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This concise course pack acquaints web developers with the possibilities for in-browser data visualization with purpose-built JavaScript data-visualization libraries. Critical learning for any data analyst in order to visualise datasets in browser to generate new insights. 

This pack includes:

- Rapid D3.js

Most of the available data we have access to is in the form of numbers, tables, and Excel spreadsheets. Wouldn't it be great if all this data magically sprung up colorful charts, graphs, and clouds? The D3 JavaScript library is that magic wand to get all the work done with a wave of your hand or a few lines of code. Everything you require to make your data display in aesthetic awe can be achieved using D3.js.

- Mastering D3.js

Everyone collects data, but few ever understand their data. That’s because they need a graph or a diagram to force them to notice what they never expected to see. Data is useless without a picture and D3.js is the workhorse of turning data into pictures. Most charting libraries on the Web rely on it.

- Rapid Highcharts

Data is the driving force of almost all web applications. To engage the users of your application, this data should be presented in the most interesting way. With Highcharts, you can create visually appealing charts of various types that put your data into the spotlight.
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Rapid D3.js:

1. Michael Westbay
2. Driving an HTML Table
3. Graphing the Data
4. Dealing with Dates and Interacting with Charts for Detail
5. Collating Everything Together
6. Partying with Third-party Layouts

Mastering D3.js:

1. Layouts
2. Creating Layouts
3. Data Manipulation
4. Geography
5. Creating Animations
6. Interactivity
7. Debugging and Best Practices
8. Visualization Design Primer

Rapid Highcharts:

1. Getting Started with Highcharts
2. Charts and Their Properties
3. Chart Interaction
4. Data Sources
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