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TheStreet Ratings Ultimate Guided Tour of Stock Investing 2015 Editions

  • ID: 3244534
  • Book
  • May 2015
  • 600 Pages
  • Grey House Publishing Inc
TheStreet Ratings Ultimate Guided Tour of Stock Investing is a user-friendly, step-by-step introduction to stock investing designed for the beginning to intermediate investor. Starting with the basics of stock investing and ending with an evaluation of the user's risk tolerance and the identification of the types of stocks that best matches their needs, this easy-to-navigate guide pulls together all of the information necessary to educate the consumer on how to get the best start in investing.

- Updated quarterly with the latest industry information and rating information

- Provides real-world investing information that can be put to use immediately

- Filled with helpful charts, graphs and easy-to-use worksheets

- Explores how to make money in the stock market, how to establish financial goals, what is your risk zone, how to save to invest

- How-to information on identifying quality stocks, what to look for when selecting a broker, how to monitor your investments

- What to know before you start investing and how to reduce investor risk

- Helpful Glossary of Terms

- Index of Stock Ratings – provides an easy-to-use letter-grade rating, with Buy-Hold-Sell indicators, for over 6,000 stocks, takes the guesswork and anxiety out of choosing stocks

No other resource on the marketplace today combines a step-by-step introduction to stock investing with easy-to-use ratings on thousands of different stocks. Libraries of all sizes will want to make sure that their patrons have access to this user-friendly, helpful information.

TheStreet Ratings Guides

TheStreet's rating scale is extremely straightforward and easy to understand. There are no complicated number grades to interpret, no colored paper to decode, and no stars to count. Instead, each entry gets a simple, intuitive letter grade that immediately identifies the wheat from the chaff. This is one more reason why TheStreet Ratings is widely recognized as "America's Consumer Advocate for Financial Safety."

The TheStreet Safety Ratings have been proven to be the most accurate available from any of the major rating agencies. Plus, unlike the other major rating agencies, TheStreet does not accept compensation from the companies it rates, and thus does not allow companies to influence the ratings they receive or to suppress the release of their ratings. In fact, the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) validated TheStreet's accuracy in its Insurance Ratings study, and that same superior rating methodology is used when deriving all other ratings as well.
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Foreword: Welcome to the Ultimate Guided Tour of Stock Investing
Why TheStreet Ratings?
TheStreet Ratings Mission Statement
TheStreet Ratings' Top-Rated Stocks
Be Wise - Look Ahead!
No Time Like the Present!
Wise Guide Keeps You On Track
Don't Get Lost

Part I: Know the Jungle
Chapter1: Know the Jungle
Survival Tip: Diversify Your Portfolio!

Chapter 2: Which Type of Stock Should You Pick?
Deserves Another Look: Preferred Stock Benefits
Be On The Lookout: Dividend Payments
How Do You Make Money Investing In Stock?

Chapter 3: What's the Temperature of the Lake Today?
Deserves Another Look: Index Returns
Check the Benchmark
Table: 10 Leading Indicators
Chart: Market Index Returns
Define Your Stock Market Index
The S&P 500 Index
The DJIA, or Dow Jones Industrial Average
Be On The Lookout: Choosing the Right Index
NASDAQ Composite Index
Chart: Market Index Characteristics
Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 Index
Learn How to Read the Clues
Stock Exchange Market Profile Graphic

Chapter 4: Pay Attention! You're Walking in a Jungle
Survival Tip: Assessing Performance
Examples of Sectors
Deserves Another Look: Retirement Savings

Part II: Know the Map

Chapter 5: You're on a Mission — Yours!
Your Personal Financial Mission Statement
Be On The Lookout: Mission Statement Focus

Chapter 6: Taming That Animal Called RISK
How Much Risk Can I Handle?
How Do I Balance Risk Against My Expectations?
How Can I Reduce My Risk?
How Can Risk Reward Me?
Survival Tip: Performance Expectations

Chapter 7: What's Your Investing Speed: Slow and Steady - or Smokin'?
Survival Tip: Risk Tolerance
Survival Tip: Stay Focused
Beginner Investor Quiz

Chapter 8 : Find the Hidden Treasure in Risk
Survival Tip: Tax-Free Money
Don't Take the Wrong Turn!
Look at the Map This Way
Be On The Lookout: Education IRAs
Deserves Another Look: Tax-Deferred Savings

Chapter 9: How Fast (Growth) or Slow (Income) Will You Go?
Table: Growth and Income Stocks
Table: Growth Stocks
Table: High Dividend Yielding Stocks
Table: Aggressive Growth Stocks
Table: Top Performing Stocks by Sector

Chapter 10: Slim Down (On Debt) And Gain (Financial) Muscle
The Miracle of Compounding
Chart: Finding Money to Save
The Miracle of Compound Interest
Start Saving The Smart Way — With Tax-free Dollars!
A Little Help From Uncle Sam:
Company-based Plans
IRA Accounts
Dollar-Cost Averaging Evens Out the Terrain

Part III: Know the Trail

Chapter 11: Where Do I Look for the Right Clues?
“P/E” or Price-to-Earnings Ratio
Earnings Per Share, or EPS
Stock Comparison Worksheet

Chapter 12: It's All About Performance
Survival Tip: Future Performance

Chapter 13: Show Me the Money!

Chapter 14: It's the Price That Counts
Table: Low P/E Stocks
Be On The Lookout: High-Dividend Yields
Table: Top Performing Stocks with Low Risk
Compare, Compare!
Table: Dow Jones Industrial Average Stocks
Table: S&P 500 Stocks
Table: Wilshire 5000 Stocks
Table: Russell 2000 Stocks
Table: NASDAQ Composite Stocks

Chapter 15: Laugh at the (Risk) Traps — Use These Wise Tips
Business and Industry Risk
Inflation Risk
Liquidity Risk
Survival Tip: Diversification
Market Risk
Survival Tip: Inflation Risk

Chapter 16: You'll Need a Trader's Help
Deserves Another Look: Investing Readiness
Full-service Brokers
Discount Brokers
Online Brokers
Advantages of Full-Service Firms
Be On The Lookout: Commissions
Disadvantages of Full-Service Firms
Advantages of Discount and Online Brokerage Firms
Disadvantage of Discount and Online Brokerage Firms
Be On The Lookout: Broker Guarantees

Chapter 17: Don't Get Stranded in the Jungle — Check
Your Broker's Record!
Investigate the Broker's and the Firm's Integrity
Be On The Lookout: SIPC Members
Shop Around for the Best Commissions
Interview Your Broker
Be On The Lookout: Broker Check-Up
Broker Comparison Checklist
10 Questions to Ask Your Broker
Be On The Lookout: FDIC Insurance

Chapter 18: Put in Your Market Order
Market Order
Limit Order
Day Order
Good Till Canceled.
Stop-Loss Order
Survival Tip: Length of Investment

Chapter 19: Set Up Your Camp
Survival Tip: Cash Investment
Performance Rating
Risk Rating
Overall Investment Rating
Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

Chapter 20: Stay Ahead of the Market with These Three Steps
Step #1: Keep on Track.
Step #2: Keep Score
Step #3: Keep Informed
Be On The Lookout: Performance

Appendix A: 13 Wise Warnings Before You Invest Your First Dollar
Appendix B: Four Golden Rules on Reducing Investor Risk
Appendix C: Terms and Conditions
Important Warnings and Cautions
Appendix D: What Our Ratings Mean
Appendix E: Table Column Definitions
Index of Stock Ratings
What Our Ratings Mean
Index of Stock Ratings Contents
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


"Provides investors with an alternative to stock broker recommendations, which recently have been tarnished by conflicts of interest. In summary, the guide serves as a welcome addition for all public library collections."
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown