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This course pack features a detailed exploration of the most important and popular full stack JavaScript technologies, from databases to front-end frameworks. A complete learning package for building and optimising richly-featured, responsive websites. 

This pack includes:

- Mastering MEAN Web Development

Building a website or mobile app using modern technologies can be a daunting task. Choosing and installing the tools alone can take hours of frustration, and code might not be very efficient. But with the MEAN stack at your aid, you can make the most of JavaScript to create websites and apps that are high in performance, unbeaten in quality, and easy on you.

- Learning AngularJS

If you are looking for dynamic web apps that look good, then AngularJS is what you need. You can create custom web applications that suit your need in no time with AngularJS. With its scalable and modular architecture, AngularJS helps you create powerful web apps quickly and effortlessly.

- Building Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS

Building web applications that can manage huge chunks of data consistently is becoming increasingly difficult and this affects the efficiency of your app. Single Page Applications (SPA) solve this issue as its design principles make life easy for data-intensive applications by updating the constant stream of data in the same page, making the application more intuitive for the user.

- Learning Express Web Application Development

JavaScript is no longer limited to browsers. You can now build complete server-side web applications with Express.js. Developing web apps with Node will be faster and easier with the simple and straightforward Express framework.

- Learning MongoDB

Businesses now have access to more data than ever before, and a key challenge is how to ensure that data can be easily accessed and used efficiently. MongoDB makes it possible to store and process large sets of data in ways that drive up business value. The flexibility of unstructured storage, combined with robust querying and post processing functionality, make MongoDB a compelling solution for enterprise big data needs.

- Build a Network Application with Node

Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for building fast, scalable network applications easily. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive, real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

- Learning Meteor Application Development

With so many JavaScript frameworks and libraries out there, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest and best techniques for building responsive, robust web and mobile applications. Meteor is an incredibly powerful, impossibly fun platform for building modern, responsive web and mobile applications. As new and exciting techniques emerge, technologies like Meteor that adopt principles such as modular components, full-stack reactivity, and data on the wire are leading the charge towards truly effective application development. Meteor stands out from the crowd as the choice for web and mobile application development.
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Mastering MEAN Web Development:

1. Setup and Getting Started
2. MEAN Technologies Review
3. Building an Angular Directive
4. Adding a New Frontend Controller/Page or Module
5. Angular Unit Testing and Code Coverage
6. Adding a New Frontend Angular Bower Module
7. Implementing a New NPM/Node Module
8. Building a New Node API Route
9. Angular e2e Protractor Testing
10. Deploying
11. Conclusion

Learning AngularJS:

1. Templates and Controllers
2. More Complex Templates
4. Componentization
5. Routing and State
6. Testing
7. Third-party Libraries
8. Advanced Concepts

Building Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS:

1. Introduction to AngularJS
2. Your First AngularJS App
3. Building a Complex Single Page Application
4. Directives and Filters
5. Services and Factories
6. Testing in AngularJS

Learning Express Web Application Development:

1. Getting Started
2. Frontend Development
3. Planning Our Application
4. Creating Our User Interface
5. Automated Testing
6. Storing Data in MongoDB
7. Authenticating Users
8. Deployment Options
9. Final Thoughts

Learning MongoDB:

1. Getting Started
2. JSON and Data Operations
3. Working with Databases
4. MapReduce
5. The Aggregation Framework
6. SSL Security and Programmatic Access
7. Replica Sets and Scaling
8. Advanced Topics and Hosting

Build a Network Application with Node:

1. Getting Started with Node
2. Node Modules
3. Understanding Events
4. Working with File Streams
5. Running an HTTP Server
6. The Connect Framework
7. The Express Framework
8. Using View Templates
9. Data Storage
10. Using Socket.IO
11. Automated Testing

Learning Meteor Application Development:

1. Getting Up and Running with Meteor
2. Content Creation and Adding Collections
3. Creating Clean Web and REST Services
4. Creating Responsive User Interfaces
5. Deploying Your Application
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