Forty Key Trends for the Next Decade: 20 Key Global Trends and 20 Key Consumer Trends 2005-2015

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What are the really big trends in global markets? Well-being, scepticism, new relationship structures, migration, distinctiveness, homogeneity, new faith, self-interest, socio-economic fluidity are some of the main drivers. Our new report - Forty Key Trends for the Next Decade - pinpoints the top twenty global trends and the top twenty consumer trends and considers their influence on global consumer markets to 2015. From the impact of terrorism and demographic changes to the obesity epidemic and trends towards convenience, this report examines the major trends that consumer goods manufacturers must consider in order to be competitive.

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List of Contents and Tables

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Background

2.1 Key Global Trend 1: Demographic Time Bombs
Table 1 World: Population Growth by Region 2005-2015
Table 2 Population Growth by Selected Country 2005-2015
Table 3 World: Change in Under-14s Population by Region 2005-2015
Table 4 World: Regional Change in Over-65 Population 2005-2015
Table 5 Over 65s Population Growth by Selected Country 2005-2015
Table 6 World: Change in Proportion of Population Accounted for by 0-14s by Region 2005/2015
Table 7 World: Change in Proportion of Population Accounted for by Over-65s by Region 2005/2015
Table 8 Change in Proportion of Population Accounted for by Over-65s by Country 2005/2015
2.2 Key Global Trend 2: The World Gets Richer – Economic Growth and Increased Wealth
2.3 Key Global Trend 3: The Haves and Have Nots – Inequalities Grow
2.4 Key Global Trend 4: The Globalisation of Fear – Terrorism and Crime
2.5 Key Global Trend 5: Global Warning – Famine, Water Shortage, Expensive Energy
2.6 Key Global Trend 6: Urban Growth, Rural Decay and Inner City Exodus
2.7 Key Global Trend 7: Flashing the Plastic – Financing Consumer Purchasing
2.8 Key Global Trend 8: Bangalore on the Line – Outsourcing
2.9 Key Global Trend 9: Made in Poland USA – Globalisation and the Threat to Domestic Wages
2.10 Key Global Trend 10: Workers on the March – Economic Migration and Guest Workers
2.11 Key Global Trend 11: The Rising Tide – Immigration
2.12 Key Global Trend 12: Continuous Revolution – the Internet Rolls on
2.13 Key Global Trend 13: We Have Your Numbers – Cyber Crime
2.14 Key Global Trend 14: Power in Your Pocket – Mobile IT Developments
2.15 Key Global Trend 15: The Book Has All the Answers Biotechnology and the Genome
2.16 Key Global Trend 16: Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact – Genetic Modification and Cloning
2.17 Key Global Trend 17: Invisible Miracles – Nanotechnology
2.18 Key Global Trend 18: The World Moves East – China and India Outperform West
2.19 Key Global Trend 19: Ethics in a Material World
2.20 Key Global Trend 20: Stealing the Family Silver – Counterfeiting Piracy and Copyright

3.1 Key Consumer Trend 1: A Billion Consumers Have a Voice – Enfranchisement through Technology
3.2 Key Consumer Trend 2: Coming to a Handset Near You – Entertainment on the Move
3.3 Key Consumer Trend 3: We Call the Shots –Consumers in Control: Media Interactivity for Consumers
3.4 Key Consumer Trend 4: Work Out! The Drive for Fitness
3.5 Key Consumer Trend 5: Act Local Think Global – Globalisation and Consumer Values
3.6 Key Consumer Trend 6: They're Out There – Fear of Terrorism and Crime
3.7 Key Consumer Trend 7: Get Away – Leisure and Travel 2015
3.8 Key Consumer Trend 8: Lock the Doors and Turn on the CCTV
3.9 Key Consumer Trend 9: Chill Out – It's All Here – Convenience
3.10 Key Consumer Trend 10: Them and Us – Ethnicity and Tolerance
3.11 Key Consumer Trend 11: Baby Boomers – the Me Generation at 60
Summary 1 Characteristics of US 50+ Demographic
3.12 Key Consumer Trend 12: Super Size Them – Consumer Obesity
3.13 Key Consumer Trend 13: Health with Everything
3.14 Key Consumer Trend 14: The Right to be Beautiful – Personal Enhancement
3.15 Key Consumer Trend 15: Downtown Downtime – Consumer Commuting Strategies
3.16 Key Consumer Trend 16: Kids Get Older Younger
3.17 Key Consumer Trend 17: Adults Stay Younger Longer
Chart 1 Marketing to the Newly Retired
3.18 Key Consumer Trend 18: Man About the House – Gender Roles Shifting
Table 9 US Consumer Market Expenditure by Gender 2004
3.19 Key Consumer Trend 19: I Now Pronounce You Man and Man
3.20 Key Consumer Trend 20: Being Cool – the Enduring Desire to Get Hip
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