Detailed assessment of CIPLA in Indian Respiratory (Asthma & COPD) Market

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Established in 1935, Cipla diversified into respiratory business segment in 1972 with launch of medicinal aerosols. At present, Cipla is one of the largest players in Indian respiratory market with largest portfolio of products in the segment and one of the largest base of Key Opinion Leaders.

As per WHO data, India has an estimated pool of 15-20 million asthmatic patients. Cipla is one of the leaders in the respiratory care market in India and for over several years company’s reputation in the asthma care market has remained intact. Cipla has been able to serve to the needs of millions of asthma care patients and thus been able to maintain the leadership position in the market.

This report covers details of activities of Cipla in respiratory case market that has helped the company to maintain its leadership position in Indian market.

What to expect from the report:

The research report describes in detail the success strategies of Cipla in respiratory business in India. Cipla’s leadership in Asthma and respiratory care is due to its activities in the respiratory care market. Details of the promotional and marketing activities are mentioned in this report including the salary and incentive component of the sales people, KOL engagement programs and other details related to the respiratory care business of Cipla.

Research Methodology:

The research is based on both the primary and secondary research.

Primary interviews are conducted among the following respondents:
- Employees of Cipla in and around respiratory business
- Competitors of Cipla in respiratory business
- Stake holders in distribution channel
- Customers of Cipla

List of Charts/Graphs in the report
- Respiratory business overview: overall
- Respiratory business overview: by SBU
- Respiratory business overview: by region and contribution by physician specialty
- Inhaler sales overview: overall
- Inhaler business overview: by region and contribution by physician specialty
- Organizational structure
- Productivity per resource: by SBU
- Distribution network structure
- Promotional spend by promotional activities
- List of past participation in conferences
- List of past KOL engagement programs
- List of past respiratory awareness programs
- Activities by its Chest research foundation
- Various past training programs to physicians as part of market penetration strategy
- Compensation structure: Sales force
- Compensation structure: Marketing
- Sales forecast till 2021: by product offerings
- Physician coverage by specialty and by tiers of city: by SBU
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1. General and Respiratory Overview of Cipla

2. Respiratory sales overview by value, 2014

3. Inhaler sales overview by value, 2014

4. Respiratory sales breakdown by region and specialty of physician, 2014

5. Inhaler sales break down by region and by specialty of physician, 2014

6. Organizational Structure

7. Productivity measure by head count

8. Structure of distribution network

9. Physician coverage by specialty and promotional activity plans
9.1. Team 1
9.2. Team 2
9.3. Team 3

10. Marketing and promotional spend

11. Past participation in conference and related activities

12. KOL engagement programs

13. Academic inputs

14. Few of the past awareness programs conducted

15. Patient support programs

16. Chest Research Foundation activities

17. Various Training programs for physicians

18. Other marketing activities

19. Incentive structure for sales people and account management

20. Advisory Board

21. Compensation structure of sales people

22. Compensation structure of marketing people

23. Sales Forecast till 2021

24. Future broad overview of sales and marketing strategy
24.1. Academic and promotional inputs
24.2. Patient education programs
24.3. Institutional business
24.4. KOL engagement programs
24.5. Clinical research initiatives
24.6. Advisory board activities

25. Stake holder perceptions
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown