Transphorm TPH3002PS - Reverse Costing Analysis

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The TPH3002PS is a 600V EZ-GaN™ HEMT for high frequency operations from Transphorm. Manufactured by Fujitsu and assembled in a TO220 package, it features the Quiet-TabTM scheme which increases switching speed by 200%. With a 7.5ns turn-on and a 10ns turn-off, the TPH3002PS has a higher switch frequency than the best CoolMOS.

The TPH3002PS is based on a cascode configuration of a GaN on Silicon HEMT transistor to hold the high voltage and a standard low voltage MOSFET to drive high frequency and to make a normally-off transistor from a normally-on GaN HEMT.

The device is assembled in a TO220 package for an easy integration in converter electronic system. Moreover, it integrates a Quiet-Tab™ and a Gate-Source-Drain (GSD) pin-out arrangement in order to reduce the parasitic inductance and capacitance in high frequency and to allow 200% increase in switching speed compared to traditional TO-220.

The report presents a deep technology analysis of the packaging and the components with TEM images of the complex GaN epitaxy layer stack and transistor structure.

It also includes production cost analysis and overall comparison with GaN Systems GS66508P 650V HEMT.
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1. Overview / Introduction

2. Companies Profile

3. Physical Analysis

4. Physical Analysis Methodology
- Package
- Package Views & Dimensions
- Package Opening
- Package Cross-Section

5.GaN on Si HEMT Die
- View, Dimensions & Marking
- Die Process
- Die Cross-Section, SEM & TEM

6. Resistor Die
- View & Dimensions
- Die Process
- Die Cross-Section

- View & Dimensions
- Die Process
- Die Cross-Section

8. Manufacturing Process Flow

9. Overview
- GaN HEMT Process Flow
- Resistor Process Flow
- MOSFET Process Flow
- Wafer Fabrication Units
- Packaging Process Flow

10. Cost Analysis

11. Main steps of economic analysis
- Yields Hypotheses
- GaN HEMT Front-End & Back-End Cost
- GaN HEMT process steps & Die Cost
- Resistor Front-End & Back-End Cost
- Resistor process steps & Die Cost
- MOSFET Front-End & Back-End Cost
- MOSFET Die Cost
- Packaging & Final Test Cost
- TPH3002PS Module Cost

12. Price Estimation

13. Comparison with GaN System GS66508P
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown