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The Treatment of Epilepsy. Edition No. 4

  • ID: 3148867
  • Book
  • October 2015
  • 1072 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Highly Commended at the British Medical Association Book Awards 2016

The Treatment of Epilepsy
, fourth edition, is a comprehensive reference and clinical guide to the pharmacological, medical and surgical options available in the treatment of epilepsy.
  • The text is compiled by a group of internationally renowned editors and contributors and is now in full color and extensively illustrated
  • The first two sections cover the background to, and principles of, treatment in different clinical situations
  • Section three comprises a series of systematic reviews of contemporary drug therapy, devoting one chapter to each anti-epileptic drug and covering all clinically-relevant aspects
  • Section four focuses on the surgical options, devoting individual chapters to each of the modalities of presurgical assessment and to each surgical operation or approach
  • This 4th edition is extensively revised incorporating the many recent developments in therapy, and comprises 81 chapters from world experts from 18 countries
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List of Contributors

Preface to the Fourth Edition

Preface to the First Edition

Historical Introduction: The Drug Treatment of Epilepsy from 1857 to 2015
Simon Shorvon

Section I – Introduction (Lead editor: Simon Shorvon)

1 Definition (Terminology) and Classification in Epilepsy: A Historical Survey and Current Formulation, with Special Reference to the ILAE 1
Simon Shorvon

2 Differential Diagnosis of Epilepsy 24
Mark Cook

3 Mechanisms of Epileptogenesis 38
Giuliano Avanzini and Silvana Franceschetti

4 Antiepileptic Drug Discovery 52
H. Steve White and Melissa Barker-Haliski

5 Antiepileptic Drug Development 61
Dieter Schmidt

6 Mechanisms of Antiepileptic Drug Action 75
Matthew C. Walker and Rainer Surges

7 Mechanisms of Drug Resistance and Tolerance 92
Wolfgang Löscher and Dieter Schmidt

8 Epilepsy Biomarkers 103
Jerome Engel, Jr. and Asla Pitkänen

Section II – Principles of Medical Management (Lead editor: Simon Shorvon)

9 General Principles of Medical Management 110
Emilio Perucca

10 Pharmacokinetic Optimization of Therapy 124
Svein I. Johannessen, Cecilie Johannessen Landmark and Emilio Perucca

11 Management of Chronic Active Epilepsy in Adults 139
Simon Shorvon

12 Management of Epilepsy in Remission 148
Patrick Kwan, Howan Leung and Xiaoting Hao

13 Management of Epilepsy in Neonates and Infants 156
Elissa G. Yozawitz and Solomon L. Moshé

14 Management of Childhood Epilepsy Syndromes 174
Colin D. Ferrie

15 Management of Epilepsy in People with Intellectual Disabilities 193
Eylert Brodtkorb

16 Management of Epilepsy in the Elderly 205
Hiba Arif Haider and Lawrence J. Hirsch

17 Emergency Treatment of Seizures and Status Epilepticus 221
Matthew C. Walker and Simon Shorvon

18 Management of Medical Comorbidity Associated with Epilepsy 245
Gagandeep Singh

19 Psychiatric Features of Epilepsy and their Management 259
Brent Elliott and Simon Shorvon

20 Prevention and Management of Side-effects of Antiepileptic Drugs 275
Gaetano Zaccara and Piero Perucca

21 Ketogenic Diets 288
Eric H. Kossoff and Courtney A. Haney

22 Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Epilepsy 298
Sallie Baxendale

23 Reproductive Aspects of Epilepsy Treatment 311
Torbjörn Tomson

24 Genetic Counselling in Epilepsy 323
Federico Zara

25 Drug Interactions 344
Edoardo Spina and Domenico Italiano

26 Medical Treatment of Epilepsy in Resource-Poor Countries 360
Patrick Adjei

Section III – Antiepileptic Drugs (Lead editor: Emilio Perucca)

27 Introduction to the Choice of Antiepileptic Drugs 365
Emilio Perucca

28 Acetazolamide 376
Miri Y. Neufeld

29 Adrenocorticotropic Hormone and Corticosteroids 388
Federico Vigevano and Maria Roberta Cilio

30 Benzodiazepines Used in the Treatment of Epilepsy 398
Eugen Trinka and Francesco Brigo

31 Brivaracetam 418
Joseph DSouza and Emilio Perucca

32 Carbamazepine 431
Torbjörn Tomson and Svein I. Johannessen

33 Eslicarbazepine Acetate 447
Meir Bialer and Christian Elger

34 Ethosuximide 460
Tracy A. Glauser and Emilio Perucca

35 Felbamate 472
Ilo E. Leppik and James R. White

36 Gabapentin 479
Ernest R. Somerville, Andrew W. Michell and Arjune Sen

37 Lacosamide 489
Rajesh Sachdeo and Roopal Karia

38 Lamotrigine 498
Awais Riaz and Fumisuke Matsuo

39 Levetiracetam 516
Derek J. Chong and Jacqueline A. French

40 Oxcarbazepine 533
Edward Faught and Hyunmi Kim

41 Perampanel 546
Martin Brodie

42 Phenobarbital, Primidone and Other Barbiturates 555
Roberto Michelucci and Elena Pasini

43 Phenytoin 574
Mervyn J. Eadie

44 Piracetam 589
Simon D. Shorvon

45 Pregabalin 595
Sylvain Rheims and Philippe Ryvlin

46 Retigabine 606
Michel Baulac

47 Rufinamide 617
Victor Biton

48 Stiripentol 628
Tapani Keränen

49 Tiagabine 633
Reetta Kälviäinen

50 Topiramate 642
J. Helen Cross and Catherine J. Riney

51 Valproate 652
Anthony G. Marson and Graeme J. Sills

52 Vigabatrin 667
Günter Krämer and Gabriele Ch. Wohlrab

53 Zonisamide 680
Michel Baulac

54 Other Less Commonly Used Antiepileptic Drugs 689
Martin Holtkamp

55 Drugs in Clinical Development 701
Norman Delanty and H. Steve White

Section IV – Presurgical Assessment and Epilepsy Surgery (Lead editor: Jerome Engel, Jr.)

56 Overview of Surgical Treatment for Epilepsy 709
Jerome Engel, Jr.

57 Scalp EEG in the Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation 723
Christine B. Baca and John M. Stern

58 Invasive EEG in Presurgical Evaluation of Epilepsy 733
Dennis Spencer, Dang K. Nguyen and Adithya Sivaraju

59 MEG in Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation 756
Hermann Stefan and Paul Boon

60 MRI in Presurgical Evaluation 764
Christian E. Elger and Bernd Weber

61 PET and SPECT in Presurgical Evaluation of Epilepsy 775
Karolien Goffin and Wim Van Paesschen

62 Special Neurophysiological Techniques 787
François Mauguière and Julien Jung

63 Neuropsychological Testing in Presurgical Evaluation 804
Marilyn Jones-Gotman and Gail L. Risse

64 Presurgical Psychiatric Evaluation 817
Andres M. Kanner

65 Mesial Temporal Lobe Surgery and Other Lobar Resections 829
James Leiphart and Itzhak Fried

66 Resective Surgery of Neoplasms 842
Nicholas M. Wetjen and Gregory D. Cascino

67 Resective Surgery of Vascular and Infective Lesions for Epilepsy 858
Christopher E. Uff and Neil D. Kitchen

68 Surgery of Developmental Anomalies Causing Epilepsy 878
Ahyuda Oh, Joshua J. Chern and Youssef G. Comair

69 Hemispheric Operations for Epilepsy 887
Georg Dorfmüller, Christine Bulteau and Olivier Delalande

70 Corpus Callosum Operations 895
David W. Roberts

71 Hypothalamic Hamartoma 903
John F. Kerrigan

72 Multiple Subpial Transection 916
Adriana Bermeo-Ovalle and Michael C. Smith

73 Awake Surgery for Epilepsy 922
Webster H. Pilcher

74 Epilepsy Surgery in Children 931
Jason S. Hauptman and Gary W. Mathern

75 Complications of Epilepsy Surgery 941
Charles E. Polkey

76 Anaesthesia for Epilepsy Surgery 952
Barbara M. Van de Wiele

77 Vagus and Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation 959
Steven C. Schachter

78 Brain Stimulation for Epilepsy 967
Gregory K. Bergey and Robert S. Fisher

79 Non-Resective Approaches for Medically Intractable Epilepsy 980
Thomas J. Gianaris, Andrea G. Scherer and Nicholas M. Barbaro

80 Future Focal Treatment Approaches to Epilepsy 987
Laura Mantoan Ritter and Hannah Cock

81 Epilepsy Surgery in Countries with Limited Resources 999
Andre Palmini and Kurupath Radhakrishnan

Index 1008

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Simon Shorvon Institute of Neurology, University College London.

Emilio Perucca University of Pavia, Italy.

Jerome Engel, Jr. University of California at Los Angeles, USA.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown