Calibration Services Market Strategy & Forecasts: Rest of the World Edition

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Increasing Regulation drives growth in Calibration Services Industry.


  • ABB
  • Consumers Energy
  • Fluke
  • Keysight Technologies
  • Quad City
  • Spectrum Technologies
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A growing market. Key growth drivers. An industry protected from economic cycles. An industry driven forward by increasing global regulations and security. The future of the calibration services industry is explored with detailed market forecasts and strategic analysis.

Worldwide Metropolitan Market sizes are included with every report. This 2016 Rest of World edition of the industry standard report provides valuable information and insight. The report doesn’t just look at market size. It examines key operational principles and industry best practices provided by industry veterans. Look at acquisition and divestiture opportunities. Revise pricing and service terms. Develop new service packaging and offerings. Consider integrated marketing programs.

"I recommend it as a planning tool for any organization that provides calibration services." Dr. Malcolm Smith, Board Member NACLA, Committee Chair NCSLI

24 companies are profiled in this report.

This latest version of the report includes Major Metropolitan Market Size Table 2016.

If their country is not already listed purchasers can request Individual Country Market Size information, or other customization, without additional charge.

All the important facts are here. Industry growth rates. Geographic, instrumentation and industry breakdowns of market size. Explore the potential of the industry and gain an appreciation of the big picture for a relatively new industry that is expanding onto a global stage.

All report data is available in Excel format on request.

Make investment decisions and valuations with confidence using the latest data.
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  • ABB
  • Consumers Energy
  • Fluke
  • Keysight Technologies
  • Quad City
  • Spectrum Technologies
  • MORE
1. Introduction and Market Definition
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Market Definition

2. Market Overview
2.1 Manufacturer Practices
2.1.1 Difference Between Manufacturer and other Vendors
2.1.2 Difference Between Electronic and Mechanical Segments
2.3 Accreditation
2.3.1 Accreditation Recognition
2.3.2 Two Tiered Accreditation Standard
2.4 Segments and Capability
2.4.1 An Overview of Segmentation Practice
2.4.2 Segmentation by Company Size
2.4.3 On-site Service as a Segment
2.5 Industry Structure and Participants
2.5.1 The International System of Measurement - A Primer
2.5.2 Current Industry Participants
2.5.3 Industry Structure
2.6 Geographic Influences
2.6.1 Geographic Preference
2.6.2 Implications for Laboratory Management
2.6.3 Growing Demand for On Site Service

3. Market Trends
3.1 Factors Driving Growth
3.1.1 Impact of Climate Change
3.2 Factors Inhibiting Growth
3.2.1 Recalibrate Versus Replace
3.3 The Changing Role of the Manufacturer
3.3.1 The Position of Trust
3.3.2 Customers Have an Equipment Management Need
3.3.3 Effect on Repair Demand
3.3.4 Manufacturer’s Rethink Service and Support
3.4 Services Packaging
3.4.1 Services Packaging Today and Tomorrow
3.4.2 Reduced Services Play a Role
3.4.3 Basic Calibration Changes.
3.4.4 The Role of On Line Value Added Services
3.4.5 Change in Demand for Accreditation
3.4.6 Pricing for On Site to Change
3.4.7 Contract Agreements to Change
3.5 Technology Development
3.5.1 Five Important Technology Developments
3.5.2 Calibration Services Look to Installed Base
3.5.3 Calibration Intervals Change
3.5.4 Impact of Self Calibration

4. Pricing and Business Development
4.1 Calibration Service Pricing and Plans
4.1.1 Variable Factors in a Calibration Service
4.1.2 Fee Based Pricing
4.1.3 Approaches to Pricing
4.1.4 Pricing and Geography
4.1.5 Surcharges
4.1.6 Limited Calibration
4.1.7 Volume Discounts
4.1.8 Mobile Pricing
4.1.9 Service Plans
4.1.10 Asset Management
4.1.11 Customer Commitment
4.1.12 Personnel Rental
4.2 Promotion
4.2.1 Sales Promotion Practice
4.2.2 A Calibration Services Marketing System
4.2.3 Services Marketing Program Tools
4.2.4 Company Website and Marketing Strategy
4.3 Customer Service
4.3.1 Customer Service Measurement
4.3.2 Teamwork in Customer Service
4.3.3 The Role of Leadership
4.4 Merger and Acquisition
4.4.1 Economies of Scale
4.4.2 Caveats and Factors Unfavourable to Merger Activity
4.5 Competition

5. Industry Segmentation Analysis
5.1 Aerospace/Defense
5.2 Agriculture and Food Production
5.3 Automotive
5.4 Biomedical/Pharmaceutical
5.5 Communication
5.6 General Manufacturing
5.7 High Technology
5.8 Material Production
5.9 Other

6. Recent Market Activity
6.1 Laboratory Testing Inc. Announces Continuation of A2LA Accreditation and Expanded Scope
6.2 UA partners with military lab in New Mexico
6.3 First accredited calibration laboratory for Photovoltaic modules
6.4 Northeast Ohio Calibration Lab Announces 2015 First-Half Revenue Growth
6.5 DynCorp to Support Air Force Calibration Lab
6.6 Tektronix Expands Capabilities at Rome, New York Calibration Lab
6.7 NIST launches new calibration service for high-power lasers
6.8 Intertek launches electrical lab for LED and battery testing
6.9 German Laboratory Achieves Accreditation for Independent Testing and Calibration of Gas Analysers
6.10 FireflySci Releases Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards
6.11 Keysight Technologies Announces Purchase of Electroservices Enterprises Ltd.
6.12 Transcat Acquires Anmar Metrology, Inc.
6.13 Renishaw opens new $31 million Innovation Center in UK
6.14 TRESCAL Acquires GENCAL in New Jersey
6.15 New Acquisition in North America and Spain Asserting Trescal’s Growth Strategy
6.16 Trescal Pursues Acquisition Strategy in North America, Italy with Support of Ardian
6.17 Keysight Technologies buys English test and measurement firm Electroservices Enterprises Ltd
6.18 MTS Systems (MTSC) Announces Acquisition of Instrument and Calibration Sweden AB
6.19 Transcat Expands Life Science Market Presence With Calibration Technologies Acquisition
6.20 Atlas Copco Completes Acquisition of German Calibration Specialist
6.21 Transcat Expands Midwest Presence With Acquisition of Apex Metrology Solutions
6.22 Transcat Diluted Earnings Per Share Up 33% in Fiscal Year 2016 First Quarter
6.23 METTLER TOLEDO launches new weights Combined with unique calibration service
6.24 WIKA calibration laboratories now also accredited for electrical measurement parameters
6.25 Yokogawa Announces ISO 17025 Accreditation for North American Calibration Laboratory
6.26 ISO 17025 Accreditation of Magtrol’s Torque Calibration Laboratory
6.27 Tata Power's Meter Testing and Calibration Laboratory gets ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation
6.28 Premium Inspection and Testing Acquires Quad City Testing Laboratory and Quad City Calibration
6.29 NASA Transfers Software to Army
6.30 ECD Receives ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation for its Testing and Calibration Laboratory
6.31 Pressure Test Solutions Business Sold
6.32 Transcat Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2016 Results
6.33 Keysight Technologies Announces New Organizational Structure
6.34 Ashtead Technology calibration lab accredited by UKAS
6.35 Trescal Opens Greenfield Calibration Laboratory in Mobile, AL
6.36 Transcat acquires Excalibur Engineering
6.37 TUV SUD Acquires Canadian Test Lab Global EMC Inc.
6.38 Rice Lake company expands
6.39 Trescal Announces Acquisition of Kalibrix Germany
6.40 Transcat Expands Services Business With Acquisition of Spectrum Technologies

7. Key Players
7.1 ABB
7.2 Agilent
7.3 Bruel & Kjaer
7.4 Consumers Energy
7.5 Dynamic Technology Inc.
7.6 Edison Metrology
7.7 Endress & Hauser
7.8 ESSCO Calibration Laboratory
7.9 Fluke
7.10 GE Kaye
7.11 Instron
7.12 Lockheed Martin
7.13 Micro Precision Calibration
7.14 Optical Test and Calibration
7.15 Rhode & Schwarz
7.16 SGS
7.17 Siemens
7.18 Simco
7.19 Technical Maintenance Inc.
7.20 Tektronix
7.21 Teseq
7.22 Tradinco Instruments
7.23 Transcat
7.24 Trescal

8. Market Size and Forecast - Rest of World
8.1 Datatable and Chart: Rest of World Market Historical and Forecast 2010 to 2019 by Parameter. Electrical,Mechanical, Physical, and Thermal in Revenues $ Millions.
8.2 Datatable and Chart: Rest of World Market Historical and Forecast 2010 to 2019 by Parameter. Electrical,Mechanical, Physical, and Thermal as a Percent.
8.3 Datatable and Chart: Rest of World Market Historical and Forecast 2010 to 2019 by Industry. Revenues $Millions.
8.4 Datatable and Chart: Rest of World Market Historical and Forecast 2010 to 2019 by Industry. Percent.

9. Market Sizes and Forecasts World Metropolitan Areas
9.1 World Metropolitan Areas Datatable. 2016 Market Size Forecasts

Table of Tables
Table 1. Competitive Positioning: Manufacturer vs. ISV
Table 2. Industry Segments
Table 3. Industry Participants
Table 4. Industry Growth Factors
Table 5. Factors Inhibiting Growth
Table 6. Variable Factors in Calibration Services
Table 7. Possible Uplift or Surcharge Items
Table 8. Calibration Services Promotional Tools
Table 31. Rest of World by Measurement Type. US$Mill.
Table 32. Rest of World by Measurement Type. Percent.
Table 33. Rest of World by Industry. US$Mill.
Table 34. Rest of World by Industry. Percent
Table 35. World Metropolitan Areas Calibration Market 2016

Table of Figures
Figure 1. An Overview of Segmentation in the Calibration Industry.
Figure 2. Services Packaging Today
Figure 3. Services Packaging Tomorrow
Figure 4. A System for Calibration Services Marketing
Figure 27. Rest of World by Measurement Type. US$Mill.
Figure 28. Rest of World by Measurement Type. Percent.
Figure 29. Rest of World by Industry. US$Mill.
Figure 30. Rest of World by Industry. Percent.
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- Agilent
- Anmar Metrology, Inc.
- Apex Metrology Solutions
- Ashtead Technology
- Atlas Copco
- Bruel & Kjaer
- Consumers Energy
- Dynamic Technology Inc.
- DynCorp
- Edison Metrology
- Electroservices Enterprises Ltd.
- Endress & Hauser
- ESSCO Calibration Laboratory
- FireflySci
- Fluke
- GE Kaye
- Global EMC Inc.
- Instron
- Instrument and Calibration Sweden AB
- Intertek
- Kalibrix Germany
- Keysight Technologies
- Laboratory Testing Inc.
- Lockheed Martin
- Micro Precision Calibration
- MTS Systems (MTSC)
- Optical Test and Calibration
- Premium Inspection and Testing
- Quad City
- Renishaw
- Rhode & Schwarz
- Rice Lake
- Siemens
- Simco
- Spectrum Technologies
- Tata Group
- Technical Maintenance Inc.
- Tektronix
- Teseq
- Tradinco Instruments
- Transcat
- Trescal
- Yokogawa
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown