Packaging and Transportation Forensics: Reducing Risk and Liability

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- Introduces laws affecting all phases of packaging and packaged products
- Critical background on liabilities and lawsuits from actual or alleged defects
- Outlines obligations and techniques for reducing risk, injury and damage claims

Written by two of the world's leading packaging experts, this technical book investigates the laws and liabilities associated with manufacturing, labeling and shipping packages. The book combines an analysis of legal responsibilities with design and technical recommendations to reduce liability. Sections cover the regulations and hazards of transport via truck, rail, ship and aircraft. Case law and court decisions are used to illustrate strategies to lower the risk of accidents and thus forestall lawsuits and damage claims. Covers personal injury, intellectual property, labels, cargo loading, regulations (including CFR 49, FMCSR, CVSA, and hazardous materials), tamper-evidence, accessibility, disposal, environmental impacts and more.

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Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Packaging, Transportation, and Material-Handling Terminology

Example 1: Reusable Package (Citizen Watch Co. v. United States)
Example 2: Air-Tight Packaging (Sensient Flavors v. United States)
Example 3: Plastic Bottles for Kids' Bubble Bath Shaped as Sesame Street Characters (Minnetonka Brands v. United States)
Example 4: Thermoformed Plastic Clamshell for Grapes (Tradewind Farms v. United States) References

Chapter 3. Product Liability

Case 1: Theresa Witten v. Masterfoods
Case 2: Alexander v. Del Monte
Case 3: Spills and Accidents on Individuals Handling Hazardous Liquids in Household Cleaners References

Chapter 4. Personal Injury

Foreseeable Risk
Gross Negligence and Punitive Damages
Example of a Jury Award for Personal Injury Case
Partial Fault by Plaintiff

Chapter 5. Intellectual Property


Chapter 6. Labels, Pictorial Markings and Warnings on Packaging

Package Functions
Distribution Packaging Test Methods
Precautionary Labeling
ANSI Z129.1
NFPA 704
FDA Labels
Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA)
EPA for Packaging of Drugs and Chemicals
Marketing Labels

Chapter 7. Branding, Design, Shape, Color, and Marketing

Power of Innovation and Intellectual Property
Communication, Brand Identity, and Marketing of Packages
Attributes of Color
Comparison of Color on Same Packages
Materials and Methods
Results and Discussion

Chapter 8. Loading and Unloading of Trucks, Rail, Ships and Aircraft

Standards for Truck Shipments
Regulations for Truck Shipments
Loading and Securement Methods for Rail Shipments
Review of Loaded Trailers with Mixed Freight
Reducing Damage during Transportation using Load Securement Methods
Regulations and Procedures for Shipping Hazardous Materials
Specifications for Corrugated Boxes
Intermodal Shipments

Chapter 9. Transportation Laws and Regulations

CFR 49: Transportation
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Applicability of the New Rules
Performance Criteria
Requirements for Securement Devices
General Rule
Cargo Placement and Restraint
Association of American Railroads

Chapter 10. Tamper-Evident Packaging, Child-Resistant Packaging, and Package Accessibility


Chapter 11. Environmental Protection Packaging Laws

Regulations and Legislation
Solid Waste Disposal
Recycling and Recycled Content
Bans or Restrictions
Environmental Advertising and Labeling
Test Methods
Sustainable Packaging
ISO Standards on Packaging and Environment

Chapter 12. Expert Reports

Expert Report 1
Expert Report 2
Expert Report 3
Expert Report 4
Expert Report 5
Expert Report 6

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S. Paul Singh, Ph.D., Professor emeritus, Michigan State University

Jay Singh, Ph.D., Professor, Cal Poly University
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