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There is no one size fits all for retail and for solutions. The needs differ by retailers size, by subsegment, and even by region. This research allows you to size and target the largest specific market opportunities, finding those most ripe for growth opportunities.

The information starts by looking at the entire ecosystem, the number of stores, the size of stores and then the type of store technology used. This product is ideal for vendors or private equity that are looking to understand if a market is large enough and what the indirect channel opportunities provide. This is quantitative analysis and is best used in conjunction with the regional POS Terminal Studies. And we have this information available by region (North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin/South America, and Asia/Pacific).

Each regional SMB study breaks out the market in great detail so that you can specifically target growing niche’s in the retail and hospitality market. It provides POS and POS Software sizing along with optional EFT/POS sizing options (how many use signature capture versus PIN/Debit versus embedded payment software).

The data is broken down into the following segments:

Drug Stores/Pharmacies
Hypermarkets/Supercenters/Warehouse Clubs
Department Stores
Mass Merchants and Discounters
Specialty Hard Goods (DIY, Electronics, Books, Furniture, Sporting Goods, etc)
Specialty Soft Goods (Apparel, Shoes, Leather Goods, etc.)
Fast Food
Bar/Table Service Restaurants
Entertainment – Casinos and Cruises
Entertainment – Stadiums, Museums, Theme Parks

In addition, the data is broken out by the following size of retailers:

1 Store Companies
2-9 Store Chains
10-49 Store Chains
50-100 Store Chains
101-300 Store Chains
301-500 Store Chains
501-1,000 Store Chains
Over 1,000 Store Chains

For each of the segments and sizes we have the following information:

# stores
# of Companies that make up those stores
Average # of Cash Points (where tender is taken)
Average sofware license paid
Total number of Cash Points in that segment/size
How many of those cash points are nothing but a wallet verses ECR, Traditional POS or PC on a Cash Drawer.
How the EFT/POS is taken (is it an MSR on the device, or separate signature capture, Debit reader, or other PIN pad)

The information includes the installed base as well as the shipments for the last two years and a forecast for the year forward.

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