PEST analysis for Turkey

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Turkey is a promising country for foreign investors. Currently, the authoritarian president R. Erdogan is reinforcing his rule. Turkey is a country embroiled in both domestic (with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and external conflicts (wars in Syria and Iraq, which destabilizes the Turk-Syrian borderlands, no diplomatic relationships with Armenia, the issue of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus).

This report offers comprehensive PEST analysis of countries. “PEST” stands for political (P), economic (E), social (S) and technological (T) factors.

PEST analysis provides important information on conditions of running a business in a specific country or region. It refers to political stability, corruption; it presents macroeconomic data and perspectives for the economy, as well as key information about demography, conflicts and business culture. Being aware of such information could be helpful in evaluating investment risk in a particular country. In case of filing a patent application the PEST analysis provides information about IP protection law, R&D expenses and technology potential as well.
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The analysis contains information in terms of 6 general criteria:

1. Politics and society (political stability, demography)
2. Business and culture (how culture translates in business)
3. Armed forces (potential of the army, participation in missions)
4. Armaments (arms industry, transactions)
5. Economy (e.g. economic indicators, taxes)
6. Technological potential (R&D expenditures, IP protection)
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