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This 1st edition of Essential Travel Medicine provides an excellent concise introduction to the specialty of Travel Medicine. This core text will enable health care practitioners particularly those new to the clinical practice of Travel Medicine, to gain a fundamental understanding of the diverse and complex issues which can potentially affect the health of the many millions of people who undertake international travel.

Jane N Zuckerman is joined by Gary W Brunette from CDC and Peter A Leggat from Australia as Editors. Leading international specialists in their fields have contributed authoritative chapters reflecting current knowledge to facilitate best clinical practice in the different aspects of travel medicine.

The aim of Essential Travel Medicine is to provide a comprehensive guide to Travel Medicine as well as a fundamental knowledge base to support international undergraduate and postgraduate specialty training programmes in the discipline of Travel Medicine.

The 1st edition of Essential Travel Medicine offers an indispensable resource of essential information for travel health practitioners, infectious disease specialists, occupational health specialists, public health specialists, family practitioners, pharmacists and other allied health professionals. This core text will appeal similarly to those training in Travel Medicine and to those who want a concise introduction to the subject or an ideal revision companion.

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List of contributors vii

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xvii

Section 1: Travel medicine

1 Basic epidemiology of infectious diseases 3Mark J. Sotir and David O. Freedman

2 Basic epidemiology of non–infectious diseases 9Richard C. Franklin and Peter A. Leggat

3 Pre–travel health risk assessment 23Peter A. Leggat and Jane N. Zuckerman

4 Setting up a travel clinic 35Marc T.M. Shaw and Claire S. Wong

5 Travel medicine resources 45Peter A. Leggat, Gary W. Brunette, Gilles Poumerol, and Jane N. Zuckerman

Section 2: Travel–related infectious diseases

6 Travelers diarrhea 57Charles D. Ericsson

7 Vector–borne diseases 65Annelies Wilder–Smith

8 Yellow fever 75Mark D. Gershman and J. Erin Staples

9 Malaria 83Tomas Jelinek

10 Respiratory disease 95Regina LaRocque and Edward T. Ryan

11 Sexually transmitted infections 103Alberto Matteelli, Anna Cristina C. Carvalho, and Patricia Schlagenhauf

12 Tropical skin infections 115Francisco Vega–López and Sara Ritchie

13 Rabies 121Mary J. Warrell

14 Vaccine–preventable diseases 131Joseph Torresi, Abinash Virk and Jane N Zuckerman

Section 3: Travelers with underlying medical problems and special needs

15 Women s health and travel 167I. Dale Carroll

16 Traveling with children 173Karl Neumann, Andrea P. Summer, and Philip R. Fischer

17 Travelers with underlying medical conditions 187Anne E. McCarthy and Kathryn N. Suh

18 The older traveler and traveling with disability 199Kathryn N. Suh and Anne E. McCarthy

19 Visiting friends and relatives 209Karin Leder and Sarah L. McGuinness

20 Migrants, refugees, and travel medicine 215Louis Loutan

21 Study–abroad programs: student health and safety issues 221Gary Rhodes and Gary W. Brunette

22 Humanitarian aid workers, disaster relief workers, and missionaries 227Brian D. Gushulak and Douglas W. MacPherson

23 Long–term travelers 235Claire Davies and Ted Lankester

Section 4: Environmental travel health risks

24 Aviation and travel medicine 243Michael Bagshaw, Ian C. Cheng and Robert Bor

25 Expedition and wilderness medicine 257Sean T. Hudson, Will Smith, David R. Shlim, Caroline J. Knox and Karen J. Marienau

26 Venomous poisonous animals and toxins 279Mark A. Read

27 Cruise ships and travel medicine 285Sally S.J. Bell and Eilif Dahl

28 Mass gatherings and travel medicine 293Joanna Gaines and Gary W. Brunette

29 Emergency care whilst abroad 301Peter A. Leggat and Marc T.M. Shaw

Section 5: Post–travel medicine

30 The returning traveler 313Tamar Lachish, Alfons Van Gompel and Eli Schwartz

Index 327

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