Top University Business Incubators – Global Benchmark 15/16

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Whether you are a University managed, University affiliated or a University non-affiliated incubator or accelerator, this research industry's comprehensively unmatched Global Benchmark 2015/16 Report gives you an in depth insight look in to the best practices and trends in incubation today and allows you to learn and take insights from those incubators that are trailblazing the industry

A well structured and resourceful incubation program will always have a positive effect on its ecosystem and create waves of flourishing startups, but not all incubators achieve these desired results. So what separates average incubators from the top performing incubators in the world?

As business incubators and accelerators become more commonplace worldwide, incubation impact and assessment must become a global matter of interest but currently very few others have taken the time to really look at and study in any great depth what defines a top incubator.

The Global Benchmark 2015/16 report closely examines 332 business incubators in 64 countries from 6 Geographic regions to determine the qualities that make top incubators out perform their counterparts not only in their specific geographic regions but also on a global and sector specific levels the 2015/16 Global Benchmark allows you to use these insights and learn the most important Key Performance Indicators and help you to implement these best practices inside your incubator.

An Incubator Benchmark Scorecard is also included within Global Benchmark 2015/16 and can be used to guide you on how your incubator compares to others on a wide range of data points and over 50 KPIs, so you can recognize weaknesses and improve performance.

You will find key figures about the performance of each featured incubator and the secrets and tips behind their success, as well as exclusive interviews with the directors and CEOs of these world-leading incubators.

Compare your incubator with others in your country and region or see where you rank against other incubators globally in relation to your incubators sector focus, there are 7 sectors to choose from and 6 regions from which to build comparisons.
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1. Definitions & Methodology

- Definition
- Difference Between Ranking And Benchmarking
- Ranking Methodology
- Benchmarking Categories

2. Sample & Landscape

- Regions
- Sectors
- Phases

3. Benchmark

- Global Score
- Applications
- VC or Angel Funding
- Surviving & Growing
- Budget Allocation
- Top Services Provided

4. Insights & Best Practices

- Your Metrics
- What Will You Use The Scorecard For?
- Case Study: SETsquared
- Upcoming Publications

5. Rankings 2015

- Available December 2015

6. Participation Directory

- Africa
- Asia Pacific
- Europe
- Latin America
- Middle East And North Africa
- North America
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