Global Bio-Based Chemicals Market Insights, Opportunity Analysis, Market Shares and Forecast 2017 - 2023

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The global bio-based chemical and polymer production (excluding bio-fuels) is currently estimated to be around 50 million tons. Compared to petrochemical based chemicals such as polyethylene, di-acids, diols, etc their use is miniscule but fast growing. Some examples of bio-based chemicals are non-food starch, regenerated cellulose fibers and derivatives, bio PET, Bio PE, PLA, PHA, bio-degradable polyesters, bio-fuels, bio fertilizers, bio enzymes, fatty acids and fermentation products such as ethanol and citric acid.

Key Motivators of Bio-based Chemicals Market

For bio-based chemicals to compete against traditional petrochemicals products in terms of market and growth is definitely not easy. The growth, though slow, is however steady. A strong focus on consumer preference for products that are environment-friendly and bio-degradable and government mandates are helping the bio-based chemicals market to grow. High oil price is further motivating the growth of bio-based chemicals and polymers. The renewable resources of bio-energy and bio-fuels are produced as a result of development of bio-based building blocks (chemicals and polymers) and materials (fibre products, start derivatives, etc).

In addition to those mentioned above, there are a number of other drivers that are impacting the industry positively. These include the need for a global economy that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable; limited reserves of non-renewable resources such as oil, gas, coal which are expected to reach their peak production; countries that are dependent on other nations for their fuel and energy resources are especially keen to find alternatives that can be commercialized soon; climate change and carbon emissions have resulted in increased focus on producing environment friendly alternatives and the wide use of these bio-based chemicals is also expected to have a positive effect on regional and rural development across global economies.

With the immense focus on the industry and the benefits and incentives provided by the government, there is hardly any doubt regarding its growth. Some of the challenges that are expected to restrict the industry include competition from petrochemicals-based chemicals, quality, consistency and cost of production. Production requires huge amount of investments resulting in slow growth.

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  • Bio-On SRL
  • Corbion NV
  • Metabolix Inc.
  • Myriant Technologies LLC
  • PTT Global
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1. Executive Summary
2. Market Overview
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Market trends of bio-based chemicals
2.2.1. Bio-based chemical market history and performance
2.2.2. Recent developments
2.2.3. Future of bio-based chemicals (predictive analysis)
2.3. Market shift from conventional chemical to bio-based chemicals
2.4. Value chain analysis
2.4.1. Raw materials
2.4.2. Suppliers
2.4.3. Manufacturers
2.4.4. Distributors
2.4.5. Retailers
2.4.6. End users
2.5. Key buying criteria
2.5.1. Price
2.5.2. Availability
2.5.3. Objectives
2.5.4. Alternatives
2.5.5. Environmental concern
2.6. Strategic recommendations
2.7. Conclusion
3. Market Determinants
3.1. Drivers
3.2. Restraints
3.3. Opportunities
3.4. Challenges
4. Market Segmentation
4.1. Market segmentation by products
4.1.1. Bioplastics Bio-degradable bioplastics PLA PHA Regenerated cellulose Bio-degradable polyesters Others Non-biodegradable bioplastics Bio-PET Bio-PE Bio-PA Others
4.1.2. Bio-fuel Bio-diesel Ethanol Other alcohols Bio-Gas Syngas Bioether Solid biomass
4.1.3. Industrial chemicals Succinic acid Alcohols Bio-based dyes Lactic acid Glycerol Acrylic acid Other chemicals
4.1.4. Pharmaceuticals Enzymes Amino acid Vitamins and related compounds Antibiotics Others
4.1.5. Food products Alcoholic beverages Others
4.1.6. Agriculture Bio-fertilizers Bio-pesticides Others
5. Sector Analysis
5.1. Organic chemicals
5.1.1. Bio-based chemicals
5.1.2. Conventional chemicals
5.2. Inorganic chemicals
6. Competitive Intelligence
6.1. Key company analysis
6.2. Key strategies
7. Market Share Analysis
8. Geography Analysis
8.1. North America
8.1.1. USA
8.1.2. Canada
8.1.3. RoNA (Rest of North America)
8.2. Europe
8.2.1. UK
8.2.2. France
8.2.3. Germany
8.2.4. Italy
8.2.5. Spain
8.2.6. The Netherlands
8.2.7. RoE (Rest of Europe)
8.3. Asia Pacific
8.3.1. China
8.3.2. Japan
8.3.3. Thailand
8.3.4. Korea
8.3.5. India
8.3.6. RoAPac (Rest of APac)
8.4. RoW
8.4.1. Latin America
8.4.2. Africa
8.4.3. Middle East
9. Corporate Profiling
9.1. BioAmber Inc.
9.2. Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
9.3. Myriant Technologies LLC
9.4. BASF AG
9.5. Purac
9.6. Royal DSM
9.7. PTT Global
9.8. Natureworks
9.9. Mitsubishi Chemicals
9.10. Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials Co., Ltd
9.11. Synbra
9.12. Tenjin
9.13. Metabolix Inc.
9.14. Braskem
9.15. Meredian Inc.
9.16. Indorama Ventures Public Co. Ltd
9.17. Novamont S.P.A
9.18. BlueFire Renewables
9.19. Raizen Energia Participacoes
9.20. Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings
9.21. Australian Renewable Fuels Limited
9.22. Renewable Energy Group
9.23. Solazyme Inc.
9.24. Tianjin GreenBio Materials Co. Ltd
9.25. Shenzhen Ecomann Technology Co. Ltd
9.26. Corbion NV
9.27. Innovia Films Ltd.
9.28. Bioome Technology PLC
9.29. Bio-On SRL
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BioAmber Inc.
Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Myriant Technologies LLC
Royal DSM
PTT Global
Mitsubishi Chemicals
Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials Co., Ltd
Metabolix Inc.
Meredian Inc.
Indorama Ventures Public Co. Ltd
Novamont S.P.A
BlueFire Renewables
Raizen Energia Participacoes
Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings
Australian Renewable Fuels Limited
Renewable Energy Group
Solazyme Inc.
Tianjin GreenBio Materials Co. Ltd
Shenzhen Ecomann Technology Co. Ltd
Corbion NV
Innovia Films Ltd.
Bioome Technology PLC
Bio-On SRL
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown