- Pixel Details, Delayering
- Cross-Section & Process Characteristics

Manufacturing Process Flow
- ROIC Process & Microbolometer Process Flow
- Wafer Fabrication Unit

Cost Analysis
- Yield Hypotheses
- ROIC & Microbolometer Wafer & Die Cost
- ASIC Wafer & Die Cost
- EXC001 die Cost & Price
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown