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This course pack forms a comprehensive introduction to designing websites and applications, introducing core topics such as responsive web design, and key web designer tools such as Bootstrap and Sass. Covering from end-to-end all the critical learning needed to build effective, modern websites.

This pack includes:

- Responsive Web Design - From Concept to Complete Site

There’s never been a greater range of screen sizes of tablets, smartphones, and even televisions and associated web view user experiences to consider. Web pages being built to be responsive provide the best possible version of their content to match the viewing devices of not just today’s devices but tomorrow’s too. This course walks you through crafting responsive websites that provide an optimal viewing experience on any device using HTML5 and CSS3.

- Building a Responsive Website with Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is one of the easiest CSS frameworks to use, and helps you design and build web applications. Bootstrap allows users to quickly get started with developing professional looking web applications. Bootstrap takes a great deal of the guess work out when it comes to difficult layout styles.

- Rapid Bootstrap

Frontend development can be quite challenging.Developers want their websites to work on any device while being responsive and easy to navigate. Bootstrap packs it all and allows you to harness it intuitively. Developing websites has never been so fast, easy, and rewarding. If you are into frontend development, Bootstrap makes it simple and quick for you.

- Rapid LESS

With time being such a valuable commodity in this day and age, being able to enhance and even simplify your workflow while building and maintaining websites is priceless. Using LESS you can reduce the time it takes for the development and maintenance of your website through cleaner, more dynamic, and easily updatable stylesheets.

- Rapid Sass

SASS is the world’s leading CSS preprocessing language. It is completely compatible with standard CSS, yet extends its functionality with enhanced features. SASS has been developed for almost 8 years and continues to grow and improve at a rapid pace. There is no better time to get preprocessing than right now.

- Web Development with AngularJS and Bootstrap

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript library built by Google that allows you to extend and dynamically change HTML. Bootstrap is an open source set of styling rules and components built by Twitter to make building web pages quick and easy. With AngularJS and Bootstrap joining forces, we get tools to quickly and easily create interactive and dynamic websites that look and behave similar to popular websites.
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Responsive Web Design - From Concept to Complete Site:

1. Getting Started with Responsive Web Design
2. Building a Fluid Layout
3. Media Queries
4. Building Our First Responsive Page
5. HTML5 Structure for Our Site
6. CSS for Our Site
7. Adding Media Queries to Our Fluid Layout
8. Advanced Features/Considerations for the Future

Building a Responsive Website with Bootstrap:

1. Introducing Bootstrap
2. Setting Things Up
3. Building Our Site - Part 1
4. Building Our Site - Part 2
5. Universal Files
6. Deploying Our Site

Rapid Bootstrap:

1. The Setup
2. The Grid
3. The Style

Rapid LESS:

1. Introduction
2. LESS Variables
3. LESS Mixins
4. Nesting with LESS
5. LESS Functions and Operations
6. Wrapping Up LESS

Rapid Sass:

1. Project Overview
2. Up and Running with SASS
3. CSS Like You've Never Seen Before
4. Review and Publish

Web Development with AngularJS and Bootstrap:

1. Getting Started. Strapping Your Boots
2. Asking Users in a Good Way; Getting Inputs
3. You Shall Not Pass. Respecting Requirements
4. Turning a New Leaf; Adding a Second Page
5. I Can See.. Displaying Data
6. Shiny Trinkets. Adding Visual Spice
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