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United States Shippers Update + Database

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A comprehensive, multi-modal view of U.S. freight transportation
If you are like many supply chain and transportation managers, you have seen freight rates rise, arrival times fall, and capacity tighten. The golden age of plentiful capacity and falling inflation-corrected rates is over. Will it come back? Not in the foreseeable future, though 2015 is providing a respite, giving shippers the opportunity to plan for the future. The Shippers Update provides a comprehensive, multi-modal view of U.S. freight transportation.

Successful shippers need to have clear expectations about the future of freight transportation and when to adjust their strategies. As the leaders in freight forecasting, the publisher has the industry insights to provide this information.

Understanding the outlook for freight volumes, transport costs, and capacity helps you to think strategically about whether your transportation systems are either:

- Flexible enough to adjust as volumes, capacity and rates fluctuate.
- Or, durable enough to survive fluctuations.

This data and analysis helps you answer questions such as:

- What is the overall state of freight demand?
- From energy to construction, capacity can shift quickly away from sectors, could your business be affected?
- What is the fuel pricing situation, and how might it affect costs and rates?
- What about the possibility of recession? Senior Economist Noel Perry estimates that by 2018 the chance of recession will be nearly 80%. Are you prepared?

Each Issue Contains:

- Shippers Conditions Index
- Exclusive index summarizing the status of shipping conditions at a glance.
- The regulatory agenda and it’s impact on freight transportation. Only this Update quantifies this impact.
- The driver supply situation, including leading data on the driver shortage.
- Utilizing our partnership leading the revolution in quantifying and forecasting spot market rates.
- Outlooks for all of the essential freight transportation data.
- You can digest all the insights and analysis in fifteen minutes - It's perfect for busy executives.


- Database is available with history and forecast for data presented in the report
- Historical & forcasted carloadings and intermodal loadings database going back to 1992
- Database updated every month
- Database is distributed in Microsoft Excel format

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