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Presentations Steve Jobs Style - Webinar

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Learn to harness all your strengths-and Steve Jobs' strengths-to your advantage
When you give a presentation, you face at least two hurdles.

First, you need to sell yourself as a credible spokesperson on your topic. Audiences need to believe in you-and that's hard enough.

Second, you need to sell your ideas so that people come away inspired, persuaded and enlightened.

Steve Jobs did both-with incredible skill. Widely considered one of the most gifted presenters ever, Jobs understood how to deliver memorable speeches in a seemingly effortless, engaging manner. His conversational tone, simple yet compelling word choice and masterful use of slides and other props helped reinforce his message in winning ways.

In Presentations Steve Jobs Style, Morey Stettner gives you the step-by-step guidance to prepare and deliver presentations that borrow many of Steve Jobs' favorite techniques.

Whether you’re addressing non-techies, impatient CEOs or employees, you’ll learn how to develop key skills, including how to:

- Integrate Aristotle's "Big Three"-logos/ethos/pathos-to win over audiences. Learn how to blend logic, credibility and emotion to enliven your remarks.
- Convey big ideas or central themes via multiple channels. From audience giveaways to props to slides, apply the Steve Jobs approach and align all available tools to drive home key points so that people cannot help but remember them-and buy into them!
- Think in threes. To explain complex processes (from chemical reactions to financial formulas), learn to cluster your main points in threes. Your audiences will thank you!
- Use bluntness and directness. Rather than drop hints or dance around controversial positions, follow Steve Jobs' example and state your case boldly and succinctly.
- Embrace simple language. If you need to explain complex ideas, you must speak in complex terms. Right? Well, Steve Jobs was a master at communicating complicated concepts in unmistakably clear words. Develop tools to translate your speech into plain English that's compelling and hard for anyone-of any background or educational level-to ignore.
- Start staff meetings with an edge. Steve Jobs did not begin staff meetings with touchy-feely happy talk. Instead, he often provoked people or expressed disappointment in some aspect of the team's performance. But by the end of the meeting, everyone left in a positive frame of mind-inspired and validated. Find out how Jobs pulled that off.

This audio recording is designed for business executives, managers, meeting leaders and individuals who want to differentiate themselves and achieve more consistent results in their formal and informal presentations.

Discover the practical tips and techniques to grab your audience’s attention and communicate your ideas with clarity.

Learn to harness all your strengths-and Steve Jobs' strengths-to your advantage.

Who Should Listen:

- HR professionals
- Supervisors and managers
- Executives
- Office managers
- Business owners
- Administrative assistants
- Anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills
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Morey Stettner is the editor of Executive Leadership, a communication consultant, an executive coach and the author of five popular business books: The Art of Winning Conversation, Skills for New Managers, The Manager’s Survival Guide, The New Manager’s Handbook and Buyer Beware: An Industry Insider Shows You How to Win the Insurance Game.

A dynamic, crowd-pleasing speaker, Stettner has addressed many groups across the United States on communication skills and led courses for Toastmasters International and The Learning Annex. He has delivered corporate training programs on topics such as listening skills, public speaking, and motivating and managing employees.

Stettner has served as editor of many management newsletters including Communication Briefings, Manager’s Edge, Executive Strategies, Working Smart, Managing People at Work, Executive Wealth Advisory and You and the Law.
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