AMS AV-MLV-P2 – Gas Sensor - Reverse Costing Analysis

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Still focused on industrial and building applications with low volume, the gas sensor begins to penetrate the consumer market. It is a change in the market and volume.

AMS bought AppliedSensor in July 2014 in order to enter this growing market. Winning strategy with the integration of the first sensor for the Consumer in a home monitor from Withings.

The AV-MLV-P2 is a volatile organic compound gas sensor which can detect alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, organic acids, amines, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.

With a very small footprint, less than to 3mm², the die sensor of the AV-MLV-P2 is well adapted to consumer applications.

Coming from industry, the technologies of AMS/AplliedSensor are reliable, robust, accurate and mature. The die is based on a Metal Oxide sensitive layer made on a micro hotplate. This allows a low power consumption: 34mW in continuous operation.

The experience of AppliedSensor in specific nitride layers explains the very thin membrane. A platinum heater and an electrode structure complete the micro hotplate.

The report provides all details on the structure of the component and the supply chain to produce this MEMS sensor. The report includes a detailed technology and cost analysis describing the innovations of AMS AplliedSensor.
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1. Overview / Introduction

2. AMS & AppliedSensor Company Profile

3. Physical Analysis
- Physical Analysis Methodology
- Package
- Package Views, Dimensions
- Pin Out
- Package Opening
- Package Cross-Section
- Gaz-Permeable Membrane
- MEMS Die
- View, Dimensions & Marking
- Gas Sensor Area
- Gas Sensor Cross-Section
- Micro Hotplate
- Heater
- Electrode
- SnO2 deposition
- Operation Principle
- Process Characteristics

4. Manufacturing Process Flow
- Global Overview
- Gas Sensor Process Flow
- Wafer Fabrication Unit
- Packaging Process Flow
- Package Assembly Unit

5. Cost Analysis
- Synthesis of the cost analysis
- Main steps of economic analysis
- Yields Hypotheses
- Gas Sensor Front-End Cost
- Gas Sensor Front-End Cost per process steps
- Back-End : Probe Test Cost
- Back-End : Packaging Cost
- Back-End : Packaging Cost per Process Steps
- Back-End : Final Test
- AS-MLV-P2 Component Cost

6. Price Analysis
- Estimated Selling Price
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown