Digital Forensics Market Analysis: By Forensic Tools; By Application (Network Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Database Forensics, Computer Forensics) - Forecast (2015 - 2020)

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  • Accessdata Group, Inc.
  • Binary Intelligence, Llc
  • Cellebrite Ltd.
  • Digits Llc.
  • Fireeye, Inc.
  • Logrhythm, Inc.
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Digital Forensics is used to recover and inspect the data from digital devices maintaining the originality of the data. The identification of duplication of data, spoofing of timings and other data are the critical challenges for this technology. Various tools are used under different types of forensics application such as computer forensics, database forensics, forensic data analysis, mobile device forensics and network forensics so as to maintain the integrity and admissibility of digital evidence. These can be implemented individually or in combination to resolve various cases.

Tools Used for Computer Forensics are
Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (COFEE)
EnCase Forensic, Registry Recon
SANS Investigative Forensics Toolkit – SIFT and more.
Similarly, Mobile Device Forensics Includes Tools such as
Universal Forensic Extraction Device
Internet Evidence Finder
Oxygen Forensic Suite and
I-Phone Analyzer.
Other tools include Hashkeeper, WindowSCOPE and many more.

This technology is used in almost all sectors, namely private, government, federal and corporate. The maximum application of digital forensics is found in federal sector.

The tools used may be similar to that of government generally depending upon the geographical location. Also, the tool selection varies according to the circumstances among its diverse concerns. The federal market segment is estimated to grow from $1,097.2 Million in 2015 to $2,060.5 Million by 2020 with a CAGR of 13.4%.Moreover, the cloud computing is raising the use digital forensics. Cloud computing forensic science reconstructs past cloud computing events by identifying, collecting, preserving, examining, interpreting and reporting the digital evidences. For this it uses the application of scientific principles, technological practices and derived and proven methods.

In addition to the market segment by application, this report also describes the market according to the end-user types and has classified market in the Americas, Europe and APAC as the major regions.

Also, the drivers, challenges and other market forces responsible for the growth of digital forensics market in these regions are detailed in this report.

Some of the Key Players of This Market:
Accessdata Group Inc.,
Etera Consulting LLC,
Fireye Inc.,
Secureworks Inc.,
Atroz Friedberg LLC,
Sumuri LLC.
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  • Accessdata Group, Inc.
  • Binary Intelligence, Llc
  • Cellebrite Ltd.
  • Digits Llc.
  • Fireeye, Inc.
  • Logrhythm, Inc.
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1. Digital Forensics - Market Overview
1.1. Introduction.
1.2. Scope
1.3. Stakeholders
2. Executive Summary.
2.1. Market Insights
3. Digital Forensics - Market Landscape Analysis
3.1. Patent Analysis
4. Digital Forensics - Market Forces..
4.1. Market Drivers
4.1.1. Corporate Concerns Regarding Ip Theft, Data Protection And Security
4.1.2. Increasing Area of Practice in Digital Forensic And Ediscovery
4.1.3. Tasks Involving Recovery of Volatile Data Increasing Demand For Digital Forensic Analysis
4.1.4. Rise of Cloud Computing Forensics as A New Branch Of Investigation
4.2. Market Challenges.
4.2.1. Cloud Computing And SAAS Creating Barrier For Traditional Forensics Companies.
4.2.2. Regulations by Government To Search Electronic Devices of Suspects
4.3. Market Trends
4.3.1. Law Enforcement And Growing Number of Stakeholders
4.3.2. Unauthorized Access of Internal System And Information..
4.3.3. Social Media Mining And Observation To Aid Forensic Analysis..
4.3.4. Increasing Number of Criminal Cases And Complexity of Digital Crime Litigation Require Digital Forensics Analysis.
4.4. Attractiveness of The Digital Forensics Industry..
4.4.1. Power of Suppliers.
4.4.2. Power of Customers
4.4.3. Threat of New Entrants
4.4.4. Threat of Substitution
4.4.5. Degree of Competition
5. Digital Forensics Market - Strategic Analysis.
5.1. Value Chain Analysis.
5.2. Opportunities Analysis
5.3. Product/Market Life Cycle Analysis
5.4. Suppliers And Distributors.
5.5. Industry Activities.
5.5.1. Forensic Imaging Validation And Analysis.
5.5.2. Data Recovery of Lost And Deleted Files
5.5.3. Trial Support
6. Digital Forensics Market by Application
6.1. Computer Forensics.
6.2. Network Forensics.
6.3. Mobile Device Forensics
6.4. Forensic Data Analysis
6.5. Database Forensics.
7. Digital Forensics Tools Analysis..
7.1. Computer Forensics.
7.2. Mobile Device Forensics
7.3. Other Tools For Forensics.
8. Digital Forensics Market - by End User Type
8.1. Private
8.2. Government.
8.3. Federal
8.4. Corporate
9. Digital Forensics Market - Geographic Analysis
9.1. Regulatory Landscape
9.2. Americas
9.2.1. North America
9.2.2. Brazil
9.2.3. Argentina
9.2.4. Mexico
9.3. Europe
9.3.1. UK
9.3.2. France..
9.3.3. Germany
9.4. APAC
9.4.1. China
9.4.2. Korea..
9.4.3. Japan..
9.4.4. Australia
9.5. Row
10. Investment Opportunities..
10.1. Financial Crime:
11. Company Profiles
11.1. Accessdata Group, Inc.
11.1.1. Business Overview.
11.1.2. Financials
11.1.3. Products
11.1.4. Developments
11.1.5. Strategy
11.2. Atlantic Data Forensics
11.2.1. Business Overview
11.2.2. Financials
11.2.3. Products
11.3. Binary Intelligence, Llc..
11.3.1. Business Overview.
11.3.2. Financials.
11.3.3. Products
11.3.4. Developments
11.4. CCL Solutions Group Ltd..
11.4.1. Business Overview.
11.4.2. Financials
11.4.3. Products
11.4.4. Developments
11.5. Cellebrite Ltd.
11.5.1. Business Overview.
11.5.2. Financials.
11.5.3. Products
11.5.4. Developments
11.6. Decipher Forensics LLC
11.6.1. Business Overview.
11.6.2. Financials.
11.6.3. Products.
11.7. Digits Llc.
11.7.1. Business Overview
11.7.2. Financials.
11.7.3. Products.
11.7.4. Developments..
11.8. Etera Consulting LLC
11.8.1. Business Overview.
11.8.2. Financials
11.8.3. Products
11.8.4. Developments
11.8.5. Strategy
11.9. Global Digital Forensics Inc.
11.9.1. Business Overview.
11.9.2. Financials.
11.9.3. Products.
11.9.4. Developments
11.10. Fireeye, Inc.
11.10.1. Business Overview
11.10.2. Financials
11.10.3. Products.
11.10.4. Developments..
11.10.5. Strategy.
11.11. Forensicon, Inc.
11.11.1. Business Overview
11.11.2. Financials
11.11.3. Products.
11.11.4. Developments..
11.12. Guardian Digital Forensics
11.12.1. Business Overview
11.12.2. Financials
11.12.3. Products.
11.12.4. Developments..
11.13. H-11 Digital Forensics LLC
11.13.1. Business Overview
11.13.2. Financials
11.13.3. Products.
11.13.4. Developments..
11.14. Logrhythm, Inc...
11.14.1. Business Overview
11.14.2. Financials
11.14.3. Products.
11.14.4. Developments..
11.15. Netresec AB
11.15.1. Business Overview
11.15.2. Financials
11.15.3. Products.
11.15.4. Developments..
11.16. Sanderson Forensics Ltd..
11.16.1. Business Overview
11.16.2. Financials
11.16.3. Products.
11.16.4. Developments..
11.17. Secureworks Inc..
11.17.1. Business Overview
11.17.2. Financials
11.17.3. Products.
11.17.4. Developments..
11.17.5. Strategy.
11.18. Stroz Friedberg LLC
11.18.1. Business Overview
11.18.2. Financials
11.18.3. Services.
11.18.4. Developments..
11.18.5. Strategy.
11.19. Sumuri LLC
11.19.1. Business Overview
11.19.2. Financials
11.19.3. Products.
11.19.4. Developments..
11.19.5. Strategy

12. Appendix..
12.1. Abbreviation
12.2. Sources.
13. Research Methodology
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Accessdata Group, Inc.
Atlantic Data Forensics
Binary Intelligence, Llc
CCL Solutions Group Ltd
Cellebrite Ltd.
Decipher Forensics LLC
Digits Llc.
Etera Consulting LLC
Global Digital Forensics Inc.
Fireeye, Inc.
Forensicon, Inc.
Guardian Digital Forensics
H-11 Digital Forensics LLC
Logrhythm, Inc.
Netresec AB
Sanderson Forensics Ltd
Secureworks Inc
Stroz Friedberg LLC .
Sumuri LLC
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown