E-Learning Course: Funding and Investments - Treasury Management (Library of 7 courses)

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The short-term and long-term financing needs and methods that cater to funding and investments of a corporate through money and capital markets form the focus of this course group. An overall view of managing corporate risk exposure at a portfolio level is also provided.

After completing this course you will be conversant with:

- Short-term and long-term financing needs of corporates
- Role of money markets and capital markets
- Portfolio management and performance measurement

Target Audience

Every professional involved in the global financial services industry (as a provider, user, regulator or advisor of product/services, marketplace/exchange) would benefit from our innovative solutions.

Supervisory Agencies
Central Banks
Financial Institutions
Commercial Banks
Investment Banks
Housing Societies/Thrifts
Mutual Funds
Brokerage Houses
Stock Exchanges
Derivatives Exchanges
Insurance Companies
Multinational Corporations
Accountancy Firms
Consultancy Firms
Law Firms
Rating Agencies
Multi-lateral Financial Institutions

Course Level & Number of Courses: Basic Level, Library of 7 Courses

Instructional Method: Dynamic, Interactive e-learning

Recommended Background: Familiarity with basic financial concepts

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Library of 7 Courses

Time taken to complete each Course: Two - Three hours

1. Treasury Management – Scope and Importance

- What is Treasury Management?
- Structure of Treasury Management
- Functions of Treasurer and Controller

2. Overview of Risk Management

- Concept of Risk
- Risk Management Process
- Determination of Business Objectives
- Identification of Risks
- Measurement of Risk

3. Short-term Financing

- Working Capital Concepts
- Working Capital Issues
- Working Capital Cycle
- Aggressive and Conservative Approach
- Sources of Short-Term Financing

4. Long-Term Financing

- Considerations of Issuers and Investors
- Sources of Long-term Finance
- Merits and Demerits of:
- Retained Earnings
- Equity Capital
- Preference Capital
- Debenture Capital
- Term Loans

5. Money Markets

- Money Market
- Money Market Instruments
- Coupon Bearing Instruments
- Discount Instruments
- Risks involved in Money Market

6. Capital Markets

- Capital Markets
- Funding and Investing
- Debt and Equity
- Factors Affecting Capital Markets

7. Portfolio Management

- Portfolio Risk and Return
- Capital Allocation
- Optimal Portfolio
- Modern Portfolio Theory
- Performance Measurement

Set of 6 interactive Job Aids

- Measurement Tools
- Disclosures
- Regulations
- Global Best Practices
- Scope and Structure of FX and Derivatives Markets
- Policy Templates

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